Carl still felt bad about his conversation with Van Helsing last night, he knew the monster slayer was suffering. He also knew that he had to talk to Van Helsing, or there might not be any monster slayer.

Ever since Anna's death Van Helsing had grown moody, reckless and become highly reclusive. More so then usual that is, and it worried Carl, and the Cardinal, who knew Anna had died but did not know of the attachment Van Helsing had for her.

Shaking his head and muttering to himself about Van Helsings quarters being placed at the end of the Earth, Carl stumbled along down the corridor. Not knowing how his friend was going to be behaving this morning, Carl thought it best to knock first, so he did, three times. There was no response from inside the room, brow furrowed, Carl rapped on the door again, and again nothing happened.

Cursing under his breath the little Friar shoved the door open and had to clamp both hands over his mouth to keep from yelping in surprise.

Van Helsing was stretched out on his bed, bare chested, there was nothing strange about that. Carl had seen Van Helsings wardrobe, the monster hunter explained that he saw no need for an itchy wool shirt or nightdress to sleep in. He had a pair of comfortable cotton sleep pants that tied at the waist, and that was all he needed.

What was surprising was the suspiciously familiar curly haired woman sleeping on top of the monster hunter. Carl felt like he somehow knew the woman but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. That is till the woman moaned in her sleep and turned her head, giving Carl a perfect view of her fine features.

"Anna!" he gasped, startling the couple, Van Helsing sat up quickly, Anna fell off of him and onto the floor with a loud 'thud'. She growled from where she had fallen, sitting up on the floor and glaring at Carl over the bed.

"You're alive!" Carl cried, not really caring that they were both giving him evil looks.

"I'm loosing my mind" the Friar said sitting down suddenly, Gabriel yawned and rubbed his jaw. Anna sighed and stood from the floor, Carl stared at her, rubbing his eyes.

"You're dead!" he shouted, Anna blinked,

"but a moment ago I was alive" she teased. Carl shook his head,

"we burned you! We-we spread your ashes in the sea!" he said, waving his arms about. Anna turned to Gabriel,

"I didn't thank you for that," bending she kissed him quickly.

"Thank you for taking me to the sea" she whispered, he smiled

"you're welcome." Carl blinked and continued to stare at them,

"she really is here?" he asked, Van Helsing nodded taking Anna's hand, she smiled and nodded.

"I'm going to have to go back to therapy" the little blonde muttered, slapping his forehead.

Gabriel went and talked with Cardinal and settled a deal with the older man. He could stay in Vaseria with Anna and the order would simply mail his assignments to him. Carl was coming along to supply the monster hunter with weapons and to help him with knowing what he was up against.

Anna smiled as she threw open the door to her home, turning to Van Helsing and Carl, a bright smile lit her face.

"Welcome home" she told them, hugging Gabriel tightly, she turned her face towards heaven and gave a little wave.

She was finally home.