Chapter One

Not Again

Kyo has a hard time showing his feelings, and when he does, they scare him. He's the tough guy so any feeling of love can surprise him. Why? When he was young, all his mother said to him was "I love you." "It's alright because I love you." and he hated it. She said she was fine with what he was. But she checked him everyday. She was terrified of him, but she never said it. So Kyo didn't like those words. He was fine when Tohru said she liked him. She didn't say she loved him. He thought he hated those words.

It was Friday. Kyo was on the school roof because the cats had shown up again. "Stupid cats... Now people will think I'm a cat lover even more...DAMN IT!" he shouted and scared off the cats.

"Kyo?" Kyo froze. Not again. She was going to come up and show just how much she knew him. Not again. She did it too much lately. Not again.. He wouldn't let her think she knew him. She might say it. Not again.. not again.. Not those words.. not again..

"No.." he breathed before jumping away. Tohru climbed up, to see if he was there. But he was nowhere in sight. "Funny.. I thought I heard him yell.." She muttered before continuing to look.

Kyo had hidden behind a wide poll. He breathed a sigh of relief. "If she finds me every time, she'll think... no.. she's too ditzy. I overreacted. I didn't have to run. Now I'm just over reacting." Kyo slumped down to a sitting position. "I can't always run.." He was talking to himself and if anyone saw, it's be pretty embarrassing but he was sure that wasn't happening.

Tohru had already gone back to class. He should probably do that too. He reluctantly stood up and trudged downstairs. He was walking through the hallway when the end-of-school bell rang. He sighed and continued on his way. Usually, he would've walked home with Tohru even though that Damn Yuki was there. He would want to hold her hand and blush. He'd want to talk to her, to do anything with her. But not today.

He was immersed in the students of their school. But it was like he didn't exist. Like they could walk right through him if they wanted to. He was a rock in the ocean. No one understood him. They knew him. They hung out with him. They laughed with him. But they didn't understand him. No one did. No one. No. That was a lie. One person did. But right now.. he was afraid of that one person. And he didn't even know why. He just couldn't face her.

He wanted to be known. He wanted to be accepted. She understood him. But no... Not now.. Maybe later. But not Now.. "I'm sorry.... I can't... No... Not now.. I'm sorry.. Tohru.. I just can't hear your voice right now." Kyo shut his eyes and ran down the forest path and stopped before the house. She knew he always went on the roof. He couldn't go there. He had to find a new place to hide.