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Chapter 1 "Accepting over realization"

Aya, Miyu and of course Ran together with Yuuya and Rei went to a summer vacation rest house. As always ran has summer classes but Aya and Miyu were there to help so she finished all the assignments given and now enjoying the blast of the sun...

"Hey, Ran watch out for that wave!" Yuuya nervously advises the unbelievable off guard Ran heading towards the coming wave.

"Don't be so ridiculous, Yuuya." Rei countered smirking slightly.

Miyu had finished grilling the barbecues and other enticing delicacies for the gang.

"C'mon guys the food is ready, I'm sure no one wants to be left hungry!" Miyu teasingly said. Went in to get some drink.

While Aya on the other hand is sitting in a mounted surface is busy watching the sun slowly setting in the horizon

"Why is it that he's always cold to me? Have I done something wrong? I cannot remember doing anything that can hurt his feelings! Otohata, Rei what do you want me to do in order for you to love me just the way that I love you..." Aya thought, hugging her knees close to her chest and burying her head on it.

Time passed as she watched the light betray her, with darkness starting to enveloped the sea...

Rei started to worry without showing it since he was used in concealing his great anxiety towards her—the girl that he never showed any affections to but...

"Yuuya." He said, tapping his shoulder "I'm going to get some stuff. Don't worry, carry on without me." Rei abruptly walked away from him thinking of what to do. For whom? He asked to himself. But he cannot help not to look for her...his mind kept searching, finding and seeking her face, her voice and most of all her sweet personality.

Yuuya was very confused and curious of his friend's unnatural behavior. Although worried, He still continued everything that he had left and went back to the resthouse where Ran and the others were staying.

"I think I'm too tired. I'd better take a nap!" Ran yawned.

Then she dropped off to dreamland, head slightly falling.

"What are you..." Miyu's question was cut when she saw Ran sleeping peacefully.

"What a life! Thank god you're now sleeping." Then she glanced at the buffet table, Hmm... All the food has been eaten by her ? Oh yeah, She's so foodie!" Miyu gasped but as she was proceeding to her room, she remembers something...

"Yikes! I forgot Aya, where is she! We've been having fun here but we never realized that she is missing!" Miyu surprisingly panicked and went to take a look at every place in the house.

Yuuya entered the room in a rush...

"Ran!Ran, I have brought you something! C'mon." Yuuya grins happily ignoring the path he's taking on and accidentally bumps Miyu.

"Ouch. What the heck ! Can you please be careful!" Miyu said, touching her aching arm is slowly standing up. She was unaware of the person that bumped her so she decided to see his face. "Yuu...Yuuya?"

"I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry... I'm hoping to see Ran but..." Yuuya blubbered trying to explain everything.

"It's alright but please help me1 let's find Aya she's----She's missing!" Miyu proclaimed.

"What? Damn it, Are you serious?" Yuuya exclaimed not believing of what she had said then he started to recall whatever happened the whole day.

"Oh man! She's not with us even during this afternoon! We have to rush and find her NOW!" Yuuya exclaimed heading for the door.

They ran as fast as they could and searched in everyplace possible but they couldn't see any trace of her...


I'm still right here in this place near the shore and hoping that no one could ever find me. I kept myself wondering and being contented although the darkness almost fills the whole surrounding! What would I do? I have no choice; I'd better let myself be covered with pain waiting here rather than letting myself to cry hard upon them...

Maybe I'm now hopeless thinking over thousands of questions that I cannot answer!

I'm starting to learn my lessons in life that loving someone is not always having a happy ending sometimes a sad one yet I'm still thankful that I had experienced even just falling in love.

I close my eyes wishing that as I once open it I could see Rei standing here in front of me...But that couldn't really happen maybe in my dreams but not in reality! I have to accept it he doesn't like me! I have to control my emotions but I couldn't and I just find my tears pouring from my swollen eyes.

I tried my best to forget everything related to him but I still couldn't... Why? I'm asking myself again! I heard someone kept telling me that I had loved him so much.

What am I supposed to do? If I can't control and hide what I feel for him right now!

Aya let her tears pour continuously from her eyes and allows her mind to search and dream all about him

End of Chapter 1