This is my first attempt to write a crossover between SSBM and Inuyasha, please enjoy it. Yes, my own characters, Punk, Pix, and Pork will be in it too. Remember, I don't own their species—Space Pirate, Nintendo does. And Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. Please I hope someone will read this story and review it. My stories have never received many reviews. It's giving me the impression that nobody cares about my existence...

Oh! To let you know, I'm not extremely familiar with Inuyasha, so forgive me if I made a mistake and try to provide me with info if you can.


Chapter 1: Warped

"Done yet?" asks Ridley as he walks into the lab. "It's near completion," replies one of the Space Pirate scientists. Ridley looks at the Stonehenge-style structure that the scientists are working on. "With this, the Smashers will be gone from this world!"

The Blue Falcon parks next to a store. Captain Falcon and Fox come out from the blue vehicle. Falcon pulls off the steering wheel before going into the store. Fox asks quite surprised, "Why did you pull out the steering wheel?"

"So when a thief comes, he can't steal the car!" replies Falcon.

They enter the store and Fox asks the owner, "Do you sell that brand new "Plug Machine" that was shown on TV? You know, the metal box with plugholes on it and you can plug into it for electricity."

The owner got out the Plug Machine, "$130."

"I can get cheaper than that on E-Bay!" says Falcon. "Only an idiot would buy something with this price!

"You can't find another better one," the owner tells him.

"Let's get out of here," suggests Falcon. "I know a place where they sell cheaper ones."

As they leave the store, the owner calls to them, "Come back here if you can't find one!"

They went to another store and saw the same thing, but for a price of $150. They went to another store and over there it costs $180. They went the third store and they sell it for $300. Finally, they return to the first store. "We, the idiots, are going to buy your machine for $130," Falcon says to the owner.

After buying it, they enter the car just as Fox's cell phone rings.


Roy screams from the phone, "YOU GOTTA HELP ME!!!!!!"





"Who's Them?


"They kidnapped Lilina? Where are you now?"

"On your car!"

They stop the car immediately and see Roy sitting on the back of the car. "When did you get there?" Falcon asks. "Just before you started the engine," Roy replies.

Fox asks him what exactly happened to Lilina. Roy tells him, "We were strolling around this area when suddenly... BARNEY!!!!!"

Fox and CF turn around and see Barney, who is singing happily and running towards them. "LONG TIME NO SEE, MY FRIENDS!!!!!" shouts Barney in a loud, cheerful, and ear-piercing, voice.

"GET AWAY FROM US!!!!" screams Roy at the top of his voice as his smacks Barney away in flames with Flare Blade.

"Now back to where we are," continues Roy. "The Pirates come disguised as an ice-cream salesman. Lilina wants to buy some ice-cream, so the salesman opens his ice-cream box. Then with all his force, he stuffs her into the ice-cream box!"

"How can that be possible?!" exclaims CF. "This is defying the law of realistics!"

"I don't know! They just did it! Then they threw ice-cream onto my face. The ice-cream must've contained sleeping medicines, so I fell asleep instantly and woke up a minute ago."

"That's terrible!" exclaims CF in terror and rage. "They must be taught a lesson!"

"We must summon the help of others," says Fox. "My Smash Radar will detect the nearest Smashers."

After a while, they were able to get some Smashers to where they are. Mario, Ness, Link, Pichu, and Ganondorf came within a few minutes.

"Theez cannot-a be possibo!" cries Mario after hearing the news.

"How unforgivable!" cries Ness.

"We must save her!" yells Link.

"I'll show them my electrical powers!" yells Pichu.

"I hate evilness!" yells Ganondorf.

Link looks at him and says, "You're once evil. Don't you know that?"

"Okay... Then I hate someone else being evil besides me!"

"Why must Pichu get into this serious business?" complains Roy. "Why can't Pikachu take your place instead?"

"Well..." says Pichu. "Pikachu is dealing with some adult business."

In a dark room, Pikachu is sitting with three strangers, playing card games. "You're giving me all your properties if I win," says Pikachu in an evil tone. So they gamble, and Pikachu won at the end. "Ha! I won!" Pikachu taunted. But immediately, the strangers grab Pikachu's card and tears out a layer of it. "Ha! You cheated by sticking another layer of card onto the original one!" one of them says. "We'll skin him alive for cheating!" the other yells out. Pikachu runs out the place screaming for help and the three strangers are chasing him, trying to kill him.

The Smashers tries to squeeze themselves into the Blue Falcon, but when it isn't possible, they force Falcon to run alongside the car since he runs extra fast. Heck, he even boasted about running faster than the speed of sound!

In the base, Lilina is tied up in chains. Ridley walks up to her and says, "You will be the bait for the Smasher's new doom."

"What do you want with me?!" shouts Lilina.

"Weren't you listening just now? I said I'm going to use you to lure the Smashers here!" shouts Ridley.

Suddenly, the wall bursts open and the Blue Falcon zooms in. The Smashers got out from the car. Roy sees Lilina and shouts, "We're here to save you!"

Pichu looks around and says, "Falcon is missing."

Ganondorf looks around, "You're right. Where'd he go?"

Out in the streets, CF climbs out from the manhole. "I should be watching where I go..."

Back in the base, Ridley says to the Smashers, "Today you will be meeting your fate! I have something new that will get you out of this world!"

"Yeah! We'll be going to heaven because we did lots of good deeds!" says Link.

"Not that!" says Ridley. "You will still be alive, but you will die miserably without close friends!" Then he points to the Stonehenge-style machine.

"What are those steel structures for?" asks Ness.

"That is the Teleport Machine!" answers Ridley. "I captured Lilina to lure you here so I can sent you to another world or dimension! You will now disappear from this world! Activate the teleporter!"

A Space Pirate presses the buttons on the machine and a warp void appears between the steel structures. "Try not to go near the void!" warns Fox. But Ridley immediately grabs Fox and throws toward the void! Link quickly uses Hook Shot to grab Fox by the foot and pulls him back to safety.

The Smashers are charge at Ridley and starts beating him. "You're not fighting without us!" shouts Punk as he appears into the scene. He jumps into the fighting crowd and starts battling. Lilina watches from her prison and shouts to them, "Isn't anyone rescuing me?!"

Roy immediately appears before Lilina and cuts off the chains binding her. "Quick! I'll bring you to safety first!" Roy tells her.

Ridley turns to the scientist and says, "Increase the void power! Suck them all in!"

"But it will be dangerous!" the scientist warns him. "It will cause everything to be sucked into the void!"

Without a word, Ridley pushes the scientist away and starts messing with the controls, making the warp void stronger. It became like a vacuum cleaner, sucking many things in, but the other Space Pirates were able to evacuate before they get suck in.

"It's getting too strong!" cries Fox. "We must get out of here!" And to everyone's horror, they see Pichu flying helplessly towards the void and into it! "Pichu!!!!" cries Mario as he stupidly jumps into the void, trying to rescue the electric mouse.

Punk, Pix, and Pork are trying to get to the exit, but it is blocked by debris. Suddenly, a metal plate smacks into them, sending them three into the warp void.

The other Smashers and Ridley grasps onto object to avoid getting sucked in. But one by one, the Smashers lost their grip and all, except Ridley, flew into the void. The void becomes more powerful; so powerful that the machine itself it starting to get sucked in!

Suddenly, the wall bursts open and Master Hand flies in! He immediately flies to the plug and yanks it out. When pulled out, the void explodes in a big flash, blinding Master Hand and Ridley.

After a while, Captain Falcon runs into the base and sees the mess. "What happened here?" he asked. "Am I too late?"

"You're too late, Falcon," MH tells him.

"What happened?"

"Your friends are gone," says Ridley. "You'll never see them again."

"Why you?!" says CF angrily.

"Ridley," Master Hand says. "You are going too far! You must bring them back!"

"Over my dead body!"

"You're going to get a beating of your lifetime!" says CF angrily.

Just when they're about too fight, a Pirate runs in and tells Ridley, "Master, we found out that three of us didn't escape when the warp void went insane."

"Who may they be?" Ridley asks.

"The cursed trios."

"Them? Of all Pirates, why those three...?"

The sucked victims find themselves flying around in what looks like a blue tunnel made of energy. Roy was holding Lilina with dear life, trying not to get separated from her. They scream as they get fling around and bump each other; even Pork, who weights as much as a whale, is getting flung around like an empty bag. Suddenly, they see light on the other end. "We're coming to an end!" cries Link.

In Feudal Japan, Kagome sees a big flash coming from the hills. "Inuyasha."

"What?" Inuyasha the half-demon asks her.

"I see a big blast of energy coming from the mountain. Can it be related to a Shikon jewel shard?"

"It might be," says Miroku. "Maybe a demon found it and transformed into a stronger version of itself."

"Then we have to exterminate it!" insists Sango.

"Let's go see!" says Shippo.

So the small group heads for the direction of the blast.