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Chapter 1

Haunted Dreams

'Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams

Your voice it chased away, all of the sanity in me.

These wounds won't seem to heal

This pain is just too real

There's just too much that time cannot erase'

My Immortal by Evanescence

Legolas sat up in his tent, perspiration running down his forehead. His breathing was heavy and he fought to calm it. He closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fist as he remembered his dream.

He opened his eyes again, desperately trying to forget the images that haunted him. It was a reoccurring nightmare, a nightmare that was all too real. Legolas was free from slavery, but the effects of his capture still lay heavily on him.

It was now the second night he had been traveling with his companions. They were heading back to Rivendell and from there they would go back to Mirkwood. Legolas sighed trying to forget the past two years that he had spent as a slave. The past two weeks had been the hardest weeks of his life. He had went through so much and had it not been for the friendship of Aragorn, Legolas knew he would have passed into the halls of Mandos. Aragorn had not only given him hope; he had saved his life. Legolas was forever grateful and forever indebted to him.

Still, now that he was free, he knew it would take a long time for the wounds to heal. He knew time was a great healer, but he often wondered if there was too much pain inside to truly heal.

Legolas' thoughts were disturbed as he heard a small whimper beside him. He looked down at his sister's sleeping form. She began to whimper and call out in her sleep, begging for mercy. With her hands, she struggled with some unseen attacker.

Legolas cringed. Linriel too was having nightmares and it hurt Legolas deeply. Seeing his sister in pain hurt him more than any other torture. He could not bear to see her suffer.

Sadly enough, he had been forced to during their capture. Every time he disobeyed, Linriel was punished. He had been forced to watch everything. He could still hear her screams, still see her tears. They burned deeply in Legolas heart; leaving a pain that he knew would never fully heal. There were some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep...that have taken hold.

With a sigh, Legolas reached down and smoothed Linriel's hair. Gently, he began to sing to her in a soft voice.

"Rest child

Do not be afraid

You are safe

No harm will come

While I am here

Rest Child"

. It was known to both of them, for their mother use to sing it often to calm her children's fears. Legolas remembered the last time she had sung it for him. It had been almost four centuries ago, when he was still a young elfling. They had been prisoners of orcs and Legolas was frightened. Gently, she had calmed the fears in his heart by singing her elvish song, letting Legolas forget about their capture, and sleep peacefully one more night.

The song took effect now as well, for Linriel stirred and soon drifted into a peaceful rest. Her breathing evened out and color came back into her face.

Legolas smiled at her and lay back down. Sleep would not come for him, however. When he closed his eyes, all he saw was his sister in pain. He opened them quickly, forcing the images from his mind. He could hear her trembling voice in his head. She was trying to be strong, but fear was obvious in her voice. Legolas rubbed his face wearily.

Silently, he exited the tent and sat down beneath the stars. They shined brightly, but they did not bring comfort to Legolas' heart. There was too much pain inside.

As Legolas thought, he heard footsteps behind him. He did not bother to turn, for he knew to whom the light steps belonged.

"Cannot sleep, my friend?" Aragorn asked gently as he sat down near his friend.

Legolas shook his head. "Nay, my dreams are haunted."

Aragorn gazed up at the stars. He wanted to help his friend, but was unsure of any way he could. He could not even begin to imagine what Legolas had experienced as a slave of Gerchen. He could not know all the pain that Legolas felt and the guilt that laid heavily on him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Aragorn asked.

Legolas shook his head again. "Seeing it in my dreams is enough. I do not wish to relive it."

Aragorn nodded. "I understand.

Legolas sighed and looked down at the ground. He was thankful for Aragorn's friendship and his company. He had only met Aragorn just recently, but something about the man made Legolas trust him. Somehow, he felt closer to the human than any of his elven friends.

"If you ever need to talk, I'm here." Aragorn said sympathetically.

Legolas smiled as best as he could, trying to put on a facade for his friend. "Thank you, but I am fine, my friend."

Aragorn looked at him, but said nothing. The two sat in silence for sometime, enjoying the company of each other.

Aragorn looked up at the stars, mystified be their beauty. He loved nights in the forest when he could look up at the heavens and the stars were clear.

"The star shine for you tonight, my friend." He said to Legolas.

Legolas looked at him and then looked up. They did shine bright and not a cloud was in sight to cover them. He quickly recognized many constellations and smiled as a shooting star passed over head.

He looked at Aragorn and smiled. "Did you make a wish?"

"Aye, I did." Aragorn replied. He smiled. "My brothers told me a long time ago, that if you are near someone who is close to your heart, make a wish for them and it is bound to come true."

Legolas smiled. "What then did you wish for?"

Aragorn hit him playfully on the shoulder. "You know if you tell someone your wish, it won't come true." He said with a playful glare.

Legolas chuckled and looked back at the sky with a sigh.

Aragorn did too, but he couldn't keep curiosity from his mind. "So what did you wish for?" He asked without taking his eyes from the stars.

Legolas shook his head. "Nosy human." He said with a laugh.

"You asked first." Aragorn retorted, looking at his friend.

Legolas smiled with a shrug. "Only cause I knew you would."

Aragorn rolled his eyes. "I'll tell if you tell." He bargained.

Legolas nodded. "You first."

Aragorn glared at him, but couldn't help but smile. "I wished that your heart will be at peace and all the things that are tormenting your heart will fade."

Legolas smiled, grateful for Aragorn's thoughtfulness. "Thank you, my friend. Your words mean more then you can imagine."

Aragorn smiled and nodded. For a moment he was silent, allowing Legolas time to think. Legolas sighed.

"This night has done my heart good. Thank you, Estel."

Aragorn nodded, then grinned. "Now mellon nin, it is your turn. Do not think I forgot."

Legolas chuckled. "Nosy, stubborn human."

"You made a deal." Aragorn said with a glare.

Legolas put his hands up. "Aye, that I did, but I never said when I would tell you."

Aragorn's mouth dropped. "You little...I should..." Aragorn closed his mouth and crossed his arms with a "hmph." He turned his back to Legolas and stared off into the trees.

Legolas laughed. "I was only joking, mellon nin. I wished that..."

Aragorn interrupted him. "No! I don't want to hear it." He raised his head, defiantly.

Legolas raised an eyebrow. "Really? I'll give you five minutes, six maybe."

Aragorn looked back at him. "Five minutes 'til what?"

"Until you are begging me to tell you." Legolas said grinning.

Aragorn glared at him. "You'll have to wait a lot longer than that because I don't care what it was that you wished. So there." Aragorn turned his head back up towards the stars, stubbornly.

Legolas chuckled and looked back towards the stars. There was silence for a moment, until Aragorn sighed.

"You do know that if you don't tell me your wish, mine will never come true?" He said, not tearing his eyes from the night sky.

Legolas rolled his eyes. "And why is that?"

"Well, since I told you my wish, it can only come true if you tell me yours. Then they both come true." Aragorn replied.

Legolas shook his head. "You're pathetic."

Aragorn looked at him, trying to keep the smile from his face. "I only speak the truth, my friend."

Legolas sighed. "You win, mellon nin." Legolas rolled his eyes as Aragorn smiled triumphantly. Then his face turned serious. "I wished that you and I would stay friends forever and that we would enjoy many adventures together until the end of our days."

Aragorn smiled and clasped his friend's shoulder. "I wish the same, Legolas."

Legolas clasped Aragorn's shoulder as well and stared into the human's eyes. He had a feeling that his wish would come true; he just did not know the adventures that were in store for them.