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Beast Boy was once again scanning the skies of Jump City in search of all the elusive Raven emotions. He had all but given up hope of finding any of the others after searching until night fall with no results. Beast Boy landed and transformed back into a human as he sighed. "Man this is tough..." Beast Boy said as he looked around for a place to rest for a bit.

"Hmm, Hong's tofu isn't far from here...I could rest there for a while before I start searching again..." Beast Boy said to himself as he walked westward toward his beloved tofu joint. Beast Boy arrived at Hong's tofu in no time flat as he entered for a short rest.

"Hey BB the usual?" a guy behind the counter said as Beast Boy took a seat. "No not today Jack, I got a lota work today and I only came here for a short rest..." Beast Boy said looking out the window.

"Dude, you can work on an empty stomach, here one on the house." Jack said as he tossed a plate of Tofu at Beast Boy. "Thanks dude..." Beast Boy said as he lazily caught the plate and chowed down with a depressed face. "Hey BB what's wrong dude? You look down..." Jack said leaning on the counter. "Nothin man..." Beast Boy said looking out the window and slowly eating his food.

"Bull dude, you've been starin out that window since you got here like you expect something really important to walk by." Jack said shaking his head. Suddenly a Raven emotion, garbed in a dark forest green robe walked by.

Beast Boy just about choked on his tofu as he jumped up. "HEY WAIT A MINUTE!" Beast Boy yelled chasing after the emotion. Jack was very confused as he asked, "Was it something I said?"

"HEY WAIT UP!" Beast Boy yelled at the retreating emotion. The emotion turned around and when it saw Beast Boy it smiled. "BB hey what's up?" The emotion asked looking down at Beast Boy who had his hands on his knees as he huffed and puffed his breath back.

"Lookin...'huff' for...'huff' you..." Beast Boy said between breaths. "Ok you found me...well I have to go cyah BB." the emotion said as they started to walk away. Beast Boy, his breath back, asked, "Where're you goin?"

"To find Rage duh, gotta find something in this boring city to spark my interest." the emotion said with a grin. "You're Brave aren't you?" Beast Boy asked as the emotion took it's hood down. "In the flesh...well for now at least." Brave said as she started to walk again. "What do you mean for now?" Beast Boy asked catching up.

"Eventually, when Raven gets enough emotions, she'll wake up and come looking for me and Rage. I can't fight Rage in her mind so I want to do it now..." Brave said simply. Beast Boy sighed and said, "Well, that's kinda why I'm here..."

Brave glared at him and said, "Let me guess, you've come to get me so I can go back into Ravens head..." Beast Boy nodded while Brave scoffed. "I won't go back until I get a good fight in!" Brave yelled angry.

Suddenly a large explosion happened down the street. "Oh man..." Beast Boy said as Brave smiled and rushed off toward the explosion. It turned out to be a villain, going by the name Razor, who was going on a rampage for the hell of it.

Razor was a medium height man with blood red hair that spiked straight up and slightly back. His exaggerated collar extended so far up that only his eyes could be seen...all three of them.

His eyes were silver except for the third which was gleaming blood red with a burning yellow slit pupil. His large overcoat covered his entire body unless he moved. This is when it revealed all his weaponry.. his arms and legs were covered in straps holding a myriad of blades on his body.

Razor grabbed a handful of blades from his legs and threw the cluster at a car making it explode on impact. Razor made a dark gravelly laugh as he ran at tremendous speed down a random street. That was until he was met by a powerful kick to his stomach that stopped him in his tracks.

Razor growled as he landed on his feet and turned to his assailant. "Raven..." Razor said in a gruff voice as his third eye burned with hate. "Not quiet, but I'm still gonna kick your butt." Brave said as she went for a head on attack.

Razor pulled out some knives and threw them at Brave all of them just barely missing. "Close but no cigar!" Brave said as she got closer and prepared for a kick.

Razor was surprised his aim failed when Brave kicked him in his chest, grabbed his head, and threw him into a solid brick wall. Razor jumped up growling as he threw even more knives at Brave.

Brave just smiled as she caught all five of them with ease. "Impossible!" Razor shouted as Brave merely grinned and threw the knives back at him.

Razor dodged the knives and they hit the wall behind him with such force that they went all the way through the wall. Razor angered by the showing up rushed Brave with a small handle of a knife in his hand.

As he ran a large cleaver like blade emerged from the previously empty handle. Brave just smiled and dodged Razors attacks with ease. She kicked away the sword and knocked Razor back. "You're goin down now!" Brave said as she surged toward Razor.

Razor just laughed with a hoarse voice and pulled back his right hand having five razor blades spring from his black gloved fingers like claws. Brave didn't see it until it was to late.

As Razor dodged her kick, he raked the five razor blades across her side giving her five deep gashes that bled profusely. Brave screamed in pain as the blades pierced her flesh and she fell to the ground in severe anguish.

"Die...Raven..." Razor said as he drew back his hand for an attack. Suddenly a large green ram crashed into his side and knocked him down. Beast Boy morphed from his animal form to his normal human form.

"Brave are you ok?" Beast Boy asked bending down to inspect the wound. It was wide open and a white shining spek inside showed that she had been slashed to the bone. "It's ok B...B..." Brave said as she lost consciousness.

"Die...die...die..." Razor said as he rushed Beast Boy. Beast Boy was quiet for a moment until he snapped and yelled, his form shifting into a vicious dinosaur from earths past. Razor faltered for a moment and Beast Boy took this opportunity to jump at his attacker. When Razor was underneath him, he crashed down with a vicious claw that went through Razor like a knife through butter.

"Die...Dzzizzz." Razor said as he stood with a gigantic hole in his stomach and sparks shooting from him. Razor threw a large blade and It just caught Beast Boy on the cheek causing blood to leak down his face from the cut.

"GO DOWN AND STAY DOWN!" Beast Boy yelled as he transformed into a yeti and jumped on Razor tearing him apart piece by piece. Inside Best Boys head it was a repeating thought, to kill Razor for hurting Brave. When Beast Boy changed back to human form, he was panting heavily and Razor lay on the street in small mechanized parts.


'Huh...where am I? Why is it so dark..." Brave thought as her mind slowly woke from her pain induced slumber. Brave started to get up but a sharp pain ran up her side forcing her to lie back down.

"You shouldn't try to get up..." a familiar voice said. "Knowledge?" Brave said as she opened her eyes to see the one and the same yellow cloaked emotion standing next to her.

"Where's Beast Boy?" Brave asked siting up despite the pain. "Out searching for another emotion." Knowledge said checking the statistics on the screen next to Braves bed. "You really pulled a numskull move back there you know..." Knowledge said rolling her eyes, "Not like I didn't expect it from you." She added looking over the progress of the injury.

"What happened?" Brave asked holding her bandaged side in pain. Knowledge sighed and said, "You did something foolish and Beast Boy rescued your ass, pardon my french." Knowledge said typing some numbers into the computer.

"Details..." Brave said with a dry look. "He ripped Razor apart piece by piece, down to the bare gears. That specific enough?" Knowledge said her eyes turning from the screen to Brave.

Brave was silent, it wasn't like Beast Boy to go that ape on something unless it really pissed him off. "All to pieces?" Brave asked worried about BB's mental stability.

"Yes, then he carted you back here and requested us to bandage you up. We asked if there was anything else we could do to help but all he asked for was hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the cut on his face. He sat in here for a few hours with you waiting for you to wake up but when you didn't he left to find everyone else." Knowledge said.

Brave sat in silence and thought it over. She gritted her teeth and regardless of the pain, stood on her own accord and started for the door. Knowledge sighed and walked to Braves side.

"And where are you going?" Knowledge said with a quirked eyebrow. "To...help...BB...ow..." Brave said walking with great difficulty.

"You can't help him in your condition, just let him do this without you..." Knowledge said trying to guide Brave back. "NO!" Brave yelled, "If he tries to go against Rage by himself he'll...he'll..." Brave said with her eyes watering with tears.

"Don't worry, we won't let him be that stupid..." Knowledge said knowing full well Rages power. "Let's get you back to your bed so you can heal faster..." Knowledge said as she led Brave back to the room helping her by being a support.

"You don't think he'll..." Brave asked as she sat down on the bed. "No, I warned him about Rage already, he can't be that stupid..." Knowledge said with hope in her mind.


Beast Boy flew over Jump City searching for any emotion whatsoever when he finally came to one of Ravens favorite cafés. 'Hm...I wonder if anyone is in there...' Beast Boy in bird form thought.

Beast Boy landed and quietly entered the café finding it almost empty except for one black cloaked girl in the back. "Jackpot..." Beast Boy said to himself as he walked over to the Raven clone.

"Hi." Beast Boy said with a smile as he sat down. The Raven clone turned to Beast Boy surprised at his sudden appearance. "Oh hi..." she said with a depressed tone. "What's the matter?" Beast Boy asked as the Raven emotion stood up and walked out of the café after paying.

After several minutes of silence Beast Boy said, "Ok I'm used to Ravens cold shoulder but you take the cake, what'd I say?" "Nothing, and that's just it..." The Raven clone said turning to him with watery eyes.

Beast Boy walked up to the emotion and said, "It'll be ok..." "NO IT WON'T!" the emotion said it turned away. "I hate it..." The emotion said with a voice that showed she was angry and crying. "Hate what?" Beast Boy asked.

"How you payed more attention to her..." the emotion said still not facing him. "Who?" Beast Boy asked in response. "Terra..." The emotion said with a tone in her voice that could only be described as pure hatred.

"What?" Beast Boy asked confused. "How you always spent more time with her than you did me. How you were practically obsessed with her. How you...loved her, then and now." The emotion said with anger and spite in her voice.

"But I can't blame you, who could like me. A creepy, dark, ugly girl..." The emotion said on a self character mutilation streak. "STOP!" Beast Boy yelled, the mere volume of his voice stopping anything withing a five mile radius.

The emotion was stunned, she had never heard such a voice from Beast Boy before. "Now look, I USED TO have a crush on Terra, I admit it. But it could never compare to how I feel about Raven." Beast Boy said through gritted teeth. The emotion still didn't look convinced but agreed to come with him back to the tower to get back in Ravens head.

When they got to Titans Tower they landed on the roof rather than the front entrance. "Beast Boy why did we land here?" the emotion asked confused. "I wanted to say something..." Beast Boy said looking the emotion in the eyes. "You say I don't care about you, you say the only one I cared about was Terra, you're wrong."

"But..." The emotion started but Beast Boy stopped her with a finger to her lips. "Shh, don't say anything until I'm done ok." The emotion nodded and Beast Boy continued, "I used to care about Terra...but when she betrayed us, I began to think more. Why did I like her, why was I so obsessed with her..."

Beast Boy paused with a long breath and said, "I couldn't remember...I didn't know why I did any of those things and I still can't." Beast Boy grabbed his head looking like he was trying to think.

"The only thing I can remember is a girl, always dressed in a dark purple robe and a glare that could scare the devil." Beast Boy said with a slight smile. "Whenever I asked myself who I liked the most, who I loved, her picture always came up instead of Terras. I always saw Raven." Beast Boy finished with a serious tone.

The emotion began to cry and she quietly and slowly walked up to Beast Boy encircling him with a hug. "Thank you...now I know why..." The emotion said as she separated and walked down the stairs to meet with the other emotions. Beast Boy looked after the emotion and shrugged saying, "I expected a kiss, but hey a hug's just as good."

Beast Boy then took off in the form of a bird but a pair of violet eyes looked out from the stairs on the roof. "When you find her you'll get enough of those to last you a life time..." The emotion Beast Boy had just retrieved said with a slight smile as she descended into Titans Tower.


A tall armored man walked along the alleyways of Jump City, the entire time his feet leaving gigantic burning marks in the ground as it burned at the direct contact with his dark being. Suddenly he came across a large mechanical carcases that had been shredded to its base components.

Just as he was about to pass it a voice from the armor said, "Wait master..." The red man stopped and said, "What is it Kymera, you know we have a schedule to keep..." "I know master but I have a use for this dead robot..." The metal said as it gathered the remains with a few strands of its living metal.

In a matter of seconds the robot was absorbed and a brand new spiked gauntlet took the place of the old plain one. "What sorcery is this?" The red man asked his armor. "It is my assimilation reflex sir... the more titanium I absorb, the bigger I grow." The metal dubbed Kymera said.

"Ah, a very useful skill.." The red man said as he continued walking. 'Especially when I enact my plan to take you over 'master'..." The metal thought as it laughed in its mind. The metal returned to its dormant state as its wearer continued to tread through the streets of Jump City.


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