Hello, this is the first Stargate fanfic that I've published, but I got this idea and well... I'm sure you guys know the story. There's a little bleeped out profanity, just as a fair warning, I don't normally use it, but there were no other ways to express the feelings. So I hope you like it; please read, relax and review.

Oh, and I don't own Stargate in any way, shape, or form.

And one more side note, I've never seen Meridian before, just a few clips from some music videos, but I could get the sense just from the video; no words were needed.

White Clothes

White clothes- you're an angel Danny.


This is it Danny, the end of it all. You're an angel. I've always known you were, somehow I knew.

White clothes, Danny- who would have known. I've got to be honest though, I didn't want to believe it- that you, a sneezing, clumsy geek of an archeologist was an angel. I hated you- so ignorant and naïve and so innocent- you were so pure or so we all thought- why didn't you tell us Danny? You always kept it bottled up- never flared your emotions- so collected, d--- you, you b------.

So idealistic, you knew what you wanted- your first step always took you where you wanted- you never faltered. You wouldn't allow it; such a shame. I hated you for it Danny and I hated myself.

You're an angel. I hated you.

Carter never hated you, Teal'c didn't either. So why did I?

White clothes Danny, it was those white clothes and I could never see it- you're an angel.

I can't go on with out you Danny; this is bigger Danny, bigger than everything. I can't go on without you. But I'll try, just for you Danny.

White clothes- you're my angel Danny.

Thank you, Daniel.