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Pairings: R/BB KEEP THE FAITH! (Raises Lighter)




It all happened so fast...

The attack...

The scream...

The colors....

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning. My name is Beast Boy and I am a Teen Titan. We're the super heros that protect Jump City for all of you that don't know who we are. Anyway, it all started with the greatest news of my teenage life, I was going to be left at home alone...with her. The her I am referring to is of course Raven. The dark and misunderstood member of our super hero group. I sometimes call her creepy but I never really mean it...

Anyway, It started just like this

Titans Tower, early morning...

"Dude? Where are you guys goin?" Beast Boy asked as he approached Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg while they set their packed suit cases and bags on the ground. "Beast Boy do you listen at all when I talk?" Robin asked hitting his head with his palm. Beast Boy did a stupid grin as he scratched the back of his head. "Uh well..." Beast Boy said as he continued his stupid grin. "Cyborg, Starfire, and I are going to go check up on Tameran." Robin said calmly. "What about Raven?" Beast Boy asked.

Just before the boy wonder could answer the aforementioned dark girl walked in calmly and went to grab a glass of herbal tea. "Hey Raven." Beast Boy said with a grin. "Hello Beast Boy..." Raven said with her normal monotone voice "Where are your bags?" Raven asked a little confused.

"What bags?" Beast Boy asked getting into a crouching position to think. Ravens eyes widened and said, "You...are going with them aren't you?" Beast Boy shook his head in a negative answer. "Robin..." Raven growled severely pissed. "Guys if you value your " Robin said as he backed away which turned into an all out sprint.

After a long and exhausting chase Robin and the others successfully made it into the T-ship and out into outer space on a direct path to Tameran, distant from Ravens reach. Raven sat next to the launch pad breathing heavily as she said, "When they get back..." "I don't know Rae, they took a lot of food and stuff with them so they could be there a while." Beast Boy said walking up behind her.

Raven slowly stood up feeling her heart start going just a bit faster at Beast Boy's voice. It was no mystery that she liked him. Well..to everyone except her and Beast Boy. It was the exact same with Beast Boy, same conditions and everything. But both of them were just to scared that the other wouldn't share their feelings. It was primarily the same. Except one thing...Beast Boy could show emotion, Raven couldn't.

Ravens' brain was going a mile a minute as she though, 'I'm gonna get you Robin...You know if my emotions get out of control...I don't even want to think about it...' Raven stood on the launchpad enveloped in thought when Beast Boy got curious. "Raven you ok?" Beast Boy asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah I'm fine." Raven said icily as she turned sharply. "Raven, chill. I know you're not happy with this but we're stuck with it." Beast Boy said running a bit to catch up to her. 'It's not a matter if I like it or not...' Raven thought as she continued to walk silently.

Raven stayed quiet all day which was natural but this was a different kind of quiet. It was the kind of quiet that held some kind of tension in the air that could be cut with a knife. It took four full hours of Beast Boys slow video game playing and Ravens, ever five minute, page turning before Beast Boy jumped up and said, "OK THAT'S IT!"

He proceeded to transform into as many animals as he could, doing the most pointless and random things he could think of, and at the end he fell down swirls in his eyes as he laughed his head off. 'Randomness...the best thing to chill out.' He thought as the world spun around him. Then he heard the last thing he would ever expect...Raven was laughing.

Lightly I'll give it that but she was still laughing. 'Finally...' Beast Boy thought as he laughed along with her. Suddenly a lamp in the room became incased in a black aura and exploded. Both of the Titans shielded themselves from the blast and when the smoke cleared, Raven sighed and left for her room. "Raven, where are you going?" Beast Boy asked jumping up to walk with her.

"My room Beast Boy and don't follow." Raven said with her normal monotone voice back online. "Ok...I told yah..." Beast Boy said with a grin as he turned to leave Raven alone. "What?" Raven asked looking over her shoulder. "I told you I was gonna make you laugh one day..." Beast Boy said with his 'special' grin. Ravens normally grey cheeks were stained by the pink hue of a blush as she tried to cover it up with her hood. "Bye Rae..." Beast Boy said walking away.

Raven wanted to reach out, grab him in a hug, and never let go...but she knew that couldn't be. Raven sighed and left for her room to meditate. After a few hours she stopped her session and became bored quickly. She quietly walked across the room and entered her closet and in the very back there was a large stuffed chicken. She picked it up and hugged it smelling the light scent of Beast Boy on it from when he first gave it to her.

She held the chicken close to her chest as she walked over to her bed and sat on it all the time holding the chicken like a life line. She lowered her head to the fabric and inhaled a large whiff of Beast Boys scent and she thought, "Some day..." Suddenly the alarm went off. She raced out, throwing the chicken to the side of the room, and hurried down to the control room.

I felt so smooth after that whole, 'Told you I was going to make you smile' thing. When we met in the control room we found out it was what we thought to be a normal bank robbery but this one was different...

"We can do this, we can do this, we can do this..." Beast Boy repeated over and over in his mind as he flew in the form of a green Raven. "Beast Boy calm down, we can handle this easily so stop repeating that same sentence over and over again...it's giving me a headache." Raven said looking down at the boy bird.

"Ok, ok...WAIT YOU WERE READING MY MIND?" Beast Boy screamed in his head. "FOR HOW LONG?" Beast Boy thought as Raven answered, "Long enough to know you're nervous. Don't worry Beast Boy we can handle this." Raven said as they closed in on their target.

I knew something was wrong...I knew this was some kind of ploy...I wish I could have stopped it...

Raven was the first to enter the bank followed quickly by Beast Boy. The assailant was a man about the age of twenty one and he looked like he belonged in the dark ages. He had on arm gauntlets and he wore a long cape with the word demon sown into the back. He wore bands of metal around his stomach, down his arms, around his neck and head, and some crossed over his knees.

"Ah the Teen Titans, how I have craved this moment for so long." The man said as the metal that covered his body sprang to life and engulfed his arms and every other part of his body turning him into a pure metal man.

"I've seen better..." Raven commented as she released a blast of black aura energy towards the yet unnamed criminal. The criminal easily deflected the blast and charged Raven full force, creating cracks in the ground with each step. "Not today!" Beast Boy yelled turning into a rhino and ramming the criminal. The criminal easily caught Beast Boy and said, "Ha, your animal strength is no match for my metal..."

The criminal threw Beast Boy as he transformed back. Beast Boy landed in a net constructed of Ravens dark aura energy as the criminal laughed. "Where are the others?" The criminal asked cracking his metal knuckles. "It's only us and you whoever you are..." Raven said maliciously. "The names Kymera, and it's only you two...well that's not much of a challenge." Kymera said with a cocky grin. "Shut up!" Raven yelled her anger rising every second. She shot an even stronger blast of energy at him but he caught it and crushed it in his hands.

"If that's all you have, then this will be over soon..." Kymera said egging Raven on. That's when he spotted Ravens red chakra jewel on her forehead. Raven let loose more blasts and threw more objects but Kymera deflected them all and every form Beast Boy took Kymera easily blocked. 'Hmm...I wonder...' Kymera thought as he fought the team of Raven and Beast Boy. He became very over confident in a short time and left many spots open for attack and Beast Boy and Raven took advantage of this.

After getting hit with some pretty decent attacks Kymera stumbled out into the street holding his abdomen. "Had enough Kymera?" Beast Boy asked with a confident tone. "I have not yet begun to fight..." Kymera said as his arm turned into a large living metal snake. "Oh crap!" Beast Boy yelled as he dodged the metal snake. "So Raven, about your chakra jewel...Is it just for fashion...or is there something more?" Kymera asked as he deflected blast after blast of dark aura.

"SHUT UP!" Raven yelled as she grabbed as few cars and flung them in Kymeras direction. Kymeras forearms transformed into two gigantic sword blades and they sliced through the cars easily. "My I do believe that is your favorite phrase...regardless..." Kymera said as he dissolved into a swear lid. "What?" Raven and Beast Boy said at his disappearance. Kymera suddenly appeared out of the man hole behind Beast Boy and he said to Raven, "I want to know if your jewel does what I think it does..."

As Beast Boy turned as Kymera transformed his hand into a curved blade and he swiped it at Beast Boy. Raven screamed as she saw Beast Boy fall to the ground with a large red and

bleeding line going from his forehead down his torn outfit ending at his stomach. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Raven yelled as she grabbed Kymera in her dark aura and threw him a good distance as she ran to her collapsed comrades body. Raven fell next to Beast Boys injured form and she listened for breathing or heart beat. When she found none...

Ravens powers were now on overload as her emotions went on a rampage. "Now you did it..." Raven said dangerously calmly. "Oh what did I do kill you best...wait only friend?" Kymera asked laughing walking over to her. "...you got me mad..." Raven said as four red glowing eyes glared at Kymera from under Ravens hood. 'Time to test my theory...' Kymera thought as he charged Raven his arm turning into a large cannon like gun.

"Kymera..." Raven said with the standard evil double voice. Kymera set up his canon and took aim at Ravens forehead, more specifically her chakra jewel. "DIE!" Raven yelled as she threw as much black aura energy at Kymera. Kymera fired his large cannon and it created a blast just as big if not larger than Ravens attack.

Ravens power and Kymeras canon blast fought for supremacy. "What's a matter Raven, Oh I get it. I didn't just kill your friend...I just killed the one you loved." Kymera said laughing. This made Raven loose her normally calm head as all of her power, and I mean ALL of it, was channeled into that one attack against Kymera.

Ravens dark aura engulfed Kymeras blast and it quickly over came Kymera himself. As he writhed in agony in the black energy, something peculiar happened. Ravens jewel...began to crack. It started with a tiny line, but it soon became a long line that overcame the entire jewel. As soon as the crack was complete, Raven stopped her attack and she let out a blood curdling scream the like human beings have never known. It was like her own essence was being ripped out of her and it hurt, to the point of almost dying of pain.

Out of the crack in Ravens chakra jewel a plethora of colors came out in a single swirling tornado. Soon after the immense tornado the several colors that had made up the twister separated and flew in all different directions.

As the smoke cleared Raven stood in the middle of the street staring blankly into space. Her normal purple and black garb changed into a bland grey uniform featuring absolutely no color at all. Raven swayed for a bit then fell onto her knees. Her eyes then took on a dead tone as she stared at Kymeras falling form. His face was frozen in an everlasting scream as he fell to the ground smoking black and white.

Beast Boys' supposedly dead form began to rise to a sitting position. "Raven..." Beast Boy said as he saw her fallen form. Raven said nothing as her now grey eyes stared into nothingness. "RAVEN!" Beast Boy yelled as he jumped and rushed to her side the best he could in his injured state.

"Raven say something please." He said cupping her cheek with his palm. Beast Boy the heard light laughing behind him and his head turned to see Kymera standing with great difficulty as cracks quickly went across his metal plated body. "I knew it..." Kymera said with a superior smirk. "What did you do to her?" Beast Boy yelled at Kymera.

Kymera laughed and said, "I did nothing, it's her who did all the damage." "What do you mean..." Beast Boy growled facing Kymera his eyes full of hate. Kymera laughed again and said, "Raven here is an Azarathian if I am not mistaken, half too if I may judge correctly..." Kymera said as a large crack went down his metal face.

"Her powers are tremendous and detrimental if she lets them loose. The key to her power is her emotions but even more so...her chakra jewel, or for the less intelligent, the red stone on her forehead." Kymera said as he took a step forwards earning several thousand more new cracks going up both legs.

"Her chakra jewel isn't just for decoration boy...it helps keep her emotions under control and when it's broken...well let's just find out and see what happens." Kymera said as the metal began to fall of his form. In a great flash all the metal blew off his body and he fell to the ground smoking. "Kymera! GET UP AN EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN!" Beast Boy yelled at the human Kymera that was now unconscious on the ground.

"Huh, what, who?" Kymera asked as he sat up and rubbed his head. "Who are you? What am I doing here?" he asked as he continued to rub his head. "Do you even know who you are?" Beast Boy asked. "Yeah I'm Scott Marks and I live on the east side of Jump city. Why? Did something happen?" Scott asked slowly standing. "No but you better get home soon dude." Beast Boy said as he returned to Raven.

Suddenly Beast Boy heard more laughing and he looked around to see it was the metal that had once plated Scotts body, it was now on a large and wolf like dog as it laughed at Beast Boy. "Until later...I have a date with an emotion..." the metal plated dog said. The dog then 'melted' into a sewer and disappeared from view. Beast Boy was just about to go and get the metal dog until he heard a rough and tired voice call, "Beast Boy..." He ran to Ravens side as she said his name. "Yeah Rae what is it?" He asked concerned. "The Tower..." Raven said before she fainted.

So I took Raven back to the tower where I made one of the most surprising discoveries of my life...

'Raven don't worry we're almost home...' Beast Boy thought as he flew in the form of a pterodactyl with Raven on his back. He arrived at Titans Tower and calmly set down and transformed back, never letting Raven off his back. He quietly walked the halls of Titans Tower hearing the eerie silence penetrate everything. 'Man...its so quiet...' Beast Boy thought as he patrolled the halls with Raven on his back.

He made good time and quickly made it to Ravens room. He entered cautiously and set Raven down on her bed as carefully as possible, then he covered her with the comforter and began to leave to figure out what was going on...until Raven appeared in front of him with a stuffed chicken in her arms. "Beast Boy..." she said timidly.

"Raven you shouldn't be out of bed..." Beast Boy said as he took her hand to lead her back to her bed only to find Ravens form lying quietly on the soft cushioned mattress, sleeping soundly. "Raven?" Beast Boy said as he turned and found the Raven duplicate shaking her head. "Ok what are you?" Beast Boy asked confused.

"I'm...one of her emotions..." The Raven duplicate said quietly and shyly. "You're Timid aren't you?" Beast Boy asked still holding her hand. The Raven duplicate nodded her head. "O...kay how did this happen?" Beast Boy asked really confused. "I don't know...first we were all sitting around, then Rage and Bravery got rely riled then everything just went blank and I ended up here..." Timid said on the verge of tears.

Suddenly she felt herself being pulled into someone's arms and she opened her eyes to find Beast Boy hugging her as he said, "Don't worry I'll fix this..." Timids grip on the chicken lessened until it fell from her hands and hit the floor. Timids' arms slowly snaked their way around Beast Boy and she rested her head on his chest. "Thank you..." Timid said quietly as they stood like that for a while "Don't mention it...now where are the other emotions?" Beast Boy asked separating from Timid and leading her into Ravens room.

"I don't know...I'm sorry..." Timid said withdrawing again. "No, no, it's ok...I'll just have to find them some other way..." Beast Boy said calming Timid down. "Well...I might know where one of them is..." Timid said shyly. Beast Boy quirked an eyebrow and looked at Timid as she said nervously, "Knowledge likes to read books and study so she is probably somewhere with a lot of books and stuff..." Timid expecting harsh words but Beast Boy smiled and said. "Good idea Timid, with her we can probably find the others in no time, now where to find books..." Beast Boy said pacing the room in thought.

Timid smiled lightly and said quietly to herself, "No wonder love chose you..." "Huh, what was that?" Beast Boy asked facing Timid. "Uh, I said how about the library?" Timid said quickly as a blush rose to her face. "Well, I was going to say comic book store but library sounds better." Beast Boy said with a smile. "Ok I guess I'm off bye Timid." Beast Boy said as he walked out of Ravens room.

"Wait!" Timid said racing in front of Beast Boy. "What is it?" Beast Boy asked confused by Timids almost constant finger fiddling and her blush. Timid quickly went on tip toe and gave him a light kiss on the cheek before she raced back into the room and closed the door quickly. Beast Boy stood dumbstruck for a few moments until a large grin took up his face, "I think I'm going to like this mission..." He said as he walked out of Titans Tower on his way to the library.

Dark side of Jump City

On the dark side of Jump City a grey girl in a blood red cloak was wandering the alleys and dark space between buildings just for the hell of it. All of a sudden a gang of guys with handguns and knives jumped out from a building and said, "Ok sweet stuff, you give us your money and you wont get hurt." The girl just grunted and proceeded to pass them by when the leader yelled, "Hey, you won't get away that easily sweet stuff." The leader proceeded to grab the girls arm only to be met with a large blast of black energy.

"Don't...touch...me..." The red cloaked girl said as she turned to face them her hood lifting slightly showing four red glowing eyes. The boys started screaming and one said, "M-M-MONSTER!" One of the boys fell over a trash can as all the others ran for the hills. The red cloaked girl slowly approached the boy as he tried to scramble away but he just ended up in a corner."W-What...are you?" The boy asked fear filling his voice. "Your worst nightmare..." The grey girl said as she threw a large dumpster at him...


Well how was that? I hope it's good...sorry I have been gone so long. An looking back on it...I have been gone FAR to long...I missed so much. It wont happen again...at least until next year...or until my computer breaks down again. Well Cyah!