'Hello Mrs Wallace I-' The doctor started

'It's Miss Spade' Samantha corrected. She was determined that Paul was out of her life, and her child's forever. 'I'm sorry. Is there anyone you would like us to phone for you?' Samantha thought about it. She wanted nothing more than to be rocked and told everything was all right, but no one she could think of would do it.

Her mom would be too preoccupied with ' told you so's'.

'No, I'm fine' she rested a hand on her belly, 'We're fine'

'I'm sorry miss, but we were unable to save your baby. You suffered to many blows to your abdomen, which harmed your baby. There was nothing we could do.'

Samantha looked down and stared at her stomach. Bruises had started to appear from Paul's kicks. He killed my baby. She thought.

'Are you sure there is no one we can call, miss?'

She shook her head. 'Just the police'

Tears were streaming from her eyes.

Her new mascara had made tract marks down her cheeks while a tissue had been ripped to pieces and was scattered across the floor.

'I wrote my baby a letter to apologize.'

'It wasn't your fault'

'Wasn't it? I loved him and he killed our child. I left her vulnerable. I couldn't protect her and she died'

'What happened to Paul?' The therapist asked.

'I don't know and I don't care. He was charged with domestic abuse and homicide, and I rebuilt my life. I carried on with school, and work, and joined the FBI. I wanted to help other women who had ... experienced what I had, and I have.'