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Chapter 9

Love is a sin but hatred is a crime.


Joshua's blood streaked down his cloths staining them crimson, Ewans large sword stuck through his teenaged body. He made an angry moan that whispered revenge and slumped over on the large weapon spilling blood from his now open mouth.

".. Ba.. Sterd"

Joshua gasped as Ewan withdrew his weapon from his stomach.

" Joshua .. Im sorry I couldn't save you from this torture... I may never find attoment for this but I most do what is best for the people of this world. I must protect innocent lives "

He said as he raised his sword above Joshua's head. An inhuman growl escaped Joshua's lips as dissapred into mist. Ewan's eyes widened in surprise and horror, perhaps Joshua was more demon then he thought. He sighed and made his way from the alley and back to his car, he put his foot on the gas petal and stared to burn rubber!

Chrno smiled looking around the maze, being in his old body felt great he no longer had to worry about how far he could push things and it as high time he got revenge for all the shit Aion had put him through. He stretched his new wings and flexed his muslces, as another female laugh came echoing from the rafters he felt his fangs explode in his mouth.

Claws formed on his hand and he felt his body tighten with anger and anticipation, a growl escaped his mouth as his eyes turned red with fury, slowly losing his mind. With s quick swift leap he launched himself into the air. He escaped every trap with ease and grace; there was a fire in his eyes that held a promise of vengeance. Some of the traps where telemetry and some were more complex and he figured them out and quickly progressed. He finally reached and large gate-like door at the end of a great dark hallway.

Then out of the still as death darkness came one demon then another then another till it seemed there was a thousand. All of different rankings but all with the same goal Kill. They looked like mindless zombies , muttering Kill constantly as if it was programmed into them.

Chrno stared into one's eye, their eyes seemed like bottomless pits with no beginning or end. "Like they had no soul." As soon as the thought crossed his mind he felt a rush of blood to his head. He could here his own heartbeat getting louder and louder in his brain, like a throbbing pain. He screamed and grabbed his head and dropped to his knees. The room seemed to be spinning around and around. The demons before him seemed like nothing but blurry blobs.

He scratched at his face and head but the throbbing and beating continued still. The pain increased and me moaned and dieing man's moan and sank lower to the ground. The memories of Aion and the sinners, escaping from their " Prison". And of his lost love, he could hear his used to be friends laughing voices, and then he could see them. Blurry at first but then clear they smiled and welcomed him like friends do.

" Chrno come to a world where you can be free"

His old comrades said holding out there arms; he was about to reach for them when behind them he saw her, his love, with outstretched arms she had tears running down her face. She cried out for him, begged him not to listen. As he passed his old friends and neared her he could hear the other " Sinners" screaming in pain. He spun around and they where on the ground covered in blood. Aion came running up and saw the scene, he glared at Chrno and pointed a finger.


"...No .."


"..NO!...I...I... "


"...i...i...I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!"

"And thats what makes you weak!"

The scene transformed into Aion holding Magdalene's bloodied corpse. He laughed insanely and through the body to the ground.




Chrno screamed and awoke from his " Nightmare" just as the demon's where inches from him, and then he lost all sanity. Blinded by rage and haltered he started to kill every single one in the most painful way he could imagine. In his mind every one of those face's were Aion's. Everywhere he looked Aion was there, laughing at him causing the throbbing to become almost unbearable. Aion laughing at him and Chrno knocked each one down. But no matter how many he killed the laughing didn't stop.

The images of the blood didn't stop, the betrayal of his best friend, and the queens head. All the things that he couldn't stop caused the throbbing. After he killed the last one he sank ounces again to his knees, covered in the crimson liquid and just sat there and stared blankly at the wall. He felt sick, the room started spinning again. He groaned and fell to the ground with a loud thump. He saw a female pair of legs walking towards him in a slow lazy way.

" Ohhhhh I think I broke my toy... hum too bad"

The woman said with a heavy chins accent

" Looks like my Ghouls got the best of you- ACK"

The woman started to say but was cut off by so unknown force.

He saw her fall to the ground. He groaned and sat up, there in front to him was a person in a full body cloke. He couldn't tell if it was male or female. The clothing she/he wore was all black.

" Oh My Chrno-sama! Are you hurt? Did they do something to you? You look sick cutie-pie!"

The person said putting he/she hands tighter.

Chrno knew that annoying voice

" STELLA??...??? "

The person smiled and pulled down the cloke

" In the Flesh Sweetheart! Now lets go find that rowdy nun of yours and get the hell out of here!"

She said smiling at him. She started walking away as chrno stood up. He didn't move


" What?"

" How stupid do you think i am..."

Chrno growled and launched himself forward and cought her by the neck.


" ... Your not Stella..."

" .. erk of course i'm Stella! ahaha- ACK!"

Chrno stabbed her through the heart, She screamed as he dropped her and moved away. " Stella's" body morphed into a dark blue haired human female. With her last dieing breath she muttered

" How..."


He said nothing and moved to the gate, he shoved it open and walked through.

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Rosette and Chrno's time for their test of love has finaly come, death, destruction and possibly Redemption from the sins of the past. Will there love stand or will it fall ? And Aions plan was more sinister then any one could have imagined. The worst is yet to come

Next chapter: Choice- The final tribulation