Demonic Desires

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Demonic Desires


Two nights ago, Kagome had made the foolish decision of going with Inuyasha in order to retrieve her bag. Even though it was only a slight chance that he would have taken her to the same place where her bag was, she had decided to go with him anyway. It was a rash action, but it was a risk that she had been willing to make. She just had to make it. Two nights ago, that rash move cost her. The full demon Inuyasha had raped her.

Now, she continually told herself that in order to do something, it would cost you, one way or another. This thought comforted her somehow and she was able to slip on her battle outfit. She gathered her sword, bow and arrows, and her bag with the remnants of the sword, Inuyasha's fang, and the part of Inuyasha's kimono he had given to her in it. Tonight was the night that she was going to Totosai. Her plan was finally fitting together after what seemed like an eternity of bleakness.

She crept into the main room where all of her friends were sleeping and found Kilala. She roused the small cat from its sleep and lifted her up into her arm, cradling her gently as she went outside. Once she was outside in the cold, obscured night, she sat Kilala on her feet on the ground and smiled. "Kilala, can you take me to Totosai?"

The feline blinked up at her with orange eyes curiously. Kagome sighed. "Oh, please, Kilala. I need your help. It's about Inuyasha."

Kilala let out a soft, adorable 'mew' and transformed into her larger form. Kagome rubbed the cat's head gratefully and climbed onto her back. "Thanks, Kilala." The cat leapt into the air and began gliding gracefully through the cold air.

It seemed to take forever to arrive and Kagome was beginning to doze off. However, Kilala landed on the ground swiftly, startling her awake. She climbed off of her back and rubbed behind her ear. Then she reverted back to her smaller form and leapt into Kagome's arms and she proceeded into the cave.

"Totosai? Are you here? I need your help, it's about Inuyasha!" She called.

Totosai suddenly spoke up, "What about Inuyasha?"

Kagome jumped but turned and found him in the shadows. "The Tetsusaiga broke and he's transformed."

Totosai rubbed the back of his head and stared at her with his unusually large eyes. "There's nothing I can do unless you have the Tetsusaiga and a fang of his."

Kagome sat Kilala on the cave floor and took her large bag off her shoulder. She reached in and pulled out the three pieces of the sword and Inuyasha's fang and presented them to Totosai. "Here."

The elder man sat on the cave bottom and picked up each piece of the sword in his hands and turned them over and over, examining them closely for a couple of minutes. Next came the fang. He stared at it for a good while before setting it back down and rubbing his chin.

Kagome peered at him curiously, perspiration starting to form on her forehead and the palms of her hands. She was growing nervous. "Can you fix it?"

Totosai was silent for a while but he soon nodded and said, "This is no problem. It will take me three days."

Kagome's heart sank a bit when she heard this bit of news, but she did not waver. She could wait three days, right? She could just stay inside of Kaede's hut and not come out until it was time to retrieve the sword. "All right. I'll be back then to pick it up. Thanks, Totosai." As soon as she said this, she turned and exited the cave and went back to Kaede's.

--The Next Morning--

Kagome awoke from a deep sleep and pushed herself into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes groggily. She glanced around the room and her eyes fell upon a figure, hidden in the shadows in a corner of the room. At first, she couldn't make out who it was. But she saw long, silver hair, glowing red eyes, and the tan colored part of his kimono pants. She also saw the shimmer of sharp claws in the dim light that seeped in.


"I hate the foolish half demon," he growled. "He prevented me from finishing."

Kagome shuffled backwards off her futon and stared at him in shock. "You still got what you wanted, right? So…there's no need to mess with me."

Inuyasha's eyes gleamed which caused him to look more like a maniac. "You're wrong. I didn't get all that I wanted. That's why I'm here now. To finish what I started."

He suddenly lunged forward and knocked Kagome back down onto her back…

"No!" Kagome wailed as she sat up quickly. She held the covers up to her chin and peered around the room in fear. It had been a dream…a nightmare. Inuyasha wasn't there.

"Kagome, are you okay?" Koga asked, stepping into the room.

She nodded and dropped the covers into her lap and brushed the hair from her face with shaking hands. "Just a nightmare."

Koga knelt down in front of her and examined her. "Are you sure you're okay? From that night when you went with Inuyasha, I mean."

"I told you that I was." Kagome replied in an irritated voice.

Koga lifted his hands up, palms facing her. "All right. I was just checking. You were covered in blood and everything. And you were wearing his kimono. I had a right to be worried."

Kagome winced at the malice in his voice. She noticed that recently, Koga did not refer to Inuyasha by name. He simply said, 'him,' or 'mutt.' She wished he wouldn't, but she wasn't just going to ask him to stop. "I know. But I'm fine."

Koga shrugged. "All right."

It grew eerily silent in the room and Kagome let her mind wander in its vast ocean of thoughts and questions. What was Inuyasha doing right then? Was he going to come and look for her again or just stay away for a while? What was going to happen when she went and got the Tetsusaiga back? How would she give it to Inuyasha? Would he manage to rape her again or would she succeed without anything impeding her progress?

"What are you thinking about?" Koga asked impetuously, causing her jump and snap out of her reverie.

"Nothing. Why?" Kagome asked, turning and looking at him.

Koga eyed her suspiciously with his blue eyes. "No reason. But you've been acting weird lately."

Kagome felt her heart stop for a second before continuing at an exceedingly fast pace. "What do you mean?"

Koga shifted position and sighed. "It's like you're keeping something from us." He paused. "Are you?"

Kagome could have told him right then. She could have revealed to him her magnificent plan to bring Inuyasha back to normal and tell him that in two days, everything was going to go back to normal. She was tempted to. She desperately wanted to let someone know and maybe then they would be as happy as she was. She wanted to confess it to all her friends in order to try and sweep away all of the tension that hung thick around them.

Only…she didn't. She couldn't bring herself to do so. She was so close to succeeding and didn't need any interferences. She was not sure how Koga would react to her wonderful news. What if he ended up getting angry and wouldn't permit her to leave the hut? What would she do then in order to keep her plan in motion?

"No, I'm not." She lied. She put on an innocent face and tried to appear as convincing as possible.

It must have worked for Koga stood up and sighed. "All right. Just don't do anything else like you did that night. Okay?"

Kagome nodded. "Okay." He walked out of her room and left her in silence.

If only you knew, Koga. If only you knew.

--Two Days Later--

Kagome laughed as Miroku was once again hit in the head by Sango's boomerang after he touched her backend. For the past two days, everything had been going really well. Kagome was able to smile and have a good time and Inuyasha hadn't attacked. Most of the tension, it seemed, had been blown out of the atmosphere around them.

"Miroku, will you ever learn?" She asked the lecherous monk, who was rubbing his head gingerly with a sheepish grin on his face.

Miroku did not respond, however. Sango answered for him, "No, he won't. He's more likely to get worse than better."

Miroku frowned playfully and pulled her closer to his side. "Oh, my dear Sango. Do you really think so ill of me?"

Sango blushed madly and tried to get out of his grasp, but it did not work. "Miroku! Let go of me!"

Kagome laughed, but it stopped short when she sense an ominous presence approaching quickly. She got to her feet so fast that it surprised Sango and Miroku and they stopped what they were doing instantly.

"What is it?" Sango asked.

Kagome gulped. "Sango, go get your weapons and bring me mine."

"But, why?" Sango asked, perplexed.

"Go!" Kagome screamed, as a figure suddenly lunged for Sango. Kagome jumped in the way and was knocked to the ground roughly and stopped moving.

Sango gasped and ran to do as Kagome had commanded while Miroku raced over to Kagome's side.

Inuyasha growled in irritation and glowered at Miroku with indignant, crimson eyes. "She wasn't the one I was aiming for," he snarled. "I was after your girlfriend."

Miroku lifted Kagome's head into his lap gingerly and shook her. She groaned as her eyes fluttered open. She looked up and saw Inuyasha and sucked in a breath. Miroku placed a hand on her shoulder to try and calm her. By this time, Kaede, Sango, and Koga were all emerging from the hut.

Inuyasha let out a low growl and flexed his claws, his knuckles cracking. "Get away from us!" He yelled acrimoniously. "This is between me and Kagome."

Kagome flinched when she heard her name. How could things go so wrong in a matter of minutes? Inuyasha wasn't supposed to be here in Kaede's village, attacking her and her friends. He wasn't even supposed to be here at all. Or at least, that was the way Kagome had pictured it. Things never seemed to go according to plan, did they?

Sango handed Kagome her sword, causing Inuyasha to clench his fists in anger. Kagome rose to her feet, Miroku copying her actions. This caused Inuyasha to smirk, confusing everyone before him.

"You want to fight me?" He demanded, amused. "All right. You can try. It will make things more interesting." He suddenly lunged and Kagome dropped her sword and flung her hands up in front of her, squeezing her eyes closed.

It grew silent. No one was sure of what had happened at first. Not even Kagome, who would have been the first to be attacked. She opened her eyes slowly, afraid of what she might find, only to see that she had produced a barrier around herself and her friends, with Inuyasha on the other side. He sliced and punched at the barrier continuously, attempting to get in. It was all in vain, however, and he became exasperated and screamed in anger.

"Oh, Kagome," Sango said, relieved. "I thought we were goners."

Kagome stood in astonishment for a while, but let a smile cross her face. She remembered Inuyasha's sword and decided that it was now or never. "Kaede, hold the barrier up for as long as you can. Miroku, help her. Kilala, come with me."

"Where are you going, Kagome?" Koga demanded, grabbing her arm at the elbow.

"I'm getting Inuyasha's sword to revert him back." She told him.

Koga stared for a moment before nodding . "I'm coming with you."

Kagome decided that it would be good for him to come. Kilala transformed into her larger form and they climbed on and Kaede let down the barrier long enough for them to get out before putting it back up.

Inuyasha watched them fly off before chasing after them on the ground. Kagome urged Kilala to go faster, and the feline comprehended with her request. They arrived in a matter of moments, Inuyasha a little ways behind. They jumped off Kilala and Koga stood guard at the cave entrance while Kagome went inside.

"Totosai! I need the Tetsusaiga! Hurry!"

Totosai was sitting on the ground, the sword in front of him, in one whole piece. Kagome was about to take it from the ground but he stopped her. "You mustn't take it yet."

"What?" Kagome demanded. She was running out of time. "Why not?"

"You must fuse some of your priestess powers with it in order to keep it together firmly. It will help Inuyasha out a great deal."

Kagome felt her heart stop. Not more stuff with her powers! This was so not the time to be dealing with that kind of stuff! "But!"

Totosai stared at her. "You must."

Kagome picked the sword up in her hands and stared at it's dull blade and rusty hilt. Koga's scream caused her to wince. She closed her eyes and gripped the handle as tightly as she possibly could and focused all of her priestess powers and all of her emotions on the sword. She heard Koga yowl in pain again and again and felt fear and anger and sadness rush within her.

Fear because she wasn't sure of what was to come. Anger because she wanted to stop it all herself, but she needed the Tetsusaiga to do so. And Sadness because she felt horrible about using Koga as a guard. He was practically getting killed out there!

Her entire body began to feel really warm and tingly, but she didn't dare open her eyes. She pulsated, once. Twice. Three times. Her body began to glow a blue-green color and she felt almost all of her being slipping into the sword. At length, she stopped glowing and pulsating and everything went quiet.

Kagome stood, transfixed by the blade's new appearance. It was no longer dull, but very sharp and shiny. And the hilt was broader and tougher. All because of her.

Koga's scream invaded her mind and she turned and ran back outside to find him lying on the ground, motionless. A bloody Inuyasha was towering above him, about to deliver the final blow. She lunged forward, he brought a clawed hand down…

Kagome screamed as his claws went into her right shoulder, but she grabbed his free hand anyway and placed the Tetsusaiga there. He screamed and pulled his hand free from her body and collapsed onto the ground. Kagome fell to her knees beside of Koga, grasping her fresh wound with her left hand while examining Koga.

"Koga…?" She asked, her voice shaking. She saw that he was breathing and let out a relieved sigh.


Kagome jumped and turned to look at Inuyasha. He was still grasping the Tetsusaiga firmly and was looking at her sadly. "I'm sorry."

Kagome stared at him with tears in her eyes. He was back. He was here. She had succeeded in her secret mission! "Inuyasha…" She jumped up and rushed over to him and flung herself against his chest. "Inuyasha!"

He was surprised momentarily, but he stroked her head affectionately. "I'm so sorry, Kagome. Can you forgive me?"

Kagome nodded against his chest. "Of course! It wasn't your fault!"

Inuyasha looks at Koga and sighed. "Come on, let's get back to Kaede's."

--One Week Later--

Kagome leaned against Inuyasha as they sat, high up in a tree together. She didn't like to think about all that had happened in the previous month, and Inuyasha had been constantly apologizing for it all.

After they had gotten back to Kaede's and had gotten cleaned up, Inuyasha found the sheath of Tetsusaiga and put it around his waist. Kagome had remembered what Totosai said about the sword's attacks doubling in strength and told Inuyasha. He went outside and tested it and sure enough, the old man was right.

Kagome had felt troubled. She wasn't sure if this tranquility would last. Inuyasha had turned and looked at her in a concerned manner. "You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, why?" She responded.

Inuyasha stared at the Tetsusaiga for a moment. "I don't know. I just…I don't know."

Kagome had gone back to Totosai and asked him if anything else would occur from her fusing her powers with the sword. He said, "Yes. You two should have a strong emotional bond now. He'll know how you're feeling, or if you're in danger, no matter where he is."

Kagome had explained it to Inuyasha later on that day and he seemed somewhat relieved. "It'll be easier for me to protect you," he had said.

Now, Kagome pressed herself against his chest and sighed.

"Thanks," he said suddenly.

"For what?" She asked softly.

"Doing all of that to change me back." He replied.

Kagome turned to look into his amber -- not crimson, thank God -- eyes. "You're welcome. I'm just happy you're normal."

"You know what?" He asked.

"Hmm?" She wanted to know.

He leaned in and kissed her passionately. When he pulled away, Kagome smiled and leaned against him once again.

He said, "I am, too."

-- The End --

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