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"Where is SHE?" The chaotic photographer yelled at everyone in the room when Andromache didn't show up after lunch.

"I think she went for lunch." Helen answered.

"Then why the HELL is she taking so LONG?" he gesticulated wildly around.

"Excuse me," they all turned to the person who spoke. She was just outside the open door.

"Miss Cassandra!" the photographer strode over to her excitedly. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"I'm just here to inform you that Andromache won't be able to make it this afternoon. My brother had arranged for a meeting with her until later tonight." She told the man who just stared at her. Then, she turned to leave. "Good day."

"Helen," Paris entered a few minutes after. "Want to go out with me?"

"Sure," Helen answered, smirking at the photographer.


"This is amazing!" Anromache exclaimed, looking at the elaborately sculpted statues before her.

"Come over here," Hector led her to the right section of the exhibit. When she joined him, he pointed at a worn out shield with a horse emblem and a golden sword. "This sword was discovered in Greece. In an ancient city recently discovered called Troy. A city with towering walls that protected its residents, with an army that never lost a war."

"It's beautiful," she examined the emblem with great interest.

"They say it belonged to a Trojan Prince killed by a demigod." He told her. "Soon after he died, the mighty city fell."

Andromache froze. The story was so much like her dream. No, it's a coincidence… she thought, shaking her head, following Hector to another exhibit.

"This statue is made by my sister, she completed it just last month." He stopped in front of a miniature statue of Apollo riding his chariot. It was about five feet in height. "Apollo is her favorite among the Greek gods. It's also been found out that the Trojans worshiped this god the most."

He stared at her when she reached out to touch the shield Apollo held. "It's you… No, you won't take him from me again…" she whispered. To Hector's surprise, she whirled around and embraced him. "I won't let you…"

And she fainted.

The King placed two coins upon Hector's closed eyes. His brother stood beside him, a torch in hand.

Andromache tried hard to stop herself from crying, but the tears flowed freely regardless her effort. She bravely watched as her husband's brother lights the hay around the pedestal where he laid.

As the flames rose, she stood, the golden bouquet of laurel leaves falling to the ground. Helen and the other woman that sat with her looked on with concern as she started to run towards the pedestal. She wanted to jump into the pyre to die with her beloved.

Once again, her husband's brother had pulled her towards him, preventing her from doing what she intended. She cried, calling out his name.

"Andromache!" Helen's voice woke her.

"What happened?" Andromache asked. She clutched her head, noticing she was in her room.

"Hector said you fainted," Helen helped her sit up. She looked around, spotting Hector and a man standing by the open door of her bedroom. "Paris and I were heading to the exhibit when you did, he asked for our help."

Paris. That's his name? He looks like the brother-in-law in her dreams.

"Are you alright?" Hector asked her. "You were crying."

"Yes, I'm fine…" she smiled faintly. "This is so embarrassing, I'm sorry for the trouble I caused."

"It was nothing!" Paris grinned, holding out his hand to her. "I'm Paris, by the way, the brother of your date here."


"Miss Briseis!" Achilles called upon spotting Brieis leaving the orphanage.

"If you're looking for Patroclus, he left early," she told him, and kept on walking.

"I know. I didn't come here for him, but for you." He said, causing her to stop and gape up at him.

"What? Why?" she asked, flabbergasted.

"I was just wondering if you would like to have dinner with me again, you know? Since we had such a good time last night." Achilles asked her.

"Um, sure, why not?" she answered, following him to his car.

He drove them to a McDonald's branch, where they challenged each other to find out who could eat a quarter-pounder faster. Briseis ended up winning by two bites.

"You call yourself a man? HAHA! I win!" Briseis raised a fist, causing people to look at them.

"I'm not used to eating fast food." Achilles defended, laughing along with her. Both didn't mind the curious stares of the diners.

"Just admit your defeat!" she pointed a finger at him.

"Alright, alright. You win." He raised both arms in surrender. "How could you eat so fast?"

"My cousin, Paris and I always had these kinds of contests. So, I'm used to this." She told him, eating a spoonful of hot fudge sundae. They talked about random things after, then arrived to a certain topic that Briseis didn't particularly like.

"Would you like to model for us?" Achilles asked after taking a sip from his drink.

"Achilles, I think that you know very well that I am the cousin of Fjord's president." She glared at him. "Are you trying to use me to bring him down?"

"It's not that at all." He replied defensively. "I was just thinking that you might want to try out modeling."

"No." she said simply.

"Why don't you give it a try, maybe you would like it." He pressed.

"If you keep insisting on this, Achilles, I will leave." She stood up.

"I'm sorry, I'll stop… Please, stay…" he took her hand, stopping her. "I won't mention it anymore, let's just have fun tonight."

She sat down wordlessly. But after a few minutes, they were having fun again, Briseis daring him to put as much as ice cream as he can in his mouth. He ended up having brain freeze.

When they were on their way to the mall parking lot, Briseis saw a poster of the movie she had been waiting for. She insisted to watch it and Achilles yielded to her request.

Their entire night was filled with fun, having ice cream after the movie. They passed by a sketch artist in the streets who could alter the faces and clothes. They had their portrait drawn with their faces cartooned and their clothes in ancient Greek clothing.


"Are you sure you won't consider my proposal?" Achilles asked again when he stopped his car in front of Briseis' house.

"Achilles, I don't even do it for my cousins, what makes you think I'd do it for you?" she smirked.

"I see." Achilles smiled a bit at that. Such spirit she has… "So this is good night?"

"Yes. Thank you for a wonderful evening." She opened the car door, got out and closed it. "Good night. Take care."

"Thank you." The he drove off. Briseis waited until his car can no longer be seen before running off into the house.

"You're late." She was met by Hector in the living room. "Where were you?"

"Out, to dinner." She replied, a smile playing her lips.

"With whom?" Hector raised an eyebrow at her dreamy reply. Not like her to act like this…

"A god…" Briseis trudged up the stairs to her room, leaving Hector pretty much baffled by her behavior.


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