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PART 18 – Present, Past & Future

0500 ZULU

Burnett Residence

LaJolla, California

There was something serene about watching her 'little boy' being with his girlfriend the same way Harm Sr. was with her. Throughout the years, despite the love and honor that Trish gave Frank, her first love was always in her heart. It was that much difficult that her son looked so much like him, she'd learned to deal with it and only prayed that he wouldn't suffer a similar fate. "I know what you are thinking." Her husband called from behind as he joined her on the terrace that overlooked the beach. His arms came around her waist as he rested his head on her shoulder. "And you are right, you know?"

Trish chuckled, Frank had been wonderful with her and Harm from the time they met. Despite all of the times Harm the terror would try to break them up. "Mmmm, what am I thinking?"

Frank glanced out to where Harm and Mac were laying on the sand, both looking up to the stars. Occasionally, their laughter would be carried in the wind where Trish and Frank could hear them. "You are thinking that if he doesn't propose you are going to kill him."

"Well, maybe not kill him, but I will nag him." She turned in her husband's arms and leaned in for a kiss. "I like her for him. . . they seem right together."

"You've always thought so. . . but what I don't get was why you were tolerant of that other gal."

Trish turned again smiling knowingly, "Because I believed that eventually he'd wise up and get together with Mac." She turned back to her husband and smiled shyly. "I did give him the ring his father gave me. . ."

Frank chuckled, ever since the word "Mac" was coming up at all conversations with Harm, Trish had been polishing that ring, hoping that one day her son would wise up. "C'mon, hon. . . let's leave the kids alone."

The Admiral had secured a few days for Harm and Mac to head off and "recuperate" as he had called it. The two didn't bother objecting, in truth, they needed the time to figure out their place in each others lives, as well as a little down time from the whole mess with Renee. Though the new SECNAV had complained about time off, AJ had persuaded him that it would be an optimum way to get in the good graces of other political figures. The former SECNAV was removed from office the same day he had testified at Harm's trial and would more than likely be seeing some trial time of his own. Besides him trying to cover up what had happened with Harm, his yeoman came forth with a vast amount information guaranteed to keep Nelson out of everyone's hair forever.

Renee too was to have her own trial and was guaranteed to serve plenty of time behind bars at a women's facility specializing in prisoners with a mental condition. As for the marks on her body that was part of the evidence of her attack, she had threatened one of the crew members into beating her to make it look more 'realistic.' 'ZULU' would go back on the air, but with a different producer who was more interested in law and dragging out the romance between his two leads rather than make the show all about them. Mac's diary was returned to her as it was one of the things found in Renee's possession they day she tried to shoot Harm.

"Hmmmm." Mac sighed happily and she had a reason to be happy, she was in a tropical paradise with the man that she loved, things just couldn't get better. "I am never going back to DC."

Harm turned to his side, propping elbow up and placing his head in his hand. "Yep, I am sure the Admiral will just love that. 'Sir, the Colonel and I have decided to go UA.' Please pass our workload to other JAG officers, thank you. . . click."

"Somehow your version looses all of its appeal." She brought her hand up, placing it on his chest in order to push him down on the sheet they were laying on. Before Harm could retaliate, Mac straddled his waist and pinned his arms to the ground. "Got you, Commander."

"You couldn't be more right about that, Colonel." Harm rasped against Mac's lips who placed a searing kiss on his own. "But," He broke apart the kiss and even in the dark, she could see his eyes take on a serious look. "I was thinking of making this a more permanent thing." He fished inside his pocket and pulled out a red velvet box. Harm's eyes didn't leave Mac as he was mesmerized by the expression on her face. In a way, he never liked proposals, not that he had proposed before, but from what he'd heard and what he'd seen on TV, the time a woman saw a small red box, they knew what was coming up and he preferred to have Mac surprised from the beginning. Mac's mouth was a perfect 'o' as Harm slowly opened up the box. "I know we have our moments, I know we'll have our fights, but what I know the most is that no matter what happens, we always wind up together. Though I can't take back hurtful words from the past and I can't promise you the world, I can promise you that I will love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my life and even in death. . . So, Sarah MacKenzie, will you be my wife?"

Mac heard clearly each and everyone of his words and she could do nothing but gaze at one of the most beautiful rings she had seen. The band seemed to have an old world look about it, but the diamonds (three to be exact: one large diamond sat in the middle between two small, princess cut ones.) were newly set into the ring. The moonlight captured the diamonds which made them gleam like something out of a fairytale.

To Harm it felt like ages (though it was only about 20 seconds) since he'd popped the question, Mac still hadn't answered. He didn't realize he was holding his breath until a light headed feeling over took him. "Oh Harm!" Mac finally said as she leaned down to kiss him. "It's so beautiful." He slipped the ring on her, happy that it fit like a dream, (of course it did, he'd jacked her Marine corps ring in order to have the engagement ring fitted.)

"I thought a solitaire was boring, but this one. . . .it signifies our past, present and future." Mac was still straddling his waist with her eyes fixated on how the ring looked on her finger. It was a strange feeling knowing that a year prior she was wearing another man's ring. It was even odder that she didn't feel this sense of elation and pride when it came to that other man, but now, she was on top of the world. "Oh! There's something else." He fished through his other pocket and pulled out a square shaped blue velvet box. Inside lay his goldwings. "Before we left Captain Ingles contacted me to head on back to the Henry so I could finish my quals." He took a breath, this was going to be the most difficult decision he would make in his life, but he had to do it and make a full commitment to Mac. "I am not going to do it anymore."

Fly was Harm's life, no one understood that more than Mac did. She couldn't understand why he would give that up for anything in the world. It was bad enough that it was taken away abruptly, quals and the occasional investigations was all the flying time he had left now. "Why?"

"My father made my mother a widow and although flying is in my blood and it's something I love. . . I love you more, Sarah. . . and I refuse to make you have to wonder. . ." She rolled off of him then and sat cross legged right next to him. Harm sat up as well, turning so that he could face her. "I refuse to allow you to go through what mom and I went through, it isn't fair, so I am ending it now."

"Harm, but you love to fly. . . You don't have to give up something you love so much for me. . . I understand why you have to fly and I accept it."

"Mac, I love you more than flying.. . . besides I have Sarah, we can always take her up. She's not supersonic, but it's still a rush." He grinned slightly, the pain of grounding himself was less than the Navy doing it, but he felt it was the right thing.

But, Mac didn't see it that way, she refused to have him make such a sacrifice for her. She placed the velvet box on Harm's leg and shook her head. "No, I don't want these."

Now Harm was really confused. How many times had Mac gone around with that worried expression knowing he was going to fly? After their dip in the Atlantic, he was sure she'd want him to quit. "I don't understand. . .I thought you'd be happy."

"I am happy, but this is too much Harm. . .I can't ask you to give up flying for me."

"It's not just for you, it's for us. . .for the baby we're eventually going to have." His grin went up in wattage, thoughts of how much fun it was going to be for them to create a life were passing through his head.

A baby, God did she want to have a baby and with Harm as the father, Mac was almost needing to pinch herself. "I don't want you to give it up." She waved off any rebuttal from him and attempted to explain. "No, Harm. . . I fell in love with a pilot turned lawyer. . . and I refuse to take away something he treasures so much just because of my worries. . . I know it's dangerous and I know you can't promise me to come back home . . ."

"No, I can't, which is why I want to do this." He interrupted.

At that moment, Mac felt completely wanted and loved. The man she was with was willing to give up a piece of who he was in order to be with her. Still, she couldn't concede to what he was trying to give up. "As long as you promise to do your best to get Home, sailor. . . and as long as you call me when you are doing quals, it'll be alright. . . I know what you are trying to do, but I won't let you. . .you love flying, you are good at it, you look sexy as hell in flight gear. . ." She chuckled at the shocked expression, but since the first time she saw him all geared up, Sarah MacKenzie couldn't deny that he was one of the hottest fliers in the world. "I've been selfish for too long over what I want and how I want it. . ." She placed a hand on his cheek and glanced directly into his eyes. "Just the fact that you would give up your wings to make me happy. . . it's enough, it's more than enough. And I love you for it."

Harm sighed as his famous grin tugged at the sides of his mouth. "Okay, but if ever you want me to stop. . .I will."

Mac held her hand up to him and they shook on it. "Deal." Leaning forward, she whispered before kissing him. "Where were we?"

But, Harm placed a finger on her lips, "You never answered my first question. . .Will you marry me?"

Mac chuckled. Two lawyers. Two of the best lawyers and still the words between them seemed to falter. Oh well, so was their relationship. "Do you really need to hear the words?" Harm nodded and followed it up with a sad, puppy dog look that could melt anyone's heart. Of course, when it came to the subject of Harmon Rabb, Mac was very biased. "Well, then. . .YES, Harmon Rabb Jr. . . YES, I'll marry you." There was a twinkle in Mac's eye as they leaned forward and shared another kiss, which lead to another kiss, which lead to. . . well, you get the picture. And that evening, under the protection of the stars and the moon, the future began for Harm and Mac.