Chapter 15

Hammond sat quiet happily in a large comfy chair with his legs propped up on the surface in front of him. A bowl of popcorn had been provided and was currently buttering his fingers as he watched the scene unfold before him.

The two best officers that he had ever had the pleasure of leading were (and there is no other way to phrase it) making out. And I mean, making out like the world was going to end tomorrow. And he'd admit in this line of work it could.

Anyway back to the screen in front of him.

Sam had found herself being picked up and seated upon the workbench; the tools that were once laid out neatly on the bench were now strewn across the floor. From her perch she'd pulled Jack in close and wrapped her legs around him, she brought him closer still until the 'so totally unexpected' happened and they finally kissed.

A cheer erupted from the small room that was filled with the entire base personnel (minus two, of course). Popcorn was flying everywhere as the general was thrown from his seat.

"Walter, get the president on the phone. The man owes me money!" he called from the floor.


"We should…have done …this years ago." Said Sam breathless between kisses.

"That good, huh?" Jack replied with that grin which meant the only response he got was Sam pulling back in for another lip-lock.

Jack was utterly tingling with excitement, not only was he making out with Sam, his Sam, she had her legs and arm wrapped round him, which felt oh-so-good and did things to him that he could barely even comprehend.

Sam was in a similar state. Her heart was beating out of her chest as if she were running a marathon at a sprint, not only was she kissing Jack but he was holding on to her as if he would never let go.

And lets face it, it's not like she was thinking on going anywhere at the moment.

She was so busy in her thought that she never heard the movement of the camera from its perch on the wall, but Jack did.

He stopped abruptly, Sam whimpering slightly at the loss, as he eyed the camera suspiciously.

"Just hold on a minute Sam. I'll be right back." He said swooping in for a quick kiss before heading towards the desk chair at the end of the room. Picking it up he took it in the direction of the camera.

"Oh general!" he called setting the chair down. " I hope your enjoying the view! And no doubt the rest of the base there with you. But I'm afraid to say that the show stops here; you voyeurs! "

He stepped up to the chair and looked directly into the black 'eye' of the camera.

"To all those viewing I'd suggest you stay away from here for 3…no…" he glanced back into the room, "4 hours if you know what's good for you."

"Oh Jack." Said Sam from behind him oh-so-sweetly.

"Just coming Sam." Then leaning closer still to the camera he said, "Well, not yet anyway."

And he pulled the plug.

He waited in front of the camera until he watched the little red light flicker and fade to nothing.

"That was a bit presumptuous." Said Sam as she watched Jack jump of the chair then prop in under the handle of the door.

"I suppose," he said nonchalantly, then grinning again, " Now, where were we?"

"Well." She said beckoning him forward. "You were here." Her legs wrapped round hi, once more, her ankles meeting at the back of his thighs. "And I was here and…"

Their lips met once again; still fierce and passionate. Jack's fingers quickly lifted the fabric the fabric of Sam's shirt. He loved the way she moaned as they kissed when his fingers caresses the soft skin of the small of her back. Sam's hands were not idol either. Scratching their way down his torso they started on his shirt as well. So seconds later the well-crunched abs were beneath her gentle touch causing him to jerk slightly.

They separated for a moment to catch their breath, reassured by the similar mixture of love and lust they seen in each other's eyes. But Sam couldn't help but grin as she said;

"Now I know that's not your sidearm."

He smiled back, a familiar warmth reaching his eyes.

"And it's not my PSP either." He said removing it from his pocket and setting it down on the workbench next to Sam. "Now, where…"


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