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Thanks for all of the feedback for Adrift But Not Alone. I was overwhelmed! Thanks so much. :) This is the sequel, if you have no clue what I am talkng about find Adrift But Not Alone, you gotta read that first, please!

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Title: Stolen
Author: Jackie
Summary: Sequel to Adrift But Not Alone (Read that one first). As Harm and Mac try to repair their relationship, many things threaten to keep them apart. When it seems they finally made it, the Video Princess plots her revenge.

Note: I am going to take some creative license and play with the episodes in season 7 to my liking. I am trying not to put anyone in a comatose. ;)

PART 1 – The End Of Engagement Hell

0130 Zulu
Harm's Apartment
North of Union Station

"We can't do this now." Harm heard himself tell Mac as she stood in his doorway with an expectant look. When Mac ran after Mic, something Harm damned himself for suggesting, he arrived at home only to be called half an hour later by Mac. 'He's gone. . .he doesn't love me anymore.' Sighing, he had thought long and hard on what he needed, it wasn't Renee, it was Mac. 'Come to me, Mac. . . you know the reason.' And she did, she did know the reason until she knocked on the door to his apartment and her heart was ripped out of her chest, thrown to the floor and trampled over. What did she expect? That he would let her in and all of a sudden things would fall into place? No, that was something out of fairytales and Sarah MacKenzie's life was something out of a nightmare. A nightmare that she lived day in, day out and couldn't quite seem to wake up from.

It wasn't his fault really, Harm was just brought up too well to kick out someone in need and, at the moment, death won over love. Mac glanced inside, noticing Renee sleeping on his couch, she had arrived several minutes earlier in tears over the news that her father had passed. Everything Harm's explanation was practically lost on Mac. The rest she got in pieces, her brain cycling them to make sense. "When you get back. . ." Mac said and they traded looks of sadness. She needed him then, so badly that it hurt. But, he had a responsibility to the woman he was engaged to and that woman wasn't Sarah MacKenzie. His look told her that he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do. So, he closed the door as Mac walked away.

Cover placed neatly on her head, Mac walked out only to be pelted by drops of rain that shielded her tears. Ironic really, she was back out in the water again, but this time, she was alone. Looking through the windows of Harm's apartment, saw him embracing Renee, his hands over her back, soothing away the pain. For a moment, she closed her eyes and imagined that to be her, because, that is where she should have been. Instead, the fates decided to screw with her once again and now she really was alone. In stoic Marine mode, Mac stood there, looking up as the rain washed over her. Her throat burned from the unshed tears, she swallowed the lump and willed herself not to cry. She did enough crying over Mic and wouldn't allow herself to do anymore over Harm. Mac felt Harm's eyes on her, looking at her from above. Before she lost her composure, she turned and ran to her Corvette, driving away from him.

Harm sighed deeply and shook his head. She was gone. 'Why this? Why now?' He wondered. "It's gonna be okay, Renee." Harm said, as he slid out of her embrace and hobbled towards the sofa. His knee was screaming bloody murder from the pain shooting from it. Holding Renee wasn't really helping the situation. "I promise it will be okay."

Renee sniffled and used the Kleenex on the table to wipe her nose. "As long as I have you, it will."

Harm offered her a half-hearted smile. He was too honorable to tell Renee what he really wanted to. How that short phone call with Mac made him realize exactly who and what he wanted. And it wasn't Renee. He needed to tell her, he needed to end things, but now wasn't the time. Harm jumped when he felt Renee's sudden contact on his skin. She was rubbing his leg and not in a comforting way, it was more of a way saved for seduction. "Renee. . ." He said in a warning tone, was she trying to seduce him, now? He was neither in the mood or in the physical health to do much anything straining.

Renee couldn't help the words that came out of her mouth. Annoyance and the fact that she was too vulnerable to care, had her throw as many punches as she could at Harm. She would destroy things between him and Mac, she would find out the truth. "So what were you and Mac planning on doing?" But she didn't back down on caressing Harm. In fact, her hands started wandering up his chest, under his shirt.

"What?" Harm said, raising up both eyebrows in surprise. He stilled her hands, pulling them away and pushing her gently so that she sat on the sofa. "Renee. . . don't do this."

Renee sat up straight and turned to look at him. "I doubt she was coming over to play scrabble." He looked at her like she was crazy and all it did was drive her more. "'We can't do this now. . .' I heard you."

Harm shook his head, happy that nothing else was said. Not that he had anything to hide, if anything Renee had an inkling of an idea about him and Mac. Their relationship was based on friendship and maybe two stolen kisses. "I thought you were asleep."

"Pretending. . . so, was she over here to play doctor and make sure her sailor was okay?" She said in a snarky, sarcastic tone, that made his skin crawl. He was getting sick and tired of her accusations. Yes, he cared for Mac more than a friend. No, he was never closer than that, though he wanted to be.

"Renee, it's been rough these few days, why don't you get some rest, we'll talk in the morning." He said, standing up and pulling at her so that she would rest in his room and give him the space he needed to think. Harm's hand came around her arm and the second that it did, Renee whipped away from him, the movement causing more strain on his aching knee. He nearly stumbled backward, only the sofa stopped him from falling. "Ugh. . ."

"Don't you usher me around!!" Renee yelled, the sound echoing in the apartment and irritating Harm's aching head. "You are MY man, MY fiancé. . .Answer me once and for all. . .Do you have something with her?" She asked as she moved closer to Harm. "Were you going to DO her? Is that it?" She accused, jamming her index finger against his chest. "Have her kiss your scrapes and scratches? Funny, because according to the doctor you may have trouble getting it up." She spat at him, causing Harm to cringe.

Harm was enraged with her accusations, but rather than start an argument, he turned and walked towards his desk. "I'm calling you a cab, I think it's time you left."

Renee made it there first, and took the phone out of the cradle before Harm reached it "Why was she here?"

"That's non of your business." He said, extending his hand so that she could place the phone in it.

"YOU are MY fiancé , I have a right to know why ANOTHER woman, who is supposedly due to be MARRIED has come to MY Fiancé's home." Her voice picked up a few notches higher and angrily, she placed the phone in his palm.

Harm looked down at the phone and then back at Renee, guilt evident in his features. 'He can't get past this thing between us.' Brumby wasn't the only one. "Brumby went back home to Australia."

Renee threw her hands up in the hair and paced. One of her hands shot up to her head, which she rubbed hard, while breaking out in hysterical laughter. "Well great, there go my chances of getting her greedy hands off of you! Not even proposing to you would do that?" Pacing like a madwoman, she moved swiftly about the room. "I mean we could move to Japan and that woman would still have you in her clutches!"

"We're just friends." Harm defended lamely. But, at the moment, he really didn't have the mental capacity to do much more.

Renee stared at him, believing that he was trying to make her feel like a fool. In her mind, she knew everything and she could just picture the kind of affair that Harm and Mac must have had to have him so wrapped up with her. "Just friends. . .Uh huh, with benefits?"

Harm dialed the number for the cab, gave his frequent user number and was told it wouldn't be more than a few minutes. Shutting off the phone, he placed it on the kitchen island and then turned to her. "I'm sorry about your father Renee, I really am, but it's time we do this and save us more heartache."

"Do what?" She shot him an incredulous look.

Harm took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It was now or never. "Break up."

Renee held her jaw so tight, she felt physical pain from her teeth being so clamped together. "So you ARE picking me over her?" When he didn't answer, she made her way towards the sofa and grabbed a bit more Kleenex. "I always knew you two had something... Else you wouldn't be pinning over her like a dog in heat."

It was worthless to try and defend his relationship with Mac, but he had to try. "We have never had anything past friendship."

"But you want more." She accused and when he didn't deny it, she shook her head fiercely. "I was happy you went off flying, because it gave you an opportunity to miss that damned wedding. . .Then you had to become all noble and hurry home WITH HER. . .Tell me something, Harm, you would have stopped that wedding wouldn't you?

"I don't know." He whispered. Harm would have to think about that, did he have what it took to break all of his beliefs and fight for what he wanted the most?

"I know you would have!" She yelled again, throwing the Kleenex box at him, but missing. "This is not OVER. . . You are MY fiancé and WE are going to get MARRIED. . . I am going to get that bitch out of your life once and for all."

Harm shook his head in frustration, why didn't Renee understand that they weren't going anywhere. "Don't call her that!"

"It's fate that we met, fate that we are destined to be together. . . You know that, else you wouldn't have said yes to my proposal." Renee rambled on. "She's available now because Brumby left. . . He'll be back and Mac will be out of your life forever! And we'll be together, because you want to marry me Harm." Her hands came to his body again, moving downward, trying to seduce him into wanting what she believed he really needed.

Harm took a few steps back away from Renee who was starting to scare him. "Damnit, will you listen to yourself? You're talking like a crazy woman."

"That's why you wouldn't talk to me earlier today, when Mac dropped you off from the hospital. . . you were probably too busy trying to think up your next Mac fantasy to want me around." She accused, moving towards Harm, trying to touch him, but he pulled away and backed into the island.

"Renee, I had a headache the size of Texas, I felt like crap and all you wanted to do was talk about Mac. . ." He took a deep breath and shook his head. "She saved my life, if you cared for me so much, you would thank her."

"For ruining us? I don't think so. . ." She said, finally reaching Harm and standing a bit too close to him. "I'll thank her when she is six feet under."

Harm was disgusted at the turn of events. He wanted to help Renee get through her fathers death. He knew better than anyone what it was like to suddenly lose someone you cared for so much. But, he couldn't destroy his own sanity to help Renee out. He wouldn't play that game anymore. The past year between him and the video princes, as Mac had called her, had been something close to torture. The moment things were moving at a nice pace, Renee, would try to push him. He was her 'boy toy', as she called him. A term that he felt disgusted over, but he was too busy grieving for losing Mac to Mic, that he didn't care what Renee did with him. In a way, he had become something like a slave. Now, even though it would be one of the worst times, he would take a stand, he needed to. "Renee, it's over. . . we're over. . . I think it's best that you wait outside for the cab."

"I'll leave, but you are going to pay for hurting me. . . You bastard." Renee yelled and her hand connected with the side of Harm's face, leaving a deep red, stinging mark. With that, she gathered her belongings and left his apartment. "You'll pay Harm. . . you and that little bitch will pay."

Harm watched her car pull away from the building and breathed a sigh of relief. He hoped she would get home alright. He really didn't intend to hurt her, but he wasn't going to let her make accusations about something she didn't understand. Hell, he didn't even understand it. For several minutes he stood at the window looking out, trying to make a decision. Should he go to Mac or should he wait until she came to him? Hoping he was making the right decision, he hurried to the elevator to grab the taxi he had sent for Renee. What would have happened had Renee not been there? Would he and Mac have talked? Would they have hugged? Would they have kissed? Would they have made love? He sighed deeply and closed his eyes as he gave into the thought of having Sarah MacKenzie laying on his bed, her body tangled with his. "Georgetown." He told the driver and settled in for the drive. Harm loved her, and she needed to know that.