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Once I figured out that my brother was not the guilty of stalking Sora but that Sora was spreading lies about Tai. I wanted to go over and slap the crap out of that lying red-haired witch, but I know I can't do that. Everyone at school will think that I'm some crazy person how loves her creepy brother. Of course I love Tai but he is not a creep.

Why did everyone believe her lies about Tai? Wait I can answer that one, it's because Sora is little Miss Popular. I know that no one will believe me when I tell them the truth. Sora is so popular and I'm just a freshman loser who plays soccer. Why was Sora even spreading these lies about Tai? What has Tai ever done to her, except save her life, give her jewelry, and take all the crap she wants to unload on to him? Yeah Tai does everything a girl would ever want and in return Sora breaks his heart, goes out with his best friend and then spreads a bunch of vicious lies about him. I know I have to do something but what? Mom and Dad won't care, and Tai just takes it form Sora, but that's not fair. Tai doesn't deserve that he deserves so much better. To be honest I don't want to be known as the sister of Sora's stalker either. I know this is hurting Tai more than me but it hurts me too and nobody seems to care about either one of us. I bet the only reason Sora still wants me to be her friend is to get that bottle of perfume from me in her birthday.

That's when I figured out what I could do to Sora. I had been trying to figure out why Sora even wanted perfume in the first place. When Sora was a younger she got this really weird infection in her nose, people thought it was a cold but it was something worse, because when it went away Sora couldn't smell anymore. That's why I can't figure out why she wants the perfume except that this stuff she asked for was new, really expensive and all the rage. I spent a lot of money on it now I was suppose to give it to the witch that was telling everyone that my brother was some sort of criminal pervert. I had thought about throwing it out but that was a lot of money to waste. I thought of taking it back to the store but I couldn't find the receipt. That's when I decided to try some of the perfume myself. Wow did it ever smell nice. Now I see why everyone wants this perfume. I want it now too.

I thought about keeping it but then what would I take for Sora's birthday. Then I thought of the antique jade perfume bottle I got from Grandma. I could put the perfume in there and substitute the perfume in this bottle for something else, but I couldn't afford another perfume and besides Sora didn't deserve something nice, she deserved something nasty. But I had no idea of what nasty thing I could put in the bottle. I thought about putting in apple juice but that was the wrong color of yellow. That's when I heard my father going to the bathroom. Why are guys so loud when they pee? Is it a source of pride for them or something? Like the rest of the world doesn't really need to know that your prostate is in working order. Then it hit me, I now knew what to put in the bottle.

But how was I going to get it in there? It's not like I could aim it like Tai and Dad and I still needed to get the perfume out of the bottle in the first place. That task would be easy enough I thought. I started to spray the perfume from the commercial bottle into the jade bottle until Mom can along and asked me what I was doing.

"Kari what are you doing?"

"Uh... Hi Mom. I'm trying to put this perfume I bought into the old fashioned perfume bottle grandma gave me."

"Oh that's sweet Kari, but you're wasting your perfume doing it like that. You should use the narrow funnel from the kitchen, be sure to wash it after you are finished."

"Okay thanks Mom."

After following Mom's advice to get the perfume into the antique bottle I kept the funnel until after supper when I needed to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom I used the funnel to pee into the bottle. After I was finished I screwed the cap back on and looked at my handiwork. I couldn't believe it the color was perfect. I washed out the funnel very thoroughly and placed it in the dish rack to dry. I then took the bottle formally containing perfume and put it back in the box and gift wrapped it to take to Sora's birthday party. On the weekend I went over to Sora's with the package. Standing in front of Sora's door I lost my nerve and decided to go home, but before I could turn to leave the door opened.

"Hello Kari."

"Hello Mrs. Tachenochi."

"Well come on in Kari. It's so nice to see you again. I haven't seen you or your brother in such a long time. I think Sora really misses the two of you."


"Oh yes she talks about what you two are up to all the time."


"Oh yes, I shouldn't be telling you this but when she found out about that girl in France Tai meet, she was so jealous she wouldn't come out of her room for three days. I told her that she couldn't really expect Tai to sit around waiting until she decided to leave Matt and go out with him. But she told me that Tai had promised her that he would wait and then he didn't. She felt that it was highly unfair of your brother to fall in love with another girl when, according to my daughter he was suppose to wait for her. I am very happy for your brother, I just wish that Sora could figure out that feelings were more important than being popular but I guess some people just need to suffer before they can grow-up."

"Mom what are you doing?"

"Oh, hi Sora. I was just talking to Kari."

"God Mom, quite harassing Kari."

"Alright, alright, you girls go enjoy the party."

As Kari and Sora walked into the house Sora said, "God I can't believe her. Like she would say anything that you would want to hear."

"Heh... yeah."

"Your brother was back at it again last night."

"What did he do this time?"

"He was standing outside my bedroom again."

"I'm sorry Sora."

"It's alright Kari; I know that it's not your fault that your brother is a freak."

'He is not the one who is a freak, you are, you psycho-witch,' thought Kari. Out loud Kari said, "Thanks for feeling that way Sora, I'm glad we can still be friends."

"Come on let's join the others."


Kari didn't know any of the girls at Sora's party. She just sat in a corner and drank some punch. She wished that Mrs. Tachenochi was there to talk to. Most of the girls sat around and talked about how far they would go with a particular guy, or who was a slut. As far as Kari could tell all the girls at this party were sluts from the way they talked about guys and from the fact that every girl there had been referred to as a slut by some other girl. The point of the party Kari was dreading had finally arrived, the opening of the presents. Kari was certain that she would be found out at this point. Sora opened various presents and all the girls said what wonderful things these gifts were or made snide remarks about the person who bought a cheap gift. Kari's palms began to sweat. Then Sora can to the final gift it was Kari's. Kari thought she was going to puke. Sora unwrapped the gift and all the girls gasped when they saw the gift. For a couple of seconds there was a stunned silence in the room.

Then one of the girls said, "Oh Sora, try it on."

The others cheered and encouraged Sora to try on the perfume. Sora raises the bottle up to her neck and sprays each side once under the ear. Kari honestly believed that she was going to die here and now at Sora's party. When everyone realized that she substituted the perfume for her yerine.

"So how do I smell?" asked Sora.

All the girls started sniffing Sora and told her how wonderful she smelt. Then it hit Kari. The tube that fed the pump on the bottle was still filled with the perfume. Kari realizing that she was safe for now decided to go home and wait and see what developed.

I watched Sora for several weeks. People still treated Tai like he was diseased but people started avioding Sora too. I got close to her one day and caught a whiff and man did she ever smell bad. I thought about telling her but then I overheard her saying that Tai was stocking her again. Yeah like that could have happened when he was on the computer all-night instant messaging Catherine. I heard him arguing with Mom about going to bed at 3:00 in the morning so I decided to let Sora just smell. It got so bad that one day no one would sit at the table in the cafe with Sora. Now she knows what it is like to be isolated from the group, just like my brother Tai. I know that Sora got what she deserved but she never learned that she got that because of the way she treated my brother. I just don't know if I did the right thing.

The person reading the dairy puts the little book down and writes:


That was the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you for believing in me and for being there for me. I can not express how much I love you. Thank you for being my sister. I love you so much.

Your brother,


"Tai what are you doing? We're going to be late for your flight to France."

"Coming Mom."