Mew Mew Abduction: Chapter 1

By: Hika Yagami

AN: I, along with most of the fans, am very disappointed in 4Kids entertainment and what they did to Tokyo Mew Mew. I am also disappointed in the names especially for the boys. This story is dedicated to all the fans. Enjoy and please R and R.

Another day's work was done at Café Mew Mew. Keiichiro went outside and put up the closed sign. There was a rustle in the bushes. He looked around but saw nothing. For some reason, he was feeling uneasy the whole day. It was as if someone was watching him. He shrugged it off and walked back in.

Maybe he should have followed his instincts because in the bushes two mysterious men were looking at the café. One was blond and the other was a long-haired brunette with a ponytail. The brunette hit the blond on the back of the head.

"What was that for?!" he asked.

"He almost spotted us!!" the brunette answered, "If that happened, then the whole operation would've been ruined!"

"We are not supposed to capture them yet so why are we here?"

"We are supposed to watch them so we can mimic their movements and try to pass off as them after we make the capture."

"Well, it seems to be getting late, we better get back to the boss, Wesley," said the blond.

The brunette smirked, "Right, Elliot. We now have enough info to start the capture."

In the café, the girls have finally finished cleaning and got dressed to get home. Ryou walked in handing each of them an envelope.

"It's pay day," Ryou explained.

Pudding was excited. "YIPEE!!! I get money na no da!!!"

Ichigo looked at the check. "What? Only10,000 yen? I'm sure I worked more than that!!"

Mint walked up to Ichigo. "There's no use in complaining. Just be happy with what you have."

"That's easy for you to say. You're rich!!"

Ryou looked over and saw Keiichiro in the kitchen looking out the window.

"You girls can go home now. I doubt there will be any enemy activity tonight."

After the girls left, Ryou went in the kitchen.

"Keiichiro, what is it?"

"I've been having this feeling that we're being watched."

"Who do you think it is?"

"Not sure. It's best to keep things monitored for a while."

Meanwhile, Elliot and Wesley went into a building the had the words 4Kids on the top. They went to a door that had a lock in which you had to tell its code. Wesley went up to the door.

"Mew Mew Power."

The door opened and they both went in. There were two other men with lab coats. They were at a table and it seemed that they were trying to put something together. They stopped as soon as they saw the boys. One of them walked up to them.

"How was the operation?"

Elliot answered, "We have gathered enough data to start the first capture. What are we to do next?"

The second man walked up holding a pink puffball-like creature. He gave it to Wesley.

"You are to capture the robot called "Masha" and replace it with this."

"It looks just like him," Wesley remarked, "What's his name?"

The man smiled. "I shall call him MINI-MEW!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!"

"Will you cut that out?! After you make the switch, then there will be the opportunity to take and replace the two who hold the team together, Ryou and Ichigo. Elliot will replace Ryou and Ichigo will be replaced by this young lady."

On cue a red-headed girl came out who looked exactly like Ichigo. She went up to Elliot.

"This is Zoey. Get to know her, Elliot. You two will be the new leaders of this "Tokyo Mew Mew" or should we say "Mew Mew Power"!!!"

That night, Ichigo was peacefully sleeping in her bed. Masha was on the balcony window looking at the stars. Just then his sensor went off.

"Alien!! No, it's not. What is it? Must follow!!"

Masha flew to the front of the house but before he could reach the ground someone grabbed him.


"Keep quiet. We're taking you back to our base. Mini-mew go into Ichigo's room and attach yourself to her cell-phone."

The replica robot did as he was told and in Ichigo's room, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

The next day, Ichigo woke up, got dressed, and went to the café. She went into the dressing room and started getting ready.

"I hope there aren't many customers today, Masha. I don't want to get another lousy paycheck. I work more than all of those girls combined!!"

"Zoey funny!! Zoey funny!!"

Ichigo looked at Masha. "Are you broken or something? Why are you calling me Zoey?"

Ichigo finished getting dressed and went into Ryou's lab.

"Shirogane, something's wrong with Masha."

Ryou turn around and looked at her. "What is it."

"He's been calling me Zoey."

"That's strange. Come to the lab after work. I'll look into it."


After work Ichigo went into the lab. She gave him Masha and he started scanning. One of the men at the 4Kids base was monitoring this and sent a silent message to Mini-mew.

"Don't let them now who you are!!"

Mini-mew then started flying around the place.

"Cyliclons!!!" it shouted.

"Cyliclons? What are those?" asked Ichigo.

"They might be some kind of enemy that the aliens have made. We should check it out."

Ryou and Ichigo ran to the park where 'Masha' said that the new enemy was. Mini-mew sent a message to 4Kids.

"Start next operation!!"

There was a rustle in the woods. Ryou and Ichigo ran towards the sound. As soon as they got there, they say who was making the noise.

Ichigo was stunned. "I'm seeing double!!"

"What is this?" Ryou asked.

Elliot grinned, "We have come for you!!"

Zoey changed into her Mew form.

"Strawberry Bell!!!"

She shot at Ryou and Ichigo, knocking them unconscious. Wesley came out of the woods and put them in the back of a truck and drove off. Elliot and Zoey headed off to the café. Keiichiro was washing dishes when he saw them come in.

"What was Masha sensing?"

"Nothing. It was just a false alarm," Ryou (Elliot) answered.

MadaMada Tsuzuku (To be continued.....)

What do you think of the first chapter? Elliot and Wesley are the official names of Ryou and Keiichiro for Mew Mew Power along with Mini-mew for Masha. Doesn't it make you want to gag?!? Expect chapter 2 soon!!!