By JaDErUst

Prologue: Warmth



There was something wet surrounding her.

A pleasant sound in her ears.

She was holding on to something hard. If she let go, even a little, something wet entered her mouth and made her sputter and cough.

She knew if she let go she would die. She didn't want to die.

But she was tired, oh so tired...

But she held on.

"SENSEI!!!" someone shouted from far away.

She twitched hearing the voice. Voices meant people. People meant... People meant... What did people mean?

Something was pulling her away from the hard thing. She tried to push the pulling thing away, but that made it just pull harder. Suddenly, the hard thing was gone and hands were pulling her out of the water. Hands changed to arms and something hard and bumpy against her side. Wet, she was still wet, but something cool was blowing against her. She was colder then before. She would have shivered, but she was just so tired...

There were murmuring voices somewhere close by. People meant... She wasn't supposed to go near people. Why?

Something was wrapped around her. The arms held her tight to the hard, bumpy thing and the cool thing was blowing harder. She wanted to shiver, but she was too tired. She wanted to open her eyes, but she was too tired. She wanted...


The hard bumpy thing was warm, she realized. That was a little surprising. She hadn't been used to warmth for what seemed like forever.

A harsh voice was calling and a soft voice answered it. Why wasn't she supposed to go near people? Was it because of their voices? What did people mean?

She stirred and tried to move a little closer to the warm hard bumpy thing. What did people mean? The arms held tighter, and then the cool blowing thing stopped.

There were many voices, many hands. The warm hard bumpy thing was gone and new arms replaced the old ones. Suddenly, she was laid down on something hard the many voices hovering over her. Something heavy was laid over her and something warm was placed by her side.


The hands were warm, this place was warm, there was a warm thing covering her, and a warm thing by her side. She was still cold, but she was surrounded by warmth. Surrounded by voices.

Voices meant people. She was surrounded by people.

She was surrounded by warmth... People meant... People meant warmth.

Sighing lightly she went to sleep, feeling the warmth and the guarantee that as long was people were there, she would be warm.