Chapter VIII: Happily Ever After

The Ottsels were putting up quiet a fight. They may have been small, weak, and sweet. But, man, when you get an angry ball of fur attacking your face with sharp little teeth and claws, it isn't exactly fun. The elves were getting badly beaten. Most were retreating, their motivation completely forgotten. Ashamed that they had been driven off by a pack of rats. After a few minutes of epic battle, the Ottsels have successfully driven every elf away. They celebrated in the hallway.

Up in the Palace, near the West Wing Erol was checking rooms. Opening the doors, sticking his bow and arrow in the room just in case. He went though several rooms in this manner.

Finally, he came to the door of the Beast's room. He opened the door and saw the Beast sitting in the corner of the room. Erol leapt in and aimed his bow at the Beast. The Beast turned his head and stared straight at Erol for a split second with mournful eyes, and then he turned away. Erol let an arrow fly, and it struck the Beast right in the shoulder, not a fatal blow, but enough to cause a great deal of pain.

The Beast roared in agony. Erol threw himself at the Beast, causing both of them to fall off the balcony. Luckily, some parts of the Palace rooftop was flat, and they happened to land on a flat surface. Erol leapt up, but the Beast didn't, Erol gave a swift kick to the Beast that caused him to roll towards the edge.

"What's the matter, Beast?" Erol taughted as he rolled him towards the edge. "Too 'kind and gentle' to put up a fight?"

Erol decided that pushing the Beast off the Palace rooftop didn't give him the sort of victory that he wanted, so he broke a decorative spike that adorned the Palace. The Beast lay there; ready for death, when a voice he never thought he'd hear again rang out though the rain.

"No!" It called.

He looked down at the main street, disbelieving; yet there she was. "Keria." He breathed. She was looking up at him, and he felt his urge to live return, he became aware of Erol behind him, ready to kill him. With super-human speed, the Beast reached up and grabbed the spike before he could get stabbed. Then began a furious tug-of-war, in which Erol began to realize he couldn't win. So, he spotted yet another flat spot beneath him, and he allowed the Beast to push him off the edge, but Erol took the Beast down with him.

When Erol got back up from his fall, he immediately attacked the closest thing he could see, but it was just one of the ugly gargoyles that adorned the Palace. Erol began to look around.

"Where are you hiding, Beast?" Erol called. "Did you love her, Beast? Did you actually think that she'd want you when she had someone like me?" Erol passed by what he thought was a gargoyle, but it actually was the Beast. As soon as Erol passed, the Beast leapt out, and before Erol knew what was happening, he found the Beast had him at the throat and was dangling him over the side of the Palace. And there was no flat spot, if he fell, he would die. "Please! Please, let me down! I'll do anything!" Erol pleaded with the Beast.

For a second the Beast had an evil grimace on his face, showing he had every intention of dropping Erol to his death in the city streets below. Then, the grimace disappeared and he realized that he didn't have to kill him. So he slowly backed up, bringing Erol back with him, the Beast set him on the ground, but he didn't release his hold on him.

The Beast looked Erol straight in the eyes and growled, "Get out."

"Beast!" He heard that familiar voice call him. He looked up and grinned when he saw it was Keria, waiting for him in the West Wing Balcony.

"Keria." The Beast breathed. He began to scale the wall to the balcony, an easy thing for him to do. In his rush to get to Keria, he completely forgot about Erol. The Beast was almost to the top, Keria reached out her hand, and the Beast took it gently, not wanting to hurt her with his claws.

They stared into each other's eyes, her green ones and his black ones. He gently ran one of his claws though her hair. "Keria, you came back!"

However, the reunion was short lived because at that very moment, the Beast let out a roar of pain. Erol had climbed the wall and stabbed the Beast in the side with a long knife. However, in his elation, he stupidly let go of his hold on the wall, and fell to his death on the streets below.

The Beast would have fallen too, if Keria had not grabbed him and helped him onto the balcony. She laid him down on the ground, and gasped as she saw the wound, it was fatal.

Daxter, Ashley, and Cogsworth ran on the scene and gasped as they saw Keria with the dying Beast.

The Beast's breathing became short and labored, "Keria... You came back."

"Of coarse I did." Keria said, trying to stop the tears, but failing. "I couldn't let them... Oh, this is all my fault! If I had gotten here sooner..."

The Beast stopped her, "Maybe... Maybe it's better... this way..."

"Don't talk like that!" Keria sobbed. "Everything's going to be fine! We're together now."

The Beast reached out a claw and gently caressed Keria's face. "At least... I got to see you... one last time..."

Keria let his claw caress her, but then it dropped away, she looked down and saw the Beast close his eyes, his head fell to the rain soaked ground, and he was not breathing.

Keria gasped, then leaned over the Beast. "Please!" she begged, "Please! Please don't leave me!" She threw herself across his cold chest and she whispered, "I love you."

At that moment, the last petal on the rose fell. Daxter, Ashley, and Cogsworth saw this, and they began to despair. They would be Ottsels for the rest of their lives.

Keria continued to cry over the Beast's body. In her grief, she didn't notice the sparks that began to fall like rain. She looked up and gasped as the magical sparks fell all around him. The Beast began to be lifted into the air, Keria backed away, and the Beast hung there, suspended for a second. Then Keria noticed his hands turning into a normal color; the claws shrank to regular sized fingernails, his hands becoming less beast-like. The same process happened to his feet. The claws shrank away to nothing and became human. Then, the face, the color, the horns disappeared, and the fangs became regular sized teeth. The Beast, now an elf was slowly let down from the air. He lay on the ground for a second. Keria was about to approach him when he moved!

The elf slowly picked himself off the ground. The clothes that had fit the Beast hung loosely on him. The elf examined his hands for a while. Then he turned around.

Keria heard herself gasp; it was the same person that she saw in that picture long ago. He had green/blonde hair, deep ocean blue eyes, and the most handsome face that she had ever seen.

"Keria." The elf said, feeling his own chest. "It's me."

Keria stepped forward; she ran her fingers though his hair. It felt like the Beast's. But, then she looked into his eyes. So unlike the deep, black ones that she knew, but she saw the same love in them.

"It is you, Beast!" Keria said.

The man laughed, "I don't think 'Beast' suits me much anymore. My name is Jak."

"Jak." Keria said. They stared deep into each other's eyes. Their faces inched together slowly, and then they shared a passionate kiss. The same magic that had brought on Jak's amazing transformation swirled around them, and then shot up into the air like a firework. Magic rained down on the entire city, and the Ottsels began to transform back into their normal selves. Up on the balcony, Daxter glowed, then shot upwards, turning into an elf with orange/red hair.

"Daxter!" Jak cried, looking at the newly transformed elf. Cogsworth was next, he transformed into a fat noble. "Cogsworth!" Jak cried again. Ashley was the last, she transformed into a young woman with green hair. "Ashley!" Jak cried again, he got all three of them in a group hug, "Look at us!"

He picked up Keria and twirled her in the air.

(Flash forward)

Jak and Keria were dancing in the Grand Ballroom once again, this time as a Prince and his beloved. They shared another kiss before waltzing around the room once more.

Daxter was in the corner, watching the two dance, with a jealous look on his face. However, that ended when a blonde elfin woman by the name of Tess walked by. She gave him 'The Look.' Daxter was about to follow her when Cogsworth stopped him.

"Old friend. What do you say we just let bygones be bygones, eh?" Cogsworth said.

"Of coarse, I was the one who said that the girl would break the spell." Daxter said.

"Uh... excuse me, old friend, but I believe it was I who said the girl would break the spell first." Cogsworth said.

"No, I was I who said that." Daxter argued back.

"I was I, you slip-tongued Ottsel!" Cogsworth yelled.

"It was I, you overgrown pocket watch!" Daxter argued back.

We go back to Prince Jak and Keria waltzing around the room, they past Ashley, Samos, and Philip (now a boy).

"Ashley," Philip asks. "Are they going to live happily ever after?"

Ashley laughed and looked at the dancing couple, "Of coarse, they are."

We get our last look at the waltzing couple as a chorus in the background sings:

Certain as the sun,

Rising in the east!

Tale as old as Time!

Song as old as Rhyme!

Beauty and the Beast!

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