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Chapter 1

The Blossoming of love under a moonlit sky

"Chrno Please" Begged Rossete as she looked through her closet to find a proper dress for the new years ever party. "No Rossete we have a job to do here and besides Sister Kate would never allow us to go," said Chrno with a hint of annoyance. "Ohh please Chrno no demon would be stupid enough to attack the church directly and plus Sister Kate don't need to know" said Rossete with a mischievous smile that always meant trouble. " ROSSETE you don't suggest that we SNEAK OUT do you? ARE YOU INSANE? SISTER KATE WOULD HAVE OUR HEADS!" said Chrno flinching at the thought. " Ohhh I get it. You just don't want to got with me is that it Chrno? HMPT! Fine I'll go by my self! Some friend you are" said Rossete marching into the bathroom to try on the dress she had chosen to wear for the occasion. Chrno sighed and thought about how every time she did something wrong it was always twisted in his fault. Chrno waited for her to come out of the bathroom, when she finally did she came out in a very reveling, tight fitting navy blue dress with a low V neck. Chrno blushed as he sow how beautiful she looked standing there in front of him. "So how do I look?" asked Rossete happily.

"Wow where did you get that beautiful dress? Did you steal it from Stella or something?" Chrno let the words slip out of his mouth before he could control himself. "Chrno" Said Rossete calmly "yes.." said Chrno "what kind of flowers would you like?" said Rossete "What? Why?" said Chrno very confused at this point "SOO I CAN ARRANGE YOUR FUNRAL BECAUSE WHEN I GET AHOLD OF YOU YOUR GOING TO NEED ONE !!" shouted Rossete starting to chase after Chrno with a murderess look on her face. Knowing that look all to well Chrno high tailed it out of there before Rossete could catch him. He ran into the hall and following short behind was Rossete who had from some odd place had grabbed a stick. And at that moment he ran faster. They ran past Sister Kate who was walking to the dining area, luckily they were running so fast she did not she the blue dress Rossete was wearing." Sigh.. I dought Rossete will ever grow up" Said Sister Kate shaking her head in disappointment then continuing to walk toward the dining area. Chrno ran into the laundry room then tripped overa basket and landed flat on his face. Rossete was going to fast to stop her self and so also falling over the basket and landed right on Chrno's back in doing so shoving his face deeper into the concrete. Rossete blushed realizing that the way she had landed had her straddling Chrno's back.

She sheepishly rolled off him realizing that he could not breath, he coughed and had dizzy signs in his eyes. She decided that he had enough torture for the day and started to walk back to her room. "Rossete" said Chrno following shortly behind " what?" asked Rossete turning around. "I guess we could go if you want BUT we have to be back by 9:00, "said Chrno with a sigh of defeat. She smiled gleefully and patted him on the head "your so nice Chrno" said Rossete bouncing off to her room happily. Sighing Chrno headed up to his own room to find something to wear to the party. It was finally 6:00 pm, Chrno and Rossete were ready to go, and Chrno had chosen a sailor's outfit to wear to the party that in a cute way matched Rosette's blue dress. "so how do you propose we do this?" asked Chrno looking at Rossete "just leave that to the genius girl !" She said leading Chrno down the stairs, ducking into corners when people would walk by. They worked their way down to the back exit were the car was waiting for them. "All right get in and lets go have some fun," said Rossete getting into the car. Chrno had a sweat drop then got into the car and prayed that Rosette's driving would not be as bad as normal.

But as normal her driving was horrible, dogging cars, speeding, skipping traffic, and sometimes driving on to the wrong side of the road. Chrno had forgot to ask were the party was taking place but it did not matter now that they were on their way.Rosette drove straight into Times Square were it seemed that the party had already begun. From every were Chrno looked their was partying, drinking and drunks. She pulled the car over, parked on the curve and got out. Chrno noticed that already the sky was getting dark, he mentally told him self he would not let her out of his sight, he had a bad feeling about this whole mess. There was loud music everywhere, liquor and alcohol were being sold on the streets, and Times Square looked as bright as a Christmas tree. It was as if a carnival was going on, Rosette spied a dance floor were a very large group of people who were dancing, she pulled Chrno over to the crowed and watched as the young men and women danced together in romantic ways. For a short period she was lost in her own daydream, as she watched the star-struck lover's dance she imagined her self in the same situation. She imagined herself dancing with a man who's face was coved in shadow, when they danced into the light the mans face was not who she thought it would be it was Chrno. This jerked her out of her silly dream "eek! I am not drunk enough to allow that kind of that thinking in fact I dough I could get drunk ENOUGH to allow that."

Thought Rossete to herself "err Rossete" said Chrno" yes" replied Rosste "are you all right?" asked Chrno with a worried look on his face "ahh yes I'm fine why?" Asked Rossete "well your face looks flushed and your cutting off the circulation to my arm" said Chrno not taking his eyes off her. Rossete reanalyzing that during her during her daydream she had grabbed a hold of Chrno, s arm, they both blushed them pulled away from each other as if nothing had happened. Rossete said nothing and then lead Chrno to go look at something else when she spotted and strange man yelling things at passing people." come one come all see if you can stand it! My new kind of shot with 50 more zip, ITS FREE and if you and a partner can take 15 shots without passing out then I will give you 5,000$!"Yelled the man." WOW CHRNO! Lets go try it! If we win we'll have enough money to pay back Sister Kate for that car we crashed" said Rossete with a smile "first of all YOU crashed the car and second We have to BE back by 9:00" said Chrno trying to sound stern but failing miserable. Before Chrno knew it he was seated at the table waiting for the man to pass out the shots, the first shot was handed to Chrno then one was handed to Rossete who took it and gulped it down in a un lady-like fashion then moved on to the next repeating the act. Chrno looked down at his not wanting to get drunk but not wanting to face Rossete's wrath if they didn't win ether so he grabbed the foul drink and slung it down.

It was sour but it made a warm feeling in the back of his throat with he liked. Before he knew it he was on his 15th feeling a little dizzy and a whole lot drunk he looked at the last shot then slung it down with Rossete who had already finished hers was cheering him on. The man wrote the check and handed it to Rossete who smiled and made a happy yip nearly falling over in the process. Chrno tried to get out of the chair but he stood up to fast , so he fell straight into Rosette's V-neck.

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After the little incident Chrno and Rossete both obscenely drunk made their way to the dance floor, instead of Rossete leading the way this time it was Chrno. He remembered how Rosette glazed at the dancing lovers as if wanted to know what it was like herself . Before he could control his action he and her were on the dance floor the world ever so spinning around them, the band started to play a slow song stopping the quick and fast beating dance. Chrno sheepishly put his hands on Rossete's waist, she blushed and put her hands on his shoulders. The transition from fast dance to slow dance had caused her to become dizzy, she wondered was if the alcohol or was he blushing? She also noticed he looked more handsome then she had ever seen him look. She had goose bumps wear he had layed his hands gently on her waist. She was slightly light headed and her pulse was racing. What was this odd feeling she had?

She had never felt this way toward him before so why now? Perhaps if was simply the alcohol taking effect or was it something more? As the slow song continued on she avoided looking into his eyes for she feared if she did she would fall into him. The ryhematic swaying of their bodies to the slow song was not helping her light headed ness, to keep her mind from him all together she tried to think of other things such as birds or trees but all thoughts returned to the feel of his touch. He had touched her before but she had never felt this way about it, the song seemed to last forever but Rossete didn't mind. Chrno noticed that she was avoiding looking him in the face, he wounded why but then he noticed the clock in Times Square "AIIYA ! ROSSETE ITS 11:00" He said grabbing her hand and pulling her from the dance floor Ch-chrno I,,I "she said trying to keep up with him "what?" asked Chrno stopping "i..I..don't think I can drive" said Rossete as she fell onto the hard concrete. "Rossete?.. ROSSETE" screamed Chrno kneeling down besides her then pulling her into his arms .

Chrno checked her pulse, realizing that she had just passed out from the drinks they had earlier he lifted her up into his arms and headed for the nearest inn. Chrno knew Rossete was in no shape to drive so he rented a room with one bed because he knew he most likely wont get any sleep any way but at lest she will. He entered the room then laid her on the bed and put the covers over her body, he removed her shoes and coat so she could sleep easily. He sat down in the chair next to the bed , picking up a book he tried to take his mind happen tomorrow and having to deal with Sister Kates rage. Suddenly Rossete moved the opened her eyes, looking around the room with a puzzled look on her face "chrno wear are we? Whats going on" she said "you passed out from the drinks so I rented a room for the night , you look tired you should get some rest" he said never talking his eyes off the book in his hands.

The roomed was dark expected for a single careen lantern Chrno used to read by, the only sounds that could be heard wear the shouts of the people outside when the clock stroked 12:00. this odd silence was about to drive Rossete crazy, she had to do something or else she would. " Chrno" she said "yes " he answered looking up from his book "do you thin Sister Kate will be angry with us?" she asked "yeah but we will deal with that later besides isn't she always angry with us?" he said giving her a soft smile. " you really should get some sleep Rossete" he said "but what about you" she asked "I will be fine its you I'm worried about" he said once again turning to his book. Rossete giving up beside to lay down then drifted off to sleep, though she was asleep her dreams wear not peace full ones. She dreamed she heard Joshua's voice so she ran torwds it , when she reached were his voice was coming from see sow Joshua.

She ran toward him and hugged him but then she felt someone pull her away from him. She turned to look and it was Chrno, she asked him why and he simply pointed back to Joshua, when she looked back she sow that Joshua was not there but Aion was. She gasped and ran behind Chrno, with a sadistic smile Aion attacked . the attack was aimed toward Rossets but Chrno jumped in the way of the blast and took it full force for her. Rossete watched with horror as the blast hit Chrno, he fell back then doubled over on the floor with pain. There was blood streaming from the open wound on his stomach and arms. Aion came closer , Chrno screamed for Rosstes too move but she was frozen and unable to move. Aion took his wond in his hand, smiling with one finally thrust he stabbed Chrno all the way through. Chrno screamed with pain , reaching his hand out toward Rossete he whispered run away one last time and then closeting his eyes all was silent . Rossete felt her voice come back to her "no..no.. NOO CHRNO !" she screamed as she sat straight up in the bed.

Chrno had been sitting by the bed the entire time Rossete was asleep "chrno" he heard someone say with name. He bushed realizing it was Rossete saying his name in her sleep, he wounded what she was dreaming about as a smile came to his lips and his cheeks blushed a brighter red. He watched her sleep though he soon found out that she was having a nightmare, a tear flowed down her cheek "no" she whispered in her sleep. All of a sudden Rossete sat up straight in the bed "NOOO CHRNO DON'T DIE I LOVE" She stopped screaming when she sow that she was once again in the hotel room and Chrno was giving her the oddest of looks. Chrno just sat there staring with a huge sweat drop and his face was bright red. " err.. Rossete ..are you..ok?" he said just getting his nerve back to speak , anther tear came down her flushed face as she broke into soft sobs. Seeing this he got up and sat on the bed next to her "Chrno.." sand Rossete embracinghim tightly and using his shoulder to cry on. A little surprised and a little embarrassed Chrno returned the embrace, whispering in her ear calming and soothing words. But then a loud sound was heard from outside as if someone had run into the wall of the hotel room. Chrno made a worried glace to the door then back to Rossete who was still in his arms " I need to check that I will be right back" said Chrno starting to get up but Rossete did not let go "please.. don't leave me Chrno" she said with the tears flowing unstoppably.

Releasing the sound of a wounded dog Chrno sat back down and pulled Rossete to him, before he could control his urge he had Rossete in his arms and had pressed his lips to her gently. She went still for a moment then started to relax and return the kiss, she put her arms around him pressing closer to him. The taste of her lips upon his was almost more then he could bear, the sweet taste sent hi spiraling into a state of unstoppable bliss. But all of sudden Chrno pulled away from her, he knew he was on dangerous ground with her therefore he pulled away before he did something he would regret later. Rossete gave him a helpless look " Chrno.." she said "yes.." he replied , he had a feeling he knew what she was going to ask him." Chrno I want you to show me what its like to love someone" she said "Rossete you don't know what you ask of me" said Chrno Turing away from her "please Chrno I want" she started but Chrno interrupted "your too DRUNK to know WHAT you what Rossete" said Chrno walking to the bathroom door " if you will not show me then WHY did you kiss me?" asked Rossete "..because. I.....I.......I love you Rossete" he said closing his eyes as if her were in pain

Rossete just sat there not believing what she had just heard "he loves me" she kept saying to herself as if trying to make herself believe it. Chrno stepped outside to get some fresh air and to get his nerves under control. There was a cool breeze outside,Chrno watched the few people that were on the streets that had not gone home yet. The moon was full as Chrno looked up at it, a tear running down his cheek as the memory of Magdela came back to him with full force. Her face , the feel of her skin and her kiss all came back to him , flooding over him and overloading his emotions. The pain he felt was so hard, he felt he would die is he had to carry it any longer. Just the he felt two hand wrap around his waist, and the a body press up against his back." You don't have to bear this terrible pain alone Chrno" said Rossete in almost a whisper" you cant keep holding on to something that's dead and gone , you must move on and I am sure that Magdela would not have wanted for you to suffer over her as you do" said Rossete hugging closer to him "at lest let me try to ease your pain Chrno" she said . with a cry of defeat Chrno spun around and embraced her, pressing his lips to hers he pulled her close to him. He did this with such extreme force that it almost made her fall back but his arms were there to reinforce her. Unlike the first kiss this one was fiery , passionate and long, Chrno pulled away only long enough to pull her inside the hotel room, then once again attacked her lips.

He moved his hands down her arms slowly slipping the straps of her dress lower and lower until finally they lay at the end of her arms. He took his lips from hers for a moment to undo the straps on the back of her dress, the straps were tied in a tangled mess that gave Chrno a hard time untying them. Rossete sighed impatiently , pushing his hands away she did some magic that only a female could do the knots came untied by her single touch. This left Chrno thinking was he rusty or was she just good with her own knots, brushing the thought aside he removed the dress sending it laying in a puddle of blue lying beneath their feet. She stood before him in nothing but her undergarments, Chrno trying to catch his breath observed the scene. Rossete placed her hand on his chest and started to removed the bow on the sailors outfit that Chrno was wearing. It came off then fell to the floor with the dress , then she started to undo the button on his shirt. When the buttons became fully undone Chrno helped her slip off his shirt reveling his bare chest. With a childish blush Chrno drew her into anther kiss, he kissed her quickly then drew back causing Rossete to give him a look of annoyance. Chrno just grind wolfishly the cupped her face with his hands, but instead of kissing her he nibbled on her bottom lip making Rossete give him a weird look but the deciding she liked it .

Chrno pulled away then took her lips for his own with great passion, he moved his lips over to her ear "Aishiteru" ( authors note IT means I love you in Jap) whispered Chrno as he moved his kiss down to her neck. Rossete blushed a deep red when he did this causing her to remember the day they signed the contract by biting her on the neck to draw blood. And were he was doing such wonderful things to just happened to be the same spot. Chrno moved his kiss down her arm, he moved slowly until he reached her hand . Rossete quite annoyed that he was moving so slowly decided to play a little copycat game. When Chrno leaned over to place anther kiss on her lips she moved so that the kiss ended up on her cheek. Chrno looked puzzled but the relaxed when she smiled at him. Rossete kissed Chrno on the cheek then she moved to his ear and then to the neck with a giggle. This stunned Chrno it being her first time and she already being this aggressive but he let her do as she pleased. "she's a quick leaner" he thought to himself knowing he would enjoy this. She went down his arm and when she reached his hand she simply moved to his chest.

Chrno mentally wiling himself not to touch her was suck in a sweet suffering , but then Rossete just stopped and looked at him in a funny way. " what??!" asked Chrno but Rossete just broke into laughter and pointed to his head. When Chrno looked in the mirror he found a large dragonfly preached up top his head. When she saw Chrno,s face she doubled over with laughter "how cute ! I think it likes you" she said trying to stop laughing. Chrno had a large sweapdrop the flicked the dragon fly away which only resulted in it biting his hand and flying away. Chrno yept and this sent Rossete into fits of laughter, Chrno babied his hand in front of the mirror. She finally stopped laughing, she came up behind him and he felt a slight tug on his braid ." what are you doing" he asked "nothing " she said as she undid his hair then running her hand through it. Chrno turned around embracing and kissing her gently, he slowly removed what little cloths they had on, then lead her to the bed and took her for his own.

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