"Listen to me boy" talking

'He is such an idiot' thinking

(Crack) sound effects

What a worthless son panda signs

change in time or place

-------------------------------- change in POV or scene

Chap 3: Missing Time

Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane sat on one side of the table while their father, some old fat man in a dirty gi, and the boy who clamed to be Ranma sat on the other.

"Let me reintroduce you, this is my friend." Soun says, motioning to the fat man.

"Genma Saotome," the fat man says, "and this is my son."

"Ranma" says the boy. Akane notices he has the same slitted eyes that the girl Ranma had.

"Are you really her, that girl from before?" asks Kasumi.

"How to explain? Best to show you." Genma says as he throws Ranma toward the pond behind them. Ranma twists and lands with cat like grace on the rock just in front of the pond.

"Got to try better than that old man" Ranma says mocking his father. He takes a step forward and slips on the wet stone and falls backward into the pond. "Damn it, you made me get wet. Oooooooo...... fishy!!" Ranma jumps out of the pond and tries to catch one of the fish from the side.

"Now that you have seen the horror of what my child becomes" in the background you hear Ranma saying "fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy" "let me tell you how it happened."

(splash)"Like I'm gona let you tell the story ya big chew toy," Ranma growls at her pandafied father "ya always make me look like an idiot that fell into the spring on purpose."

Flash Back, Jusenkyo 1 month ago (repeats a little so bear with me)

"This don't look that hard old man", Ranma says.

"Don't just stand there boy lets train" Genma says as he jumps to a pole.

"Right" Ranma jumps to another pole.

"Very bad! No one train here anymore! Very dangerous!" screams the Jusenkyo Guide. 'Of course they will ignore me just like everyone else does until they get cursed' he thinks.

(Splash) "Is that all you got pop?" Ranma said mocking his currently unseen father. "What? Are we done already?"

The water starts to swirl and out jumps a giant panda. "W-w-what the hell is That?!" stutters Ranma.

"Honored sir fall in Spring of Drowned Panda. Very tragic legend of panda that drown twelve hundred year ago." the Guide told him. "Whoever falls in spring takes body of panda"

"NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ranma screams too distracted to block a panda kick.

(Splash) "Younger Honored sir fall in Spring of drowned Girl. Very tragic legend of girl that drown fifteen hundred year ago." the Guide said. "Whoever falls in spring takes body of girl"

(Splash) "What that?" Asks the Guide to no one in particular. "O well" he shrugs.

Genma jumps down and tries to say "where is my son?" but it comes out "Gruff?" At this point he notices something wrong.

Just as Genma is about to ask the Guide what is going on, the spring his son fell into explodes upward and a figure falls to the ground like a cat.

"Younger Honored sir? Is you O.K.?" asks the Guide.

"Oh I'm fine, but daddy is going to die." A female voice says behind the fog of water that used to be the Spring of the drowned Girl.

A white and red blur flies out of the fog and slams into the black and white fuzz ball. "Ooofff" the panda says. The rest of the beating is too grotesque to be written with out bumping up the rating. Needless to say, afterward Genma has several large pointy objects coming out of his posterior and all his limbs in very unnatural angles.

End Flash Back

"So you turn back with hot water?" asks Soun pouring boiling water over the fat panda.

"Hot not boiling!" says a burnt Genma.

"So your problem isn't that bad" Soun says trying to boil Ranma alive with his tea kettle.

"I don't like things that hot 'cause they burn my delicate smooth skin. 'Sides I'm not done with my story yet!" Ranma says.

Flash Back the Guide's hut about 5 hours later

A currently male Ranma and a human Genma are sitting across from each other.

"I said NO old man, I don't want a cure. I told you what happened in my head, if I cure myself I could end up killing a part of me!" Ranma yelled furiously at his father.

"But son how could you want to be a weak girl for the rest of your life, you even have a different personality when you are her!" whined Genma only thinking about how horrible it must feel to have your head severed.

"The only reason I act like that is 'cause all the extra energy from the 'TRUE' neko-ken, that I can't turn off in that form for some reason, mixed with those female hormones makes me annoyingly perky and cat like. Oh, and in case you wanted to know," Ranma shifts into a cat boy complete with the ears and tail, "I can go full neko while I'm a guy too, just not for very long." He shifts back to normal except for his slitted eyes.

Genma is about to whine some more but he is interrupted by a splash nearby and a female scream of "Ranma, it's all your fault I'm wet now!!"

Ranma's eyes go wide. He races out the door. When he gets to the spring he recently fell into his eyes are greeted with a sopping wet, blue hared girl wearing black pants and a yellow shirt. What gets his attention the most is the blue, triangular ears on top of her head and the bulge of what could only be a tail in her pants at the base of her spine. "Shit" he mumbles under his breath. "O.K. who are you and why is it my fault your wet? He asked.

"You!! Because of you I've seen hell!! If you've forgotten my name let me give it to you so you know the person who is going to kill you! I'm ..." the new cat girl then notices something for the first time, her voice. She looks down slowly, "A Girl?!?!?" and promptly faints.

The Guide appears out of nowhere and says to the startled Ranma "When you fall in spring you change it, now it called Spring of the Cat Girl, cannot say Drowned Cat Girl because you no drowned."

A few hours later

"What a strange dream, I came across these springs, knelt down next to one to fill my water jug, then I fell in, to top it off, I found Ranma then I became a girl" says the male figure clad in black pants and a yellow shirt.

"It wasn't a dream" says a voice in the corner of the room, "unfortunately it was real."

The boy hops to his feat and looks around the room, "Who are you?"

"I'm the one you blamed for falling into the water" says Ranma as he steps out of the shadows. "Now tell me who you are and why you want to kill me, then I'll tell you about your new curse"

Too stunned to do much else, he stammers out "R- R- Ryoga and what do you mean curse?!"

"Didn't you notice that you weren't a guy when you came out of the spring?" asks Ranma, slightly amused.

"I- I- I turned into a girl?! But I'm a guy now so I guess I'll be fine."

"Wrong, lost boy, every time you get splashed with cold water you turn into a cat girl, warm water turns you back" Then he mumbles under his breath "at least you keep your personality fully intact."

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Anyways at least you're human, mostly, that spring we fell into is right next to the Spring of the Drowned Piglet. You don't want to be dinner every time you get wet do you?"

"No, I guess not. But I want to be a guy and what do you mean mostly?"

"That was the Spring of the Cat Girl, but that's not so bad you, cud've fell in the Spring of the Drowned Piglet"

"You already said that. So I turn into a ca.. wait a minute 'we' what we I fell in not you?"

"I fell in about a half a day ago."

"You don't sound too upset about it."

"Ya, well that's what happens when you combine your soul with the soul of a cat spirit and the soul of a girl who died 1500 years ago. Let me get you caught up.


"So let me get this straight, your dad knocked you out after three days of waiting for me, and when you finally came to you were already at the coast?"


"Then he knocked you into that spring and because of that neko-ken thing you turned into a cat girl."


"Then I fell in and found out that you permanently changed the spring."


"You know for once I can't blame you for anything... where is you dad, I want to ...talk ... to him."

That night after falling asleep

"Hay, I thought I was done with this place." Says Ranma slightly confused.

"So did we" says a female voice as the girl and cat walk out of the shadows.

"So everyone is here again, why?" asks Ranma.

"SO YOU CAN LEARN WHO YOU ARE NOW" says a disembodied voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

"Who said that?" asks Ranma looking around.


"Ya I kinda did feel funny in my own skin once I was a guy again. So your say'n that I have to work my self out to be my self again." Ranma says, then he thinks 'that sounded stupid,'

The cat says "that didn't make much sense, Ranma. "

"I know, I know, give me a break I ain't that good with words when we ain't the same person. "Ranma replies. "Hay voice subconscious thingy, are we going to be here every night or is there some way I can come here on my own?"


The rest of the night was spent on making a more complete personality and learning how to come back to the mindscape at will.

End Flash Back

"Wow" says Nabiki.

"Oh my" says Kasumi.

'He probably just goes there to look at the girl half of himself naked' Akane thinks not really thinking that all he had to do to see that girl naked is get wet.

"Let me reintroduce you to my daughters, Kasumi age 19, Nabiki age 17, and Akane age 16, chose one and she will be your fiancée" Soun says.

"None" Ranma says, "If and I mean IF I marry it will be for love not for a honor pledge that daddy made 20 years ago while he was drunk, Akane I'm sorry I scared you earlier but would you want someone walking in on you in the bathroom? I didn't thi... oooo firefly!!!" and again Ranma is distracted.

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