Title: Consummation
Author: mswyrr
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 100 word vignette set during the first OAV. What if Tomoe hadn't been there to keep Kenshin from attempting to fight the entire Shinsengumi?

Okami found him lying in blood at the inn's back entrance.

"Warn Katsura-san... Shinsengumi..."

Katsura-san knew, she said. He was safe.

He seemed satisfied at that. His gaze drifted away from her.

He didn't cry; he looked as though he had expected this. This wasn't bravery, she thought. He hadn't lived long enough to know what he was losing, so he didn't value this life -- not his own and not others.

There wasn't anything left to say, so she held his cooling hand. His fingers twitched. He focused his eyes on her and tightened his grip once, twice, spasming.


"And this is how you will live your life?"

"That is what has been given to me.

Besides, I will not live for long."