Chapter 5

Loved and Hated Words

"What's Carrot Top's deal? What'd you say to him anyway?" Arisa walked up to Tohru.

"Poor Kyo." Hana looked down the hall where'd he'd disappeared.

"Oh Hana." Tohru gave her friend a hug. "What do I do this time?" she asked. Her eyes had run out of tears so none fell on to the sleek black of her friends cloak. The electric witch gazed down sadly at her friend. She'd known for a while what Tohru's feeling for Kyo were.

"He's scared." She finally said, looking into the sky through the window. The clear blue sky that was too high for either the cat or the rice ball to reach. "He's lost." Tohru's eyes shined with tears that couldn't come. "You both are. And his skin reveals the shedding of tears. Tohru." She put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

The thug came over and smiled. "It's no secret ya know.. That you like him... at least, not from us. Go on. Try again girl. He's just one of those tough guys that can't show feel easily. Tell me, since when does Kyo-Kyo show adoration?" Hana stared at Uo. "What?" "You said 'adoration'." "So?" "Nothing."

As the two squabbled, Tohru had started home. "Oh Kyo.. I just hope you haven't left again.." she called to the feline.

Kyo heard her hurried footsteps a mile away. He was waiting. He wasn't laying out like usual, he was mostly hiding behind the upper level. As Tohru slowed to a stop in front of the house, she looked for Kyo on the roof. After first she didn't see him and her heart sank. If she didn't talk to him soon, her world would be turned gray too. Forever watching an old movie in black and white.

'Don't worry. My world isn't black and white. It's gray.' Kyo shifted positions wondering what to say to her. And she saw it. His orange hair. She smiled a little as she made her way up.

When she finally did, Kyo was out of it. His eyes seemed distant and his mouth was slightly open. "Kyo?" she asked, her hand resting on his shoulder. "Huh?" he noticed her and tried to back up but only hit the wall. "Kyo. Please.. don't run... talk to me.." Tohru's eyes threatened to cry.

Kyo relaxed his muscles. He looked at his foot for a minute. "Please?" Tohru asked again. Kyo shut his eyes tight. What could he say. He knew what he wanted to say. But...

"I kept telling myself.... 'I don't wanna see her. I don't wanna think about it. Anyway of it.' " Kyo said, looking toward the forest.

Tohru looked into the eyes of her neko. 'For the sake of the girl who one day tell you she loves you, don't run away. Keep training.' 'Hmph. Like anyone would ever tell ME that.' And if someone did?' 'I guess I'd ask her is she had brain damage.' Kyo's eyes raised up and met with Tohru's.

"Tohru.. I..." Kyo stuttered to say it. "Kyo.. I really Like you.. A lot! Really.. I love you. I've always loved you. From before I met you. I've always loved the cat. But it's more than that. I Really Love you Kyo." Tohru seemed sad as she said it, like she was prepared for rejection.

Kyo's eyes were wide as he looked down. His breathing was soft but slightly ragged. Like he was in pain. If Tohru could hear his breaths she'd think his lungs were bursting. Kyo heard his mother. Her voice.. He felt like screaming. But her voice was drowned out.

'Actually, I really like you Kyo. I've always loved the cat from the zodiac.' 'I love you. I've always loved you. I really love you Kyo.' Kyo put down the hands that were going to cover his ears. "Tohru.." he breathed.

The rice ball looked up. The neko's voice seemed so surprised. She looked up to his smiling face. He was still looking down. He made a smirking sound. "Tohru.." He raised his eyes to hers again.

"I... really love you too.." He half smirked, half smiled at her and he sat a hand on her head. "Life really has... a lot of color.." He grinned, his eyes closed. "Ya.." Tohru was smiling again. A real smile. Not the fake ones she used to cover herself up, but a real true blue smile.

Color. The roof, the trees, her shoes, his hair. It was colored. The color was back. The world was wide and beautiful again. And suddenly the sky wasn't so high. Like standing up meant you could touch it. Kyo's heart soared and he felt like he'd regained his strength and energy.

"You know what.. I feel so great.." Kyo said, jumping off the roof. "I think I could..." Tohru looked at him. She heard some talking and things breaking. She looked down solemnly from the roof for five minutes. Was Kyo fighting Yuki again? Would he suddenly come flying out of the door like usual? Tohru put a hand to her mouth as someone flew across the lawn with the door.

"Oh.. I..." She heard Kyo say. He was standing where the door had come off. Yuki was rubbing his chin. "I.. did it? YA! I DID IT! I FINALLY BEAT...." Yuki came up and squared him in the chin, basically switching places. "I guess... I should talk less.." Kyo said. But he was smiling up at Tohru. She giggled and waved down to him.

Though they weren't the perfect couple yet, and they couldn't hug, they really were closer. The world was a much better place in both lovers eyes. Suddenly the world was more splendid than they'd ever seen it. And they weren't even looking at it. They only saw each others eyes.

A few days passed and everyday, before bed, Tohru told Kyo she loved him. And while Kyo lay awake on his covers, he confronted what had happened to him. He didn't have any more nightmares and his mother didn't bother him any more, even when he heard her say 'I love you.'. Because someone loved him more. And no matter how many times Tohru would say it in this life time... Kyo... really didn't hate those words anymore. In fact... He loved them.

"I love you."