A/N: This story I actually began almost a year ago and just finished it tonight. It started
out as simple question: What if Ryou joined Bakura, Malik, and Marik as a thief? Well,
this is my answer.

This story is twenty chapters long, plus a prologue and an epilogue. At times it's canon,
and at times it's completely OOC. I know that, but I'm not changing it. Take it as will.
Good or bad, this is what it is.

I will be posting both the prologue and first chapter tonight. In a few days, chapter two
will follow, and in another few days will be chapter three, and so on. I hope you'll stick
around for ride.



/ ... / Ryou to Bakura
... Bakura to Ryou
Blah thinking


"Hi, guys," Ryou said quietly, approaching the others who had congregated in front of the

How the bloody hell was he going to explain this? Maybe they won't ask questions... they
do know that my father is an archaeologist. Maybe they'll just think that I have to go
because of him.... They'll figure it out right quick though, and when they do, we'll both be
in hot water.

"Hey, Ryou, what's up?" Yuugi said. He's so innocent... it's hard to believe he's only a
year or so younger than me.

"Yes, well, um... there is something I need to tell you all..." Ryou managed to get out.

"What?" Honda asked.

"Well, you see... today will be my last day here." Seeing their confused expressions, he
elaborated. "I'm moving. I just found out today."

"Wha? To where?" Jou said, apparently not believing what he was hearing.

"Several places for awhile..." he started, then realized that wasn't exactly the best answer.
Oh, why am I no good at lying? I don't understand why he couldn't do this! "My father
has decided that I should accompany him to several new sites around the world," he
added quickly.

"I see," Yami said. He gave Ryou a thoughtful look, and Ryou was near panicking now.
Bloody hell, he's seeing right through me! Why, oh why, couldn't he have done this?!

"Will you be coming back?" Anzu asked. Ryou sighed, as she looked about ready to cry.
What could he tell them? He hadn't planned to... but the look on their faces broke him.

"He said that I would, eventually. However, he does not know when that will be," he told

The bell rang before anyone could respond. Saved by the bell, indeed! I just hope I can
get through today. I have a lot of work to do when I get home. He better hold up his end
of the bargain or else I'll sic Yami on him faster than you can say 'Shadow Realm'
, Ryou
thought as he gathered his books from his locker and headed to his first class.