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Chapter 3 "You can't go back"

The next day everyone was tired because they couldn't sleep the whole night, thinking of every piece of it that they can quite remember. Rei was even not showing up, that very night he had actually gathered all of his things and left at the break of dawn...

That situation affected their whole life. It changed something, almost... everything. They couldn't do what they used to do and they feel their life was so incomplete...

Aya is a part of their lives although she's a dependent person and a lot of them thought that she's frail, she can still be somewhat determined and strong-willed in all the things that she does.

Meanwhile Ran uncovers a plan...

"I've got it, I know now. What if we call Katase and let him explain the whole story?" Ran suggested but uncertain in a way that she might hurt someone.

Miyu and Yuuya nodded, slightly feeling upset.

"C'mon, cheer up! We have lots of things to do. We'll find her no matter where

she is!" Ran stood up properly and began tapping their back.

"Ouch, okay Fine!" Yuuya jerking her hands away. "I'm ... umm...worried for my bestfriend."

"Yah right, so please don't hit my back! Well, I'm also worried about him." Miyu blubbered.

"You have a point but it is the only way for us to know the truth." Ran gave a heavy sigh.

"But do you know either Katase's number or address?" Miyu complained, starting fixing her stuff to be ready.

"Of course I know, I just forgot where I placed it. By the way, Yuuya can you do me a favor? Call Rei too because we have to be complete!" Ran pulled his arm. "Please!"

"Oh... sure!" Yuuya agreed to her, now holding his cellphone and started dialing...

Answer now... Please! He thought. "I'm sorry Ran, but his phone is off and his landline is busy. I think his out of his mind now!"

"What? Then we have to leave and go to his house instantly... Let's just imagine that we're gonna be his visitor!" Ran raised an eyebrow and took her bag.

"I'm such a mess. I didn't ever give her a chance to explain!" Rei slapped his hand over his face, not conscious of the continuously ringing phone.

"How unmindful of me to call her a flirt! I just don't want to see her with another... guy! " Rei told himself But why? Am I jealous? Why do my heart beats faster when I recall that night? I feel very tame and reckless! I want to bang my head on the wall... what am I gonna do!

"I hate myself... I hate my attitude! Why do I need to be childish and have this very high pride!" he lifted up his head. "A—Aya... I like you! And I want you back..." He sobbed "I'm so sorry..."

Rei pounded his fists on the floor...

"I had only realized that... I have also feelings for you!" He tried harder to hold and control all of his emotions but he can't... " I can't ... Aya..."

Ran, Miyu and Yuuya were at last back to their hometown, Shibuya...

"Miyu, C'mon well ask Katase's number as well as his address and I set a time for us to talk about it tomorrow... I mean everything!" Ran quickly held Miyu's hand and pulled her as she paced off.

"Yuuya! Don't forget to bring your bestfriend at the meeting! I'm looking forward for that!" Ran shouted.

Yuuya scratched his head. "Well, Uh... Yes!"

"Yahoo! This maybe his house... Katase? Hello there!" Ran waves her hand. "We just want to talk to you!"

"Please... Katase it is very important!" Miyu pleading.

"I have more matters to do but because you're Aya's friend, I agree.'" Katase answered. "What time do you want us to meet?"

"Good question! How about 10:00 in the morning... Nah, too late... Umm 8:00, okay? See Yah. Don't be late!" Ran happily replied.

"But— "

Ran and Miyu proceeded and started walking away while Yuuya on the other hand is having a hard time convincing his friend...

"Rei— Are you alright? Umm... Uh... there will be a meeting tomorrow morning," Yuuya sweat dropped.

"What are you doing here! Get out now! And don't expect me to attend that useless meeting!" Rei blurted out.

"Fine, Don't be troubled. I'll be leaving. It's— 8:00 in the morning, ok?" the idea just comes out of his mind. Actually, he doesn't know the time for it to be held. Yuuya choked back.

Ran remembers that she forgot to tell Yuuya the exact time. She is rushing to contact him now but his phone is busy...

"Baka! Answer now!" Ran redials his number over and over again until finally he answered.


"Yuuya, this is Ran. I'm sorry I forgot to—."

"Huh? Calm down I cannot understand you!"

"It's 8:00 in the morning, got it!"

"Yup, thank God that's the same with—."

What I had said. He thought.

The next morning at the cafeteria as always...

"Rei is not here yet? But it is past 9:00 already" Ran impatiently muttered.

"Why are we waiting for him?" We don't need him and one more thing I don't want to see his face Katase thought, sipping the last amount of juice.

"Because we want everything to be cleared." Miyu answered.

"Great then, let's waste our time for him." Katase shook his head. " Alright."

After 30 minutes of waiting...

Yuuya was bored so he put a hand under his chin as he rested his elbow on the other hand but suddenly... "REI! I thought you're not be coming."

Rei smirked as he saw Katase. "So that bastard is also here!"

"Stop it Rei, he's here to clear the matter!" Miyu sighed. "So now have a seat!"

Katase begins to narrate the whole story but at the middle of their discussion...

"I'm not interested! I don't want to hear anything because that was all a lie... Are you believing in that bastard?" Rei coldly said and steps away.

"Why? Are you afraid to face your mistakes? Or maybe because it was all your fault!" Katase stood up and widened his eyes.

"Don't tell me that as if you know everything! You don't know me and you don't know what's going on with us!" Rei sternly said with eyes filled with hatred, he pulled Katase away and punched him. "Stop entering our life and don't you ever try to interfere again!"

Katase can't take the latter lightly so he punched him back on the face and shook him badly with rage. "I love her! And I won't let her be back to you! Can you tell that to her directly? I won't and will never make her cry! Not like you who are always being stubborn and dense to her! Why are you now raging with anger? Did you finally make up your mind to know that your biggest mistake is losing that girl?

... That girl named Aya!"

Rei felt so down. He was so shocked that Katase was right, he never told her that he loved her or even told her that he liked her. Rei turned around and went to leave but...

"Do you like her?" Ran asked, "then if you like her why didn't you tell her before? I'm very disappointed with you. I thought you're—"

Rei looked back and said, "I can't understand myself! I don't know if I like her or not... I just want her to be always here beside me and I'm vexed and irritated when she's with someone... than me. This is the only thing I'm sure about, I... I miss her so much!"

After that Rei went away and left them again with great silence...

End of Chapter 3

to be continued...