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Prologue: Into Play

Min studied Rand over the book she was pretending to read. She didn't need a viewing to see what was going on his handsome head.
He sat in a high backed chair, quite plain but with him sitting in it, it was like a throne. His strong chin rested on his branded palm and his fingers gently stroked the smooth skin by his lips. His cold grey eyes stared at nothing, showing he was deep in thought.
His mind contemplated, as it always did, of the Last Battle and who would stand at his side when the time came.
News of Nynaeve's death had reached them quickly, catching the whole camp off guard. Rand had not shed a tear but his eyes grew, if possible, colder and harder. His list of allies was growing thin. Who would stand at his side and aid him in wheeling Callandor? Who could he trust to take Nynaeve's place?
Elayne and Aviendha were too precious to be used or more likely lost. Egwene was Amrylin, solely an Aes Sedai. No matter how painful it was, she could not be trusted.
The door eased open and Rand burst into life. He sprung from his chair, seizing his sword from where it rested and planted himself between Min and the door.

"He probably has drawn on Saidan too," Min thought dryly.

An Aiel marched in accompanied by a straight-backed young man who walked confidently but his eyes darted between the Aiel and the Lord Dragon.

"I told him he couldn't see you but he brings news from Aviendha and Elayne," the Maiden said unceremoniously. She then squatted by the wall and began to sharpen her knife.

Min marked her place and concentrated on the messenger, who drew himself up ready to launch into his speech.

"I bring greetings from her Royal Highness Queen Elayne of Andor…" as he paused for breathe Rand broke in.

"Get to the point," he ordered. The messenger looked ruffled but continued.

"Her Highness bids me to tell you that the Lady Nynaeve," Min held her breathe and glanced at Rand who busied himself with setting his sword down as the messenger continued. "Lives." Rand sat down.

"Tell me all," he commanded.

Rand ran his fingers through his hair. He moved quietly about the room aware of the sleeping Min on the bed. He crossed top the window and whispered into the night.

"So, a player returns to the game. You made a mistake. Nynaeve will never be used as a pawn."