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Chap1: Glowing Eyes

Glowing eyes. Are eyes supposed to glow? A seven year old Ranma didn't think so. But glowing they were. And it was scaring him more than the other times his pop threw him into the pit of cats. Normally he'd get thrown in, scream for a few minutes, and black out. This time he was too scared to even do that. All the cats were scared of this one too. This was bad.


Genma sat next to a large tree. It was a good day today. He had added more cats to the pit to help his son to get rid of that stupid fear, he stole more fish sausage from the market, and most of all his son hadn't screamed and turned into a cat for twenty minutes, a new record. In fact, the boy hadn't made a sound at all. Then he realized it wasn't just the boy it was the cats too. Now we're not saying Genma is the brightest star in the sky, but he isn't as stupid as most people think, just almost as stupid as most people think. So using his limited deductive skills, he figured something must either be very right or very, very wrong.

As he slowly got up and nervously walked over to the pit, a feeling of dread started to overcome him. "Boy?" he asked as he got to the edge, "Are you OK?"

Just after the words left his mouth the pit exploded, throwing Genma back into his tree. When he was able to lookup, he saw his son. Ranma's eyes glowed as he tilted his head to the side a little, meowed, and bolted toward the old lady's house where he always goes for some reason.

"Well, the glowing eyes were new" he said as he started to follow his neko-fide son. "I hope she has some food this time, I'm starving and I can't sell off the boy while he's like this" he said, greedily rubbing his stomach.


After Genma left, a pair of glowing eyes looked over the field where the "cat pit" was dug. 'I hope that was enough of my essence to keep him from a murderous rampage' thought the cat spirit. 'What kind of idiot would try the neko-ken in this day and age? I'd better follow them so I can complete the merger when his personality is done developing and firmly rooted... wouldn't want him to be afraid of cats for the rest of his life.'

9 years later

Ranma looks over the hundred or so springs with bamboo poles sticking out of them. "This don't look that hard old man", he says.

"Don't just stand there boy lets train" Genma says as he jumps to a pole.

"Right" Ranma jumps to another pole.

"Very bad! No one train here anymore! Very dangerous!" screams the Jusenkyo Guide. 'Of course they will ignore me just like everyone else does until they get cursed' he thinks.

(Splash) "Is that all you got pop?" Ranma said mocking his currently unseen father. "What? Are we done already?"

The water starts to swirl and out jumps a giant panda. "W-w-what the hell is That?!" studers Ranma.

"Honored sir fall in Spring of Drowned Panda. Very tragic legend of panda that drown twelve hundred year ago." the Guide told him. "Whoever falls in spring takes body of panda"

"NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ranma screams too distracted to block a panda kick.

(Splash) "Younger Honored sir fall in Spring of drowned Girl. Very tragic legend of girl that drown fifteen hundred year ago." the Guide said. "Whoever falls in spring takes body of girl"


Just outside the springs the cat spirit watched in horror as the one he bonded to all those years ago falls into a spring. Horror, not because he is cursed to be a girl when he is hit with cold water for the rest of his life, that would do him some good and teach him that girls are NOT weak, but horror because the curse bonds with the soul. A soul he now shares with the boy.

As he feels the pull from the spring, he mentally shouts, 'NO! He's not ready yet! I have no idea what this will do his personality! It's rooted enough yet!'

(Splash) "What that?" Asks the Guide to no one in particular. "O well" he shrugs.

Ranma's mindscape

"Where am I?" says a confused Ranma.

"We're in your mind, child"

"Who said that!?"

A small cat with glowing eyes steps out of the shadows "I did."

"C-c-c-c-c....... I'm not afraid?"

"Not here you're not. Maybe not ever again." The cat says slightly depressed.

"Not afraid of cats, that's great!"

"No, it is not great. Do you remember me, child?"

"Why would I ..... those eyes!! You're the really scary cat with the glowing eyes!" Ranma says backing away slightly.

(sigh) "Yes and no. I'm a cat spirit. I made a soul bond with you so you wouldn't go on a murderous rampage when in the Neko-ken, but I didn't do a full merger as is required to cure you of it."

"Why not?"

"I'm GETTING to that so be QUIET while I finish!!"

"O.K. O.K. Ya don't got'ta yell at me."

"As I was saying, I didn't do a full merger because it would have destroyed your developing personality. "

"But now I'm old enough?" he asks hopefully.

"Not quite. I'm here because the curse dragged me here. I wanted to wait another four or five years before I asked you if you wanted to merge. The spring is forcing us to merge. I'm sorry Ranma but I don't know what will happen to either of us now that you fell into the spring of the drowned girl."

"SPRING OF THE DROWNED GIRL?! No no no no! Any thing but THAT! I don't wan'a be a girl. The old man will die for this!"

"Calm down Ranma. At least you're still human, you could have fallen into the spring of the drowned gerbil, now that would have been bad. Besides, the curse should be temporarily reversed by warm water."

"What do you mean by 'should'?"

"When we finish merging you will take on some cat features, like a tale, slitted eyes, cat ears, and improved senses. But because we are merging in a magical spring, you might merge with your female side as well creating permanent girl Ranma."

As if on cue a short busty red head appears and looks around confused "Where am I?"

"Who are you?" asks Ranma

"The spirit of the spring of the drowned girl. I drowned here a long time ago and every time someone falls in a part of my soul is ripped away and forced into them" she replies.

"Ranma we should help her. Let her merge with us" says the cat.

"WHAT!!!!! I ain't too keen on the idea of you 'merging' with me, why would I want some girl doing it too!!"

"You heard her. Her soul is being ripped to shreds. By merging with her she won't be doomed to oblivion."

"Great, let's just start a party in my head." (sigh) "Fine, but remember this is my life you're messing with."

"Could someone please tell me what is going on here? I'm afraid I don't understand what you are talking about" an even more confused girl says.

"I'll give a brief summary, do you know of the neko-ken?" She shakes her head in the negative. "Well, a summary of the training is to throw a child into a pit of starving cats until he or she goes insane. Our friend here went though that training and I gave him a piece of my soul so he would lead a half way normal life. Later he comes here and gets kicked into your pool, I get dragged in because the curse bonds with the soul, forcing me to fully merge with him. We were wondering if you wanted to come along for the ride. It will save you from the oblivion that awaits you otherwise."

"Ya realize you're spos'ta breath when ya talk, right?" asks Ranma.

Ignoring the boy the red head answers the cat "I guess so, it does sound better then an eternity of having my soul torn apart... Let's do this!" she says excitedly. "How DO we do this by the way?"

Ranma and the cat sweat drop.

"Leave that to me and hopefully we will come out of this fairly unscathed" answers the cat.

All three start to glow and feel drawn to each other. They float closer and as they meet a bright light fills the mindscape then it is empty again waiting for its creators new form to seek rest so that it can use it for his/her bidding.

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