Chapter 21: Back to the Present

Everyone is gathered in the village, or rather the remains of the village.

Punk and Fox check the Warp Machine and insert the Jewel of Power into it.

"It's all ready," says Fox. "We can now go home!" He pulls the switch and a warp portal appears.

"YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" shouted the others with joy. "Master Hand says to bring the machine along when we return," says Punk. "I know just which button to press."

Pix and Pork wastes no time in jumping into the portal first. The others look back at their new friends. "We have to go now," says Lilina. "I'm afraid we won't meet again."

Kagome stretches out her hand and shakes Lilina's hand. "Never mind, we will still no each other."

Link walks up to Inuyasha. "C'mon, shouldn't you feel depressed that I'm leaving? You'll never find any other swordsman as good as I am."

"Hmph! You're not half as good as me anyway."

"What?! Say that again!!!!!"

Before Link could react, Ganondorf beats him on the head and throws him into the portal. "Forgive his short temper," Ganondorf says. "Never mind," says Inuyasha. "I'm sorta like him also."

Miroku walk up to Lilina. "It's such a sorrow to see a beautiful girl like you leaving. I really wish that you could bear me my child." Sango then beats him on the head. "Just ignore him. Now good-bye and get going home!"

Lilina nods and took Roy's hand and they walk into the portal together.

"I'll never forget this game called "bash ball" you taught me," Shippo tells Ness. "It's such a fun game!"

"It's baseball…" Ness corrects him.

Everyone said their farewells and the Smashers all disappear into the portal. Punk presses some buttons on the machine before quickly running into the portal. With a bright flash, the entire machine disappears.

Kagome stands there staring at the thin air for a few seconds. Inuyasha asks her, "What are you looking at? You miss them?"

"Everyone would definitely miss a friend, wouldn't you?"

"They're not so good friends anyway."

"Don't be like that! They're the greatest person I've ever met!"

"They're mentally insane people who can't act properly."

"Don't be so mean, can you?"

"I'm serious! What kind of a person would speak in weird accent (he's referring to Mario) or go wild when tiny mistakes happen? Come to think of it, you're also like them. You always go wild when some test is coming up and you don't care about hunting for Shikon anymore. You're the craziest girl I've ever met!"

Annoyed, Kagome shouts out, "SIT!!!!!"

Back in present day, Onett…

"Three cheers for our returned heroes!" shouts Master Hand. "YAAAAAYYY!!!!" screams the others with joy.

Marth puts his hand around Roy and says, "I bet you risk your entire life trying to keep Lilina safe, right?"

"Yeah, but not that much."

"You can always give her to me when you're tired of her."

"Never!" He punches Marth in the face.

"And then I zapped the giant monster to its death!" Pichu tells Pikachu. "This proves I'm stronger than you!"

"That doesn't prove anything," says Pikachu. "You should see me fight if I was there."

"But then, your powers are still nothing compared to mines!"

Pikachu gives Pichu a powerful zap, knocking him out. "Now will you say I'm stronger?"

Mario calls out to DK, "Can you give me da soft-a drink?"

"What? You want cough drop?" DK hands him a cough drop.

"I said-a soft-a drink!"

"I know, so here's your cough drop."

"Mamamia… You still have hearing problem…"

In the Space Pirate Base…

"Now that you three are back in position," Ridley tells Punk, Pix, and Pork. "Do you remember what's your old job?"

"Yes," they reply. "To destroy the Smashers…"

THE END… for now

Now that's gotta be the story that took me the longest to complete! It's finally finished! I'm so happy! Enjoy! Any flames will be used to light barbecue.









4 turtles in the sewer… They are allies…