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Truth About Men: Predators


Haruno Sakura could have sworn she felt familiar presence following her red figure as her hands toiled to cut the stubborn stems off of the tall stalk.

However, whenever the Konoha Shinobi whirled around to scan the flower field for intruders, only countless faces of coffee centered, yellow-petaled sunflowers greet her back instead.

Sooner or later, the long, pink-haired kunoichi convinced herself that her lack of sleep had been the cause of the usual jumpy behavior.

Wiping away traces of salty sweat drops and dirt from her creamy skin, the female straightened herself up from the crouching position she held a few minutes ago. At the very moment, her face met incidentally with the baby blue scenery up above her.

A small uplift of the two corners of her lips had brightened the whole opening around her. It could almost match the cheerfulness of the sunflowers that tickled her sides.

She hugged the oversized plants closer to her chest, deciding that it was time for her to stop when the amount of space the flowers had occupied most of her arm span.

Indeed, it was a rare sight to see a ninja working in a flower covered plain on a bight sunny afternoon when she really could have been training or studying new jutsu. But for Haruno Sakura, it was normal. After all, no one could reject the stubborn Yamanaka when she was determined to make someone become her slave for running errands.

She didn't really consider it as a bad thing by working to pick flowers for her best friend's mom. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed the fresh air that only existed with nature outside.

Truthfully, all the work had not been the source of Sakura's current dilemma. It had been the reason for Ino's absence that really made her sulk.

The blonde, Yamanaka Ino, her best friend, was currently dating the lazy bum on her team, Nara Shikamaru.

At first, she had found the reason to be excusable. Hey, the brunette did get off of his lazy ass for once and conjure up the courage it took to ask the moody girl out on their first date.

Okay, so that way, there's no problem, right?


What about her?

What about Haruno Sakura, the only shinobi in Leaf who had perfect chakra control and had decided to kick the obsession for Uchiha Sasuke out of her system three years ago?

Many people had considered sixteen to be the age for love to finally blossom. And for many people, that rule had applied to their love life.

Ino had just turned sixteen. That was why she and Shikamaru were beginning now. Her other friend, the shy Hyuuga Hinata, was sixteen, and going out with Naruto, for that matter. And what about Ten Ten? Sakura swore the weapon mistress was at least sixteen, therefore, having a relationship with Lee Rock.

Her heart felt heavy with depression. She had been last for everything before... And years later, finding a possible guy for her as well.

Okay, so what if I'm a bit slow? The girl coaxed herself, trying to remain optimistic. Carefully, she laid her plans and choices out before her. Plan A, you can go back to Sasuke again.

The painfully familiar mental image of herself chasing and following the raven-haired teen had just made herself shake her head violently in distaste. Quickly, she excluded and trashed such a detestable strategy.

Plan B, talk more to Hinata's cousin, Neji.

Personally, she didn't think it was a bad idea.

At second thought, she let her mind wander back to the daily visits to the Hyuuga mansion. There was no way that Hyuuga Neji hadn't made an appearance every time she had went to keep Hinata company.

Of course, the lad was her cousin and bodyguard. There was no way that he'd take a day off of his "job", she mused.

A sudden missile of kunai shot towards from behind, encountering the strands of hair by the side of her head.

Before she could register what was going on, strands of uneven bubble gum pink fell from beside her ear and fluttered to the ground, the sharp weapon going along with it as well.

With eyes widening knowingly, she clutched tighter onto the flowers she labored with one hand as the other reached for a shuriken from inside of her leather pouch strapped onto one thigh.

"Aha! So you were the one-...!" Turning, she let herself trail off when she had fully taken in the figure into her emerald sight. Her jaw dropped instead.


Indeed, before her, clad in midnight attire and staring back at her with his cool onyx orbs, was the number one prodigy himself.

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