Dscmr- I don't own any of the characters portrayed in this fanfic, just the concept :)

Set during the Samantha's therapy session in Moving On. After she says 'I-I don't know'

'I...I don't know'. Tears started to cascade down her cheeks.

'I think you do, Samantha' Dr Smith told her. She could tell that Samantha had been reluctant to tell something, it was part of her job to see the signs. Of course, the doctor had her theories, but it was up to Samantha whether she told or not. She hoped she had finally made a break-through. 'You know nothing leaves this room'

'I know that' Samantha snapped, willing herself not to cry more. She got up from the couch and paced the room. Could she really trust this woman? She was friends with Jack, what if she told him? She hadn't told anyone, ever. She apologized for snapping at her. She was only doing her job.

'Okay, lets take it slowly. Why does the letter from Lianna make you sad?' Samantha looked at the letter again. It was still in her hand. She had read over it so many times that it was looking more worn by the minute. She sat back down. 'It makes me sad...because I've got one of these.' She looked to the doctor for a reaction. Nothing.

'You were adopted?'

'No..I, er, I've written one of these.' The doctor remained silent, allowing Samantha to divulge in her own time.

'I was eighteen. Young, stupid and in love...'

Samantha Wallace sat in the doctor's waiting room. She hated these places. They always smelt like bleach and diseases. Or so she thought. She looked to the chair by her side. Usually her mom would be sat there, telling her stupid stories to take her mind off the smell. It was empty. She hadn't even told her mom she was going to the doctors. She was her own woman now. She was a married woman, no less. She had asked Paul to go with her, but he had to go to work.

'I can't take a day off from the hospital to go with you to the doctors! Do you not want me to be pass my exams and be a surgeon?' he had said.

Those words played around her mind. Maybe she was being selfish asking him to go with her. It was only the results from her check-up last week. She'd been feeling tired in the last few weeks, more than normal. She just put it down to her job, her studies and her husband, but she just wanted to be sure.

'Mrs. Wallace' the tannoy announced. She rose from her seat and made her way through the door. She reached for the handle. Why am I feeling so nervous? She asked herself. 'Doctor Forbes?'

'Hello Samantha' the brunette replied. She had a very soft voice that almost made you feel calm, very rare amongst doctors. 'Please take a seat'. Samantha had been going to Dr. Forbes since she was a child. She had short brown hair and nice smile. She only looked to be in her thirties, if that. 'So how are you feeling?'

'You tell me' Samantha giggled. 'I'm still tired, but other than that...fine as far as I know.'

'Well, we've got the results back from your blood tests..'


'Samantha, you're pregnant! Congratulations!'


'You're pregnant'

Samantha was in shock. Pregnancy hadn't even factored into why she was feeling so run-down. 'How far?'

'Well, we can't find that out from a blood test, but Dr. Monroe down the hall has an ultra-sound scanner which can attain that information. I asked ahead for her to keep this time open, in case you wanted a scan right away. Do you want me to go ask her?'

None of the words had registered. Samantha had always dreamed of having a baby, someone she could spoil and love more than she could imagine. She had always imagined a little girl dressed in frilly white dresses looking back at her with a gummy smile. From the age of 8, she'd always decided her daughter would be called Grace. She just wasn't expecting Grace to come so soon. She and Paul had only been married 9 months. What about school? And work? We don't even have enough room for a baby in the apartment!...

'Samantha? Do you want to me set up your scan?'

'Er.. Yes please'

'Okay, ill be back in a moment' Dr. Forbes couldn't tell if it was just shock from the news, or if it was horror. 'Everything's going to be alright, you know?'

'I know, I just...I'm having a baby!' Dr. Forbes left the room for a moment while she went to Dr. Monroe.

'You ready?' She asked when she opened the door. Samantha had her hand resting on her stomach.

She followed the doctor to a room 3 doors down.

'Dr. Monroe, this is Samantha. Samantha; Dr. Monroe.' Dr. Forbes introduced. They shook hands. 'Congratulations, how about we take a little look?' Samantha nodded and climbed up onto the bed.

'I'll leave you two alo-'

'No, please stay' Samantha asked her doctor. She didn't want to do this alone. Dr. Forbes nodded and took Samantha's hand.

'Okay, I'm just going roll up your top. The gel might be a little cold' Samantha braced herself. This is a joke isn't it? I bet my mom set this up to teach me a lesson...but the scanner is rolling around my stomach... Dr. Monroe was talking and pointing at the screen, but Samantha didn't register. 'That's your daughter, Miss Wallace'

'My-my daughter?'

'Mm-hmm, it's a girl' the doctor confirmed. Dr. Forbes was squeezing her hand. 'I'd say she's at...12 weeks'

12 weeks...That's 3 months...Samantha thought back, oh yeah, I remember now. Her cheeks blushed a little.