Summary: Missing scenes from Episode 1.05 "Suspicion". Since Beckett appears to be a pretty good doctor, there's no way he'd let Major Sheppard off that easy from the stunner blast.

Spoilers: Through "Suspicion"

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I'm just borrowing them for a bit, and beating one of them up. And this will never, ever get me money. No copyright infringement intended.


The Stargate opened and they quickly dragged Major Sheppard through. The medical team had been given advance notice and was awaiting his arrival. They quickly sprang into action, transferring him from the floor to the stretcher in mere seconds.

Barely taking time to make sure their patient was securely fastened, they raced down the hall to the infirmary where Dr. Carson Beckett was preparing for his latest patient. Having only been told that the major had been hit by a wraith stunner, and no other details, he expected the worst and hoped for better.

The team announced their arrival in the infirmary with quite a racket. Technicians were already trying to remove the heavy jacket worn during missions so that they could begin their examination.

"OK, what do we have?" called Dr. Beckett excitedly.

"Major Sheppard was hit by a wraith stunner, exact point of impact is unknown. He has been unconscious for approximately 4 minutes. Pulse is strong, but somewhat erratic. Pupils are fixed and dilated. No response to painful stimuli. BP is 90 over 60; resps 15," was the quick rundown.

The stretcher was pulled up to the nearest exam table.

"On my count, 1...2...3!" All hands lifted the major's limp body off the surface of the stretcher and moved it to the table. The stretcher was quickly removed as the team started looking over their patient.

Dr. Beckett shook him and repeatedly called his name. "Major Sheppard! Major Sheppard, can you hear me?" There was no response.

Dr. Beckett took out his penlight and pulled back Sheppard's eyelids. He quickly flicked the light into each eye. Although not responsive earlier, each pupil contracted when exposed to the light. This was a good sign.

Putting the stesthoscope in his ears, the doctor began to listen to the major's heart. It was not long ago that he was actually shocking this very heart back to life after Sheppard's encounter with a monster tick, an early "cousin" of the Wraith. He hoped against hope that there was no further damage to the highest ranking military member of the Atlantis team.

Sheppard's rhythm was still erratic, but not wildly off base. "Get him wired to a heart monitor now!" he yelled. "Start a saline drip, get a full O2 mask on him, and get a full bloodwork panel!"

The medical team quickly responded to the requests. Leads were attached to the major's chest and soon his cardiac rhythm was visible on the monitor. The pattern clearly indicated that the possibility of damage was real.

Sherry, Dr. Beckett's lead nurse approached the table with an IV kit. Using an alcohol pad, she took Sheppards right arm and inserted the IV line. "Saline started!"

On his left side, a technician used a syringe to extract multiple vials of blood. "Labs!" he called when done.

As the team worked feverishly to stabilize Sheppard, he began to groan. His eyes were still closed, but very weakly he muttered, "Ssstop. G'way."

Dr. Beckett turned quickly and stared at his patient. "Major Sheppard, can you hear me? If you can hear me grab my hand." His answer was additional moaning and a feeble attempt by Sheppard to wave away the doctor's arm. The major's movements were slow and clumsy, as if he did not have full control of his muscles.

"Major Sheppard, you were hit by a wraith stunner. You're back at Atlantis. We are trying to determine your condition. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" Dr. Beckett asked.

Slowly, the major's eyelids fluttered open. He did not seem to be able to focus clearly and they quickly closed again. He muttered something that was not audible under the oxygen mask. Sensing this, he moved his hand to his face to remove the mask, but was stopped by Dr. Beckett.

"Sorry, Major. That stays on for now." The doctor leaned down so that his ear was almost touching the mask. "What did you say?"

As Dr. Beckett recogonized the expletive Sheppard had just uttered, he smiled. "Well, I guess you're still with us, then?"

Major Sheppard's eyelids opened again, and remained open this time. He focused on Dr. Beckett and whispered, "Doc, we gotta stop meeting like this. People will talk."

Dr. Beckett broke into a wide grin. "That's a good sign, Major. I think you're starting to come out of it." He turned to his right to inspect the monitor for signs of improvement and was not disappointed. The major's heartbeat had resumed a nice, steady cadence.

"BP is up to 110 over 70," Sherry informed Dr. Beckett. "Pulse is 75 and strong."

"Great news, Major. I think you're going to make it." Dr. Beckett gave one of his full blown grins. Sheppard just sighed.

Once again Sheppard reached for the mask over his nose and mouth. This time his arm moved fluidly from his side and he pushed the mask off his face. Beckett did not stop him.

"What happened to Ford and Teyla? Did they get back?" he asked as Beckett once again took out the penlight and checked his patient's pupils. Another groan escaped from Sheppard as he quickly squeezed his eyelids shut.

"Not to my knowledge. Doctor Weir has called a meeting with the remaining team members for a debriefing session so that she can determine what the next action will be," he informed Sheppard.

At this news, Sheppard sat straight up, although he quickly regretted it. He began to sway and was steadied by two of the technicians. "What? How long have they been missing? I have to go get them!" He began to swing his legs over the edge of the table. "Where's my shirt? I have to get out of here! Get these things off me!" he cried as he started pulling the heart monitor leads off his chest.

The alarm on the monitor began squealing loudly as the wires came off. "Turn that off!" yelled Beckett to the nearest assistant. "Major, I realize you're concerned for Lt. Ford and Teyla, but right now you need to be concerned about yourself. You've taken yet another blow to your system and you're barely back on your feet from the last one. If you don't take it easy you're not going to be here to help anyone. Please, lad, lay back down and rest," Beckett pleaded.

But, Sheppard would not listen. "No. I'm out of here. I'm fine; I missed most of the blast. It's more important for me to be in that debrief right now. How long have I been here?" he asked.

"About 15 minutes," Beckett answered.

"Well, that's about 14 minutes too long. I'm sorry, Doc, but you can't stop me so please don't even try." As he said this he moved his feet down to the floor and stood. Shaky at first, but he quickly regained his balance. "So you can take this IV out for me or I'll do it and get blood all over your nice clean floor. Which one will it be?" he asked as he grabbed the plastic tube that ran into his right arm.

"OK, Major. You win. You'll go to the debrief. On one condition – after the meeting you report back to me and you stay on a monitor tonight. No fussing, no complaining. I simply cannot allow you to jeopardize your health to the degree that Atlantis will suffer." Beckett stared at him with steely eyes.

"Agreed. Get this out. Now." Sheppard replied.

Dr. Beckett took a gauze pad and held it at the puncture site for the IV. He quickly removed the tube and applied pressure. Sheppard pulled his arm away and said, "Forget it, Doc. I don't have time. Where's my shirt?"

His shirt was quickly handed to him. As he pulled it on over his head he muffled the groan that started in his toes and travelled all the way to his head. There was no way he could let Beckett see how sore he was. "It'll pass," he rationalized to himself.

"Doc, thanks for working on me. I'll be fine." He called as he turned to walk out the door.

Beckett replied thoughtfully, "I really hope so, Major. There are a lot of people that are counting on you."

Sheppard didn't look back. He knew the doctor was right, but at this moment there were two people in particular who were counting on him. They hadn't let him down and he wasn't about to let them down.

He made it to the debriefing just in time to answer Bates' question about whose idea it was for Teyla to separate from the group. Gathering all the strength he possessed, he put on his best game face and entered the room.