Title: Switch

Author: SqurlieJack (Me)

Authour e-mail: ItsSadYouSuck(At yahoo)

Category: Kill me, Kiss me

Genre: Romance/ Dram/ Angst

Ratting: PG-13

Warning: Slash m/m, Gen m/f, OoC

Main Paring: Ga-woon/Jung-woo

Paring: Tae/Kun one sided Kun/Jung-woo

Summary: Tae leaves Ga-woon for his best friend and in turn he goes after Jung-woo.

Chapter: Chapter 01 – Sunday night

Chapter Summary: Tae tells Ga-woon the bad news and then convinces Jung-woo to go check up on him.

Disclaimer: I own none of the character, blah, blah, blah, pleas don't sew me

-Chapter 01-

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-Sunday Night-

-Ga-woon's House-

Ga-woon was at home lying on his bed when Tae decided to make a visit. When she walked into his room he got up and immediately went over to hug and kiss her, but she put her hands up to stop him. He could tell something was wrong not because she had stopped him but because of the look in her eyes.

"Ga-woon I came over, because I needed to talk to you." Tae said in a flat tone, causing Ga-woon to pale. He was going to say something but she stopped him before he could, continuing. "I want to brake up with you." She said in the same flat tone. "Now before you ask why let me finish." She said reading his almost blank mind. "You know the original reason why me and Jung-woo traded places, and well a couple of weeks ago me and Kun kissed." He couldn't believe what he was hearing all he wanted was for her to stop and tell him she was only joking that she was lying, but she didn't. "Since then we've been seeing each other a lot, and I don't want to hurt you I like you I do it's just that I love Kun." She said all in the same tone nothing but honesty in her ocean blue green eyes.

He felt like someone had stabbed him ten time in the chest stuck there fingers in and wiggled them around his heart, as he dropped onto the edge of the bed, nearly falling. Tae was by the door, and then she reached a hand out to pull Kun in an unfriendly smirk on his face that basically read 'Ha, ha I win' and he saw red.

Slamming a fist into the blonde models stomach, he was quite pleas as he groaned and doubled over in pain, before pulling his knee up and hitting him in the nose, there was a sickening cracking noise before it gushed blood. He was about to hit the blonde again when Tae stepped in front of him to defend his now fallen ex-friend.

"Stop it, Stop it right now!" He wanted to yell at her, he wanted to scream at her to hit, her something but he didn't. He wouldn't hit a girl, not even the girl cheating on him with his best friend.

"Leave!" He demanded in a growl, knowing he would brake and lash out at her if she didn't leave soon. She gave him a look that clearly said are 'you sure?' At his glare she quickly helped Kun up, leaving quickly. As soon as he heard the door slam he slammed his fist into the wall, braking though, pulling his fist out he left a good size hole. His knuckles were bloodied but he didn't care, and he wouldn't cry, he wanted to, oh did he want to but he couldn't, not over her it would hurt to much after what she had done.

Sighing sadly he plopped down onto his bed on his stomach burying his head into a pillow he screamed and screamed until he couldn't anymore, his throat was horse and he was slowly falling a sleep, a single tear falling down his slender cheek.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

-Monday Morning—

Ga-woon woke up the next morning felling completely exhausted, from the emotional drama of the night before. He didn't get up, he didn't want to face the world. So he didn't, he lay there sulking, telling his mother he didn't feel well. His mother had heard the commotion last night and knew what was wrong and so she let him stay in bed.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

-Wednesday Afternoon-

- On the Phone -

Ga-woon still hadn't been to school and Tae was beginning to worry a little bit, but she couldn't go over to his house and check on him, he wouldn't want to talk to her. She was sure he would have cooled down by now, but she was also sure if it had been the other was around she wouldn't want to talk to him, and she certainly couldn't send Kun.

She could however send Jung-woo, he had been a bit miffed to find out she was cheating on the dark haired young man. He wouldn't hang out with them after he found out, but hadn't said anything on the subject what's so ever, other then. 'It's wrong to lead him on' before leaving. Dialing his number quickly she called him.

"What?" He asked all ready knowing it was Tae as her name had shown up on the caller idée.

"Don't answer your phone like that, anyways I have a favor to ask you." Tae said putting on what she hoped was a sweet voice but sounded more like finger nails on chalk boars.

"What kind of favor?" He asked skeptically, doing a favor for her never seemed to end well for him.

"Well I need you to go over and check on Ga-woon, he's been absent for three days." She said once again trying to sound sweet and failing.

"Why can't you do it, you live closer pulse you're his girlfriend." He answered clearly irritated.

"I'm not his girlfriend anymore." Tae answered in the same flat voice she had used to break up with Ga-woon.

"Huh, why what happened?" Jung-woo asked sounding utterly perplexed, just last week she had been enthralled with the excitement of stringing Ga-woon along.

"Kun told me it was either him or Ga-woon and I chose Kun." Tae stated simply not sounding guilty in the lest bit.

"Oh" Was all he could get out.

"So will you please go check on Ga-woon." Tae begged.


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