Summer Scent

Chapter I

It was a sunny day. The sky was cloudless. The birds chirped happily and the wind blew gently but all of it didn't make the fourteen years old Sakuya Alexander Rothstein felt any better.

"Boring...boring...and boring..." the blonde grumbled as he hit the ball across the net at an unbelievable speed which his opponent failed to return.

He was in the final match of Junior Tennis Tournament. You may say that this was the final but Sakuya felt that his opponent was not worthy and as the game played his sour mood turned worse.

His opponent shot the ball and as if to share his feeling he smashed the tennis ball, which sent it flying for his opponent's face when it bounced off the court. It was only by a strange stroke of luck that the other boy managed to avoid the ball at all.

"Game won by Rothstein."

Thanks God it's finished now. A set of speech, bla bla bla... and finally he could go home...

And yet his sour mood didn't less as he walked out from the gate and found a black limousine already waiting for him. Sakuya entered the vehicle and saw someone seated inside it. A blonde man with the same green eyes Sakuya had.

"Congratulation," James Rothstein said.

His son didn't reply though.

"You don't look very happy," James stated, which was true. Sakuya's beautiful and innocent face, which always reminded James of his late wife, looked upset.

"Why would I?" Sakuya asked sarcastically. "The match was boring anyway." He looked at the man. "And what are you doing here? Don't you have something to do? Meeting or something like that..."

"I came to see my son's performance, of course." He answered back.

Sakuya didn't give any comment. He was busy with his own thinking.

"Why don't you play double?" James asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't play double anymore," he answered, with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. "And I don't want to talk about that either."

James sighed. A moment like this always made him wonder if he had spoiled Sakuya. Since his wife died and he himself busy with the job, Sakuya was left with the nanny and servants so as the compensation he gave him everything a boy might want. Maybe he was indeed spoiled him and maybe he wasn't a good father either. Sometimes, he wondered if it were his fault. Was he wrong? But what else was there to do? A three years old child and a father who had to work... he didn't have many choices at that time.

And now Sakuya had grown from a cute little boy he was became someone James couldn't understand. Simply to be said, he didn't know his son anymore. There was an invincible wall between them and he didn't know how to get through. James was absorbed in his own thinking when suddenly Sakuya said something he never expected.

"That's it! I'm going to Japan." That sounded out of blue, even though it came from Sakuya's mouth.

James was lost in words for a few moments before he managed to say something. "What?"

"You heard me Father." Sakuya said, annoyed.

"But why?" He asked, staring at Sakuya's face intensely. The determination was showed in his eyes, the boy was serious, James realized in instant.

"It's no fun here without him." Sakuya simply answered.

"Him? Who?" A useless question because he already knew the answer.

This time Sakuya smiled. "My brat prince."

Author's Note:

Hi! I just want to say that in this fic, Ryoma and Sakuya both are in the first class of senior high school. I kind of add three year to all of them so they're fourteen now and will graduate when they're seventeen. Anyway I normally don't like original character but for Ryoma I decide to create someone for him because honestly I don't think there is someone in the story that fit him. Read and review okay.