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The bullpen was deathly silent, a tension filling the air so thick it was almost palpable.

Tony had watched as Internal Affairs had taken each member of the team one by one into the interrogation room, his body slightly shaking with the knowledge that soon his number would be up. Interrogation with Gibbs had been harsh enough, but IA agents were known for being malicious and with all of the evidence against him, he knew they would jump at the chance to tear into him.

He'd never before experienced the sickening nausea that overtook him when a few moments McGee reentered the bullpen, looking rather battered, and took a seat at his desk. He then gave Tony a sympathetic glance and a nod, no words were needed.

Standing, Tony took one shaking step after another towards Interrogation Room 3, the small room IA had claimed as their temporary headquarters. As he flung open the cool metal door he briefly wondered what had happened to his former self.

Where had cocky, confident Anthony DiNozzo gone, and who was this small, quivering, shell of a man, who had replaced him? More importantly, had he ever truly been as infallible as he had once viewed himself, or had it all just been a carefully constructed façade?

"Take a seat, Special Agent." The stern command greeted him at the door.

He took a seat wordlessly and stared expectantly back at the other man. His name tag read 'Donovan' and his suit reeked of Armani. It figured the guys responsible for destroying careers and lives made all the money.

"Name please?" Donovan questioned his voice dripping with a condescending air.

Tony's answer was automatic.

"Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS."

Donovan scribbled something onto his PDA before turning his attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Agent DiNozzo, I'm going to cut to the chase. Frankly because it's been a long day, I'm ready to get the hell out of here, and I already know the answer to almost all these questions regardless of what you say."

Tony's only response was a silent glower.

"We're you having a sexual relationship with Agent Todd?"

"Yes." He sloppily wrote something once again onto his PDA.

"Don't you find that highly inappropriate, Agent DiNozzo? It's your duty to serve your country, and private citizen or not, you are still held to a certain standard."

"What I choose to do with my personal life has absolutely nothing to do with what goes on inside this job. It has never once affected our working relationship, so much so that none of our colleagues were even aware of our engagement."

"Your juvenile, irresponsible decision not to inform your boss of the situation is another matter entirely, one that I would prefer not to delve into at this time." He sneered before scribbling down a few more notes.

There was a deathly silence, and then...

"Where were you on the night of Agent Todd's disappearance?"

"At home, sleeping." Scribble.

"Do you have anyone who can verify your alibi?"

"Yeah, I'm sure Kate will be happy to vouch for my whereabouts when we find her. Oh and there's Murphy and Stella." Scribble.

"And who are these Murphy and Stella?" He questioned.

"My bitches." Tony replied, the epitome of seriousness.

Donovan shot him a surprised look.

"Excuse me?"

"My dogs, they're my dogs." He couldn't hide the hint of his famous DiNozzo smirk.

"You're a smart ass, Special Agent, I'd watch myself if I were you."

"Is that some kind of threat?" Tony spat back.

"Not unless you make it one." Donovan's voice was cold, harsh.

"You know what, we're done here." Tony voice was quiet, but final. Abruptly he stood, making his way towards the door.

"Feel free to leave, DiNozzo," Donovan sneered, "but we are far, far from done here."

The loud slam of the interrogation room door echoing through the quiet halls was the only response.

There was a warm, trickling sensation making it's way down her arm, and she wasn't fully conscious enough to even recognize what the strange feeling was.

Trying her best to force her eyes open, she almost wished she hadn't when she saw the source of the odd sensation. Blood. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. She mentally willed it to stop, but to no avail.

She refused to give up now; she had too much to live for.

Even as she said this over and over again in her mind she felt herself begin to fade out of consciousness once again. But just as the calm, peacefulness of sleep was about to take over her, she felt her stomach rumble.

Her stomach rumble? How in God's name could she possibly be hungry at a time like this?

Then suddenly it clicked.

There was absolutely no denying what had just occurred, and suddenly her pulse was racing out of control and she was wide awake, accessing her situation. She wasn't just fighting for her own life anymore, she was fighting for another life as well.

The baby had just kicked.

According to my research (Yes I actually did research!) A baby can start moving and even make small kicks at around 16 weeks. It said that this initial feeling often is believed to be hunger or gas. Lol. And it also said that a lot of women don't start 'showing' until 18 or 20 weeks, so it is actually possible for the baby to be moving and Kate not to be showing yet. :-)

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