Just so you all know...

I've started redoing all this,

it's under the story: Raise Your Glass,

Yeah, check it out, and tell me which you like,

I'm not entirely sure if those who only have this story on alert know about that

it's quite a bit different, but I'm in the process of writing the third chapter now

so, hopefully you'll all like it.

My boyfriend, Cody, he's helped me with it a lot, so yeah, big thanks to him,

even though he probably won't read this...

and thanks to everyone who's read and reviewed so far,

seriously, it means a lot, I'm going to write something after I'm done here,

like a book...

in university I'll be studying literature and composition, I'm pretty excited, my dad is buying me a new car for being accepted too,

I guess I'm feeling pretty lucky and happy and stuff,

but back to the point, go read and review, please?