I nu own TKR, though I would love to though n.n

A pure black shadow sped by with many pursuers chasing behind. The black modified Ferrari's engine howled with power as the car tried to out speed its pursuers.

I snarl, enraged as my pursuers start to catch up with me. I slowly became more enraged as I realize my fuel tank is low as well.I was practically running on fumes now. I gun my engine in a last attempt to escape. Why must they pursue me?! I did nothing, Martin did nothing. We did what we are supposed to and our thanks? Being hunted. Martin curses as my fuel finally runs out. I fell horrible that I had failed. Rage and...Fear? These emotions suddenly fill me as my engine sputters, the powerful roar dying choked off from its needed sustience. Martin growls looking back at our pursuers.

I roll to a stop about to arm my weapons. I'm not going to let them take Martin without a fight. Suddenly my weapons are shut down from something. I curse violently with Martin while locking my doors as our pursuers tried to force them open. This goes on for quite awhile before someone gets smart and does something. My doors unlocked and they drag Martin struggling from my cab. I am helpless to protect him. I can't move or arm my weapons. He is out of my safe cabin and into the clutches of our enemy. I inwardly and outwardly howl with rage and hate -- my desperation to fight intense.

I wish to struggle as a FLAG semi pulls near but I can't. They push me inside to take me back. I watch enraged as my driver is roughly handled while being handcuffed and shoved into another vehicle. Then my view gets cut off as I am fully loaded into the trailer. The wall's all I can see now, but I can hear Martin faintly. After a couple hours drive I'm rolled out, back on FLAG grounds with Martin nowhere to be seen. They push me into a warehouse. I know already what is to happen and brace myself. The technicians bustle about, jumping everytime I growl, giving me a slight satifaction though I would much prefer to run them over.

"Why?" I finally growl. A nearby technician near about had a heart attack.

"..You're..You're insane. You and your driver..." The tech answered nervously. She was young I noted, pretty and young...But her reply startles me, insane? Is that why they fear Martin and I? Why they turned on us? But..We did what we were supposed to! I'm not insane, I can't be..

"I am not insane. Neither is Martin," I stated flatly. She looked almost sad as the other techs shoved her aside setting out to their task of shutting me down. I inwardly sighed.

I slowly feel myself being deactivated. The cold numbness, senseless feeling creeping up on me. As my vision starts to fade, my last coherant thought I swore.

I will find Martin again and make our capturers pay.

They will all pay....