Author's Note: First, I like to thank a few friends from a forum for providing most of the idea for this fic---Kaito-chan, Janni-chan, Shiho-chan, SpyGirl-chan, C.E.-kun...and if I forget anybody, gomen! It's a lot of fun working together, and I can't wait to see how it will end! :D If you're reading this, make note that this is my version of the story---and I won't say it's better than the one we're doing in the forum, I believe both are equally great ;)

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File 1

"IT'S KID! GET HIM!" Nakamori-keibu screamed.

Kid stood perfectly balanced on the highest window sill, the necklace in one hand and grinning down at the police officers as they tried to get to him. They tried climbing the walls, but thanks to the oil Kid had poured down earlier, they were unable to get to him.

"What's the matter, officers? Don't you want to get me?" he taunted.

"SHUT UP!" Nakamori-keibu's face was already purple in fury. He whipped out his gun. "Get down here, or I'll shoot!"

Kid made tsk-ing noises. "Really, you have to watch the temper of yours, Nakamori-keibu, or you could get a heart attack. Adios! I'll be back!" With a bow, he jumped out of the window. His hang glider popped out and he flew away with the necklace around his neck.

Kid laughed as he headed towards home. "That was fun! I wonder what I should do next!"

"Maybe you should stop for a while."

Kid almost lost control of his steering when he heard the voice. He turned to glare at a girl his age flying on her broomstick, a smug smile on her face. "Akako! What are you doing here? You better get out of here before someone sees you!"

"You would be thanking me that I've come to warn you, Kuroba," Koizumi Akako drawled.

"How many times do I have to tell you I'm not Kuroba?" Kid muttered.

Akako laughed. "Still a good sense of humor, Kuroba! Anyway, you really should stop being Kid, or something bad will happen."

"What, do you think I'll get caught?" Kid said with a laugh. "You're talking to the best thief in the world, Kaitou Kiddo-sama, little miss witch."

"Even so, you're going to meet your fate one day, Kaitou Kiddo-sama," Akako said sweetly. Kid narrowed his eyes at her. "You know, it's not too late to be my slave," she added.

"Yeah, right, I'm a slave to no one," Kid retorted. "And in case you haven't noticed, this is my fiftieth thievery so far and I have not failed at all."

"Think what you like, Kuroba. Don't say I didn't warn you." Akako laughed, steering her broom around and speeding off. Kid watched her with a sweat drop. You're kidding me...right?

The sun had started to rise in the east. Suddenly, Kid noticed that the wind had stopped. "Aik!" He dropped down instantly, heading for the ground. Frantically, he folded back the hang glider and pulled another cord. A parachute popped up above him, slowing his fall, and he wiped his brows. "Whew, that was close," he muttered.

When Kid was one foot away from the ground, he let go of the parachute and landed with a thud on his feet. Glancing around, he disappeared into an alleyway so that no one would see him. "Guess I have to walk the rest of the way home," he muttered, and in a flash, he changed his appearance to the original Kuroba Kaito in school uniform.

"Ehhh, it's so late already?" he said to himself as he walked down the sidewalk alone. The shops were still closed and the road was empty from cars. I better get home quickly and have a nap, or I'll be late for school...but tonight was worth it, he added in his thought with a silent chuckle.

"Kudo Shinichi is alive?"

Kaito halted. The voices came from a small alley not far ahead. Filled with curiosity, he stuck himself to the wall near the alley, listening.

"Yes...the drug didn't work, so he only turned into a he's going around as Edogawa Conan..." That's so cold...

"Where is he now then?"

"He's at Mouri Detective Agency...he had been solving cases for that useless detectives." There was a cold chuckle. "Such an idiot...he thinks we won't find him...wait till we pay him a surprise visit tomorrow morning..."

Kaito's eyes widened. So, these are the people who made Kudo become small! I can't believe I'm saying this...but I have to warn him!

Suddenly, he heard the voices stop. Uh oh. Kaito quickly sprang up onto the roof over the ground floor window, just as two men in black emerged out of the alley. They got into a black car and drove off. He looked up, squinting. I have to hurry. Mouri Detective Agency...there!

In lightning speed, he was dressed as Kaitou Kid again. The hang glider popped out as he jumped, and the wind took the lead. He flew off towards his target.


That morning at Mouri Detective Agency, Edogawa Conan was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had just woken up, but made no move to do anything else. He was just...pondering.

Outside the room, Mouri Kogoro was getting ready, standing behind his desk and adjusting his tie. He was up early for one reason---he was invited to Yoko Okino's studio. Obviously, he was not going to miss meeting his favorite singer again. "What's going on with that kid?" he asked grumpily, looking through the door crack at Conan from where he was. "He's been staring into space for ten whole minutes."

"He's probably thinking about something like always," said Mouri Ran, his daughter, placing breakfast on the table.

Kogoro narrowed his eyes. "That kid...has a problem. He's too intelligent and too thoughtful."

"Stop thinking about that now, Otou-san, the taxi is waiting for you," Ran told him firmly, pushing him to the door. After Kogoro left, she glanced towards the door crack at Conan. She had her suspicions all the time---but she couldn't verify them.

Gently, she pushed open the bedroom door. "Conan-kun, what are you thinking?" she asked.

Conan sat up, looking at her. "Nothing," he replied.

"Well, get dressed, breakfast is ready." Ran closed the door, sighing. She never knew what was in the boy's head. Conan always looked so mysterious and secretive...

There's something you don't know about me, Ran, Conan thought as he got up to get dressed. It was another time when he felt guilty about not telling the truth to Ran. But he had no other choice---if she knew he was Kudo Shinichi, he would endanger her life. He couldn't do it---not until everything was resolved.

After he was dressed, he stepped out of the room. He saw Ran at the window, seeming to be staring into space. "Ran-neechan?" he asked.

Ran turned. She gazed at Conan's innocent-looking face, memories filled in her head. He looks so much like Shinichi... "Ran-neechan?" Conan repeated, confused.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, Conan-kun," Ran said quickly, walking over to him. "I was just thinking. Come on, your breakfast is getting cold..."


Both of them turned in surprise. "K-Kaitou Kiddo?!" they gasped.

Kid was outside, hanging on something and banging the window. His eyes were wide and urgent. Conan ran over and opened the window. Kid rested on the window seal, panting. "T-they're coming...they're coming for you! You have to leave---NOW!"

"What? Who's coming?" Ran asked in confusion.

"T-two guys---in black---"

Conan turned rigid. WHAT?!

Suddenly, the door burst from its hinges. Ran shrieked. Gin entered with Vodka behind him, an evil smile on his face. "Ohayoo gozaimasu, meitantei," he said. "We meet again."