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Chapter One: Resonance

Andromache awoke with a start, her face and pillows tear stained. She brings her hand up to her eyes. Shaking her head, she tries to rid herself of the images from her nightmare.

"Why am I having these dreams?" she asked, wishing she understood their meaning.

She watched from the walls as her husband fought the golden haired warrior. Her heart felt the spear that pierced through his armor. She began to lose composure as he dropped to his knees. The rough stone walls scratch her back as she slipped to the ground. Finally, she heard the haunting sound of a sword cutting though metal. He was gone...

Andromache's eyes welled with tears as she recalled the images that haunt her. A hushed 'I love you' escaped her lips.

"Get a grip, Andromache!" she scolds herself. "It's just a dream! A stupid dream!"

She stood up, walking to the bathroom. Washing her face with the cold water from the sink she began to run the dream through her mind again.

She watched his eyes come to a close and finally he fell to the ground. Tears fell on her cheeks as she watched the Greek tie a rope around his ankles. Her soul seemed to be suffocating as she saw her beloved husband being dragged away behind the chariot. She ran to the gates but she felt herself being held back.

"He is gone, my sister... he is gone..." a soft male voice whispered as he held her.

"No!" she buried her face into his robes as she sobbed.

She jumped as the phone from her room rang. She wiped her face and shook her head to rid of the dream's memory. Sighing, she made her way back to her room.

"Hello?" she said sleepily though the phone.

"Andromache! You're late! Where are you?" a voice yelled at her. "The photographer is spreading havoc in the studio!"

"(Yawn) Helen?"

"Yes! Where are you? Don't you realize what time it is?"

Andromache glanced up to the wall clock above the television with blurry eyes.

"Why, yes, it's nine o'clock, dear." She said coolly. Suddenly her eyes jerked open, slapping her palm to her forehead she screamed, "Nine o'clock?! Oh God!"

"Oh no, go back to sleep, Andro! It's only five o'clock..." Helen said sarcastically.

"I'm so sorry! I'll be there in thirty minutes, I swear!" She hung up and ran to the bathroom for a quick shower. After putting on her clothes, she ran to the garage and drove to the studio.

She threw her keys to the parking boy and ran through the rotating door shouting a "good morning" to the guard. The elevator was still in the seventh floor going upward, so she decided to take the stairs. With adrenaline fueling her, she raced up to the thirteenth floor in no time.

Stopping to catch her breath, she regained poise giving a pleasant smile to those she met along the way.

"I'm here!" she said upon entering the studio.

"Do you realize how late you are? Two! TWO hours!!!" The photographer bellowed, raising two fingers. "If only you weren't our top model I'd fire you!!!"

"I'm so sorry!" she clamped her hands together in apology. "It won't happen again!"

"Be sure that it doesn't!" with that the photographer turned his back and snapped his fingers. "Make up!"

"What happened to you? You look dead tired!" Helen exclaimed as Andromache was being attended to by the make up artists.

"I'm having the dreams again, Helen! Those awful dreams!" she said, closing her eyes, recalling the sleepless nights when she had them.

"It's been bothering you again? Which one is it this time?" Helen sat down and watched as she put on the clothes to be modeled. She knew about Andromache's dreams, since she has been sharing them to her ever since they were children.

"Please, Helen! I don't want to talk about it!"

"Oh, it's the dream where your husband dies, huh?" Helen insisted. She knows how great the dreams were affecting her good friend. The most frequent dream she has was that of her husband dying, and she would sulk around for days on end.

"I don't get it! It started out beautifully! A city hidden behind tall strong walls! All of us looked as if we came out of a Greek myth! Everything was wonderful! He loved me and obviously I loved him! And we had a beautiful child! But why did it have to end as it did?"

"You know, if you'd lighten up just a bit, Andro, you probably might meet this dream guy of yours!"

"Just to see him die again? I don't think so! If he is real, I'd rather not meet him if I'd just end up losing him again!" the make up artists were done and Andromache made her way to be done with the photo shoot.

"Andromache! You're like a dead weight! WAKE UP!!!" the photographer yelled when he saw her lack of enthusiasm.

"I'm sorry..." she said lifelessly.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry?! I'M SORRY?!" He spat. Then started yelling uncontrollably in French, pushing the props as he stormed around the studio.

"What is going on here?" a man stood at the door way. Everyone in the room looked up at him. "We can hear the commotion all the way across the building!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but-but-but!" the photographer pointed an accusing finger at Andromache. "SHE is driving me off the edge!"

The man looked at her. Her beautiful face expressed surprise, images of the man in her dreams came flashing back into her mind. They both stared for while but the photographer tapped his shoulder to get his attention. Shaking his head, the man turned to the photographer and the two talked about the situation in a corner.

"I suggest you close your mouth before you attract flies!" Helen raised an eyebrow, trying to hold back her laughter as her friend stood gaping.

"Wha-?" Andromache blinked, switching her to Helen who was smirking.

"That's Hector. His father, Priam is the owner of the industry. He runs it in his father's place now. Sort of a training for Hector since he's going to take over the industry for his father." All Helen got as a reply was a light "oh". She rolled her eyes and left Andromache standing in the middle of the room. "Nice talking to you!"

"I'm sorry about his impatience." The man she was looking at came to her and held out his hand. "I'm Hector!"

"Uh... Andromache." She stared into his oh-so-familiar eyes, taking his hand.

"He said you were late and you weren't participating. But I can see why. You look very tired." He told her, taking in her tired features. All she did was stare at him. He let out a laugh. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes! I'm sorry. I guess I am tired!" she smiled timidly.

"Well, you shouldn't push yourself too hard. After all models are supposed to look their best! I told the photographer that it would be best for all of you to take a break and he agreed to cut this photo shoot short." He smiled and turned to leave. "It was nice meeting you!"

But before he could walk out the door she asked, "By the way, sir, have we met before?"


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