Sly Cooper in: A Clockwerk Cooper

Author Note: To those confused. The title is based off the movie title: "A Clockwork Orange".

Author Note 2: This occurs before Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Ch.1 Leaving Mr. Cooper

Location: Paris

Time: 11:50 am

Paris is known worldwide as the city of lights. Full of life, intrigue and beauty, it's hard to find individuals with so much depression that could not find solace in this wonderful city. But tonight you'd only have to look on the street to find such a group.

Sly Cooper had this spark that allowed him to find the 'silver lining' in every cloud. An uncanny ability, to make the best, out of the worst situations. Too bad he wasn't with his gang at the moment.

The remaining members of the Cooper gang; Bentley and Murray, drove back to the hideout in silence. Both were wrought with guilt. "Um..." Murray sighed. Silence again. This time Bentley spoke.

"Come on Murray! You know there wasn't any other way!"

"I know Bentley. It's just that we could have...have done something." Murray stuttered.

"I know Murray, but we'll get him out, just you wait! We'll get him out!"

(30 minutes ago)

Sly readied his gear and was about to exit the van.

"Sly are you sure you want to do this?" Bentley asked nervously.

"Stop worrying Bentley. Besides, you said it yourself; 'This plan is completely airtight. It's foolproof', with me being the 'fool'." Sly joked.

"You never know Sly, my information might be flawed. For all we know, this could be a trap." Bentley protested.

"It's never flawed Bentley." said Sly as he picked up his cane. "Besides I trust you." Bentley knew that Sly was right. The chances of this heist going wrong were 1 in a 1000. Or so he thought.

(20 minutes ago)

Everything was going according to plan. Sly had been able to disable all the alarms, dodge the laser security system, and stay out of the surveillance cameras' view. Now the only thing left to do was to get the prize. He quickly ran up to the pedestal in the room. He was about to open the case and retrieve the diamond... "Freeze Cooper!" yelled someone from the shadows. Sly recognized the voice as Inspector Fox's. But realized there were a lot more 'voices' in the room. Or should I say 'guards'.

(15 minutes ago)

"Sly! Sly! Do you read me! Sly!" Bentley shouted into the radio. Bentley had been trying to reestablish radio contact with Sly from the van ever since the master thief was ambushed. After a few more seconds Sly replied on his binocucum.

"I read you loud and clear Bentley," Sly coughed.

"What's wrong? You sound hurt."

"Yeah...One of them shot me in the shoulder. Don't worry, they're using shock pistols. Gotta love those thin..." A jolt of pain interrupted his conversation. Then Murray was talking on the radio.

"Sly, don't worry. I'll park the van outside the hotel. Then you can..."

"Sorry Murray, it looks like I'm not escaping this time." Sly interrupted.

"Wha...what do you mean." Murray swallowed.

Bentley pushed him aside. "Sly! Now's not the time for heroics! You've gotta get out of there. I'm sorry my information wasn't right! But that's no reason for you to just give up!" Bentley shouted.

"Bentley, don't worry about me. You can't rescue me from jail if you're my cellmates. Besides, this will give me a chance to have some quality time with Inspector Fox. See you later guys..." Sly could still here Bentley's pleas and Murray's whimpering as he turned off his binocucum.

(13 minutes ago)

Bentley cringed as he turned off the radio. "Drive Murray..." he whispered.

"But Sly..."Murray tried to say.

"YOU HEARD HIM! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! DO AS I SAY AND DRIVE!" Bentley retorted fiercely, holding back tears. "Just drive." He begged. Murray had no choice but to follow his friend's orders. He put the car in first gear and drove off.

To be continued...