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Kurama stopped suddenly to the sound of a same childs cry. He turned to the direction which it came from and took off running. He ended up in a not so good end of town, with a bunch of shady charaters. A small cry came from his right, as he turned he say a little girl running into the street with two older men running after her. 'Now what's this?' he thought. She tripped and fell in the very cold snow.

"We got you now!" one of the men yelled grabbing her long brown hair. She yelled out in pain and the other man slapped her. "Shut your trap!"

Kurama's blood started to boil. He hated to see humans hurt, exspecally children. In one swift move, he had knocked out both men. As he brushed his fire red hair out of his face, and looked down to see that the child had started to shiver uncontrolably.

"Oh there, there. Your safe now, I won't hurt you." he said placing his coat around her. "Shall we find a warmer spot?" The young girl just stared at him, as he picked her up, and started walking away.

"So young one why were those two chasing you?" he asked not bothering to look down at her. "You don't have to tell me. I was just wondering." His green eyes wondered down to see that she was a sleep. 'Poor thing. They must have been chasing her for a while.' he thought as he walked in silents.

Jade awoke to see that she wasn't in her bed. She looked around and was startled to see the same man that rescued her asleep in a chair. As she sat up he awoke.

"I'm glad your up." he replied with a smile. "We are in my friends home so you don't have to worry."

Jade looked at him for a while till she spoke. "Why are you helping me? You don't even know me." He just smiled at her, then started to chuckle. "What's so funny? What are you laughing at?"

"You, silly. I maybe helping you but that's only cause your just a child." he said walking to her bedside. "My name is Kurama, may I ask what is yours?"

She eyed him for a second the answered, " I'm Jade." Then, in a instance, she realized someone else was in side the room.

The figure walked into the light and Jade realized it was another man. 'Black hair, black cloths. Could this be the man I've been searching for?' she thought to herself. Kurama noticed she'd gotten tense about something. When the fox demon turned to see Hiei standing in the door way, he knew that he had startled her.

"It's okay. That is Hiei, he and I are on the same team. You don't have to worry about him." Kurama explained, "Hiei could you do me a favor and go get Yusuke." The man didn't respond, just disappeared back into the shadows. In a few seconds, another man appeared but nothing like the last one.

"Ah, Yusuke, this is Jade. Have you any lucky locating any sigh of her parents?" Kurama asked standing up.

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