Brave New World

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day, the sun shone and the grass seemed to be a little greener than the day before. Like any other day in Rockport California. However, there was a thing that was quite different from all other day's until this day. The world as we knew it was about to go to hell within a matter of hours and nobody knew a goddamn thing about it. One of the whole six billion people who soon would be affected by the catastrophe was Mark. He was on his way from school with his two best buds, Alec and Stan. School on the other hand would end in about four hours. Mark was lazy, no doubt about that. He skipped school almost every day, a thing that in turn didn't give him to good grades. Mark was a very obstinate person and if he didn't want to go to school he simply didn't. It wasn't that he was dumb or something, he was quite intelligent according to teachers, but he wasn't interested in school a bit. He just disliked school. To him school was a place meant only for jocks who wanted to play sports with each other and look down on anyone who didn't do so themselves and geeks who (how weird it might sound to any rational human being) liked school.

His trustworthy friends were equal slackers, maybe not as lazy as Mark, but most certainly lazy. The gang of fellow slackers mostly hung out and slacked on their spare time (and considering that they skipped school almost every day the didn't lack spare time in any way). This day they were headed to Alec's house because his parents weren't coming home for a couple of hours. The trio walked down one of the quiet streets of Rockport CA and discussed whether Linda Romero in their class was as hot as Alec thought or if she was the standard hottie that Stan and Mark thought.

"I think she's quite a hottie." Alec said.

"Sure, but not that hot." Stan said.

"You think Kyle works today?" Mark interrupted his friends discussion when the group walked past one of the many seven eleven's in Rockport. Kyle was Stan's brother and a friend to the three slackers. He currently worked in the seven eleven they were looking. He constantly complained about how low his pay was and let the guys shoplift any time they wanted as a revenge on his boss.

"I think he works at Wednesdays." Stan said. "But I'm not sure, still worth a try though. Would be nice with some nachos."

The friends closed in on the 7-11 when two police cars roared down the street followed by an ambulance, all three with their sirens wailing. Strange, nothing happens in this dump of a town, Mark thought as the vehicles roared down the street and their sirens echoed at the houses. They stood and watched as the cars drove down the street and how the sirens died away. Then they entered the shop. The electric doors went bee-boop. They didn't see Kyle anywhere. The clerk usually sat behind the counter and read comics, but now he was nowhere to be seen. Alec and Stan started to discuss what they wanted to get while Mark walked up to the counter and peeked into the back room. In there he saw the tall and slim blonde figure that was Kyle. He looked almost exactly as his brother, only taller. He seemed to be spellbound by the television and hadn't even noticed the three customers.

"What's more important than sitting behind the counter and reading comics?" Mark asked.

Kyle almost jumped out of the chair he was sitting in when he heard Mark's voice. He calmed down a bit when he saw that it was Mark but he still looked scared and pale.

"There's some bad shit going on." He said. "Come check it out."

Mark stepped closer and remembered the first time he'd seen the broadcasts at 9-11. It couldn't be that bad, but if it was big enough to scare Kyle, it had to be big. It was bigger. Mark walked into the small room and looked at the television. CNN was showing pictures of what seemed to be riots or something. It was filmed from a chopper and on people down on the street looked like little ants. They zoomed in. Down on the street a mob of people charged a group of police officers in riot gear. The cameraman had zoomed in so close that Mark could see the faces of the people that ran at the riot police. All wore tattered clothing that seemed to be soaked in blood. Something strange was going on. The mob slammed into the wall of riot shields and the people in the front line were pressed forward by the people behind them. They broke through the line of shields and engaged the police in hand to hand combat. The police were outnumbered ten to one and the mob got the upper hand in the fight. The battle raged as the screen turned into the usual calm newsreader, a young blonde woman. The thing that was different was that this woman didn't seem calm at all. She looked scared and stressed and kept looking at the papers she was holding in her hands.

"This is live pictures directly from Washington D.C. As an update on the situation we are now getting reports of that tells says that the people committing these horrible crimes seem to be in a trance of some kind. So we advice you once again to keep your doors and windows locked and not to trust strangers."

This was unbelievable! Mark couldn't believe what he saw. Shit like this didn't happen. It had to be some kind of joke.

"Are they fucking kidding?" he asked Kyle who was locked on the screen.

"Nah, they've been broadcasting this shit all day. I think it's real." He turned to the television again.

"Alec! Stan!" Mark screamed. Alec showed up first, then Stan.

"Whadda you want?" they asked almost simultaneously.

"Take a look at this guys." Kyle told them.

There was a new live feed from another scene in another town. This time the cameraman was down on the street and surrounded by policemen and a couple of soldiers who seemed to be shooting at an oncoming horde. The camera turned and showed a middle aged reported Standing behind the soldiers holding a microphone.

"This is live from Houston, one of the cities were the riots have broken out. The national guard has been called in but are to scattered to do anything else than to aid the police in the fight against the felons. The mobs of rioting men and women are rampaging through the whole city and no one is safe, they kill everyone, the ones that resist as well as innocent bystanders. Martial law has been declared by the mayor and there is total anarchy here."

The reporter stopped and looked at the soldiers direction. Soldiers started to run away from the throng of people that charged at them, seeing that there was nothing they could do to stop the wave of frenzied people.

"Run!" The cameraman screamed and started to flee with the rest of the soldiers. The reporter started to run as well as the rest of the police and military. The camera shook like in Blair Witch Project and the only thing one could hear was screams from the fleeing soldiers, the clapping of feet and scattered gunfire as some of the soldiers stopped and fired a couple of rounds at the mob before pulling back. The cameraman turned around to get a picture of the oncoming horde. They were really close now, thirty feet. It looked like normal people, young, old, black, white, all kinds of people. The strange thing was that they seemed to be in some kind of frenzied trance. Then the cameraman turned around to run, but tripped on something and dropped the camera. The camera stayed on but the cameraman didn't care about it, he got up and started to run when one of the troublemaker reached him. The cameraman was knocked down while the rest of the mob ran past him. Then something unbelievable happened. Even with all the crazy things happening this thing was weird. The four friends as well as all the other people who watched CNN watched as the cameraman was devoured by the criminals. At least ten of the creatures, they were sure they weren't human, ripped the man into pieces and ate parts of him. Kyle threw up and the others felt like if they were next to empty their stomachs.

"We're getting reports that these things are happening everywhere." The newsreader started. "In the big cities as well as in rural areas. We are also getting reports from people who say that they've seen these people eat their victims, others say that they have noticed that some of the killers have got severe wounds on them." The woman stopped for a couple of seconds. "We are trying to contact the Pentagon and we will get back to you as soon as we know anything new. And once again we advice you to stay indoors and not to trust strangers. We break for commercials."

The commercials started and Mark and the others got a little time to think. The things they just witnessed was disgusting, horrific and alarming. There was at least a hundred other words to describe what they'd just seen and none of them were good. Mark was on the brink to panic, Kyle seemed to be in shock and Alec and Stan seemed to be both.

"What the fuck is going on?" Stan asked. "This can't be real."

"I think it is." His brother answered. "They've been showing this shit all day and it seems to be everywhere."

"These things don't happen in real life." Stan said. His eyes were empty as he stared into the wall.

"What the fuck do we do?" Mark asked. He was scared shitless and couldn't think about anything except what he had seen a minute ago.

The didn't decide what to do, they were interrupted. The seven eleven's door went Bee-boop.

"Wait here and check the news while I go tell them that we're closed." Kyle said and stood up. The commercials hadn't stopped yet and the three friends were to shocked to talk.

"Hey guys, we're closed today. Go home and check the news." Kyle said to the new customer.

"We know about it. Why don't you go home to your family and let us take what we need?" Another male voice answered.

"I don't think..." Kyle started. Something made him stop in the middle of a sentence. "Ok, take what you want."

Mark became curious about what was happening and peaked out to check out what was happening.

Two men, an Afro-American with sunglasses and a shaved head and a white man that looked like if he'd been on the wrong side of the law his whole life, stood at the entrance. The white man had a revolver trained on Kyle who stood with his hands behind his neck. The black man was gathering some food into a blue duffel bag. The white man noticed Mark and aimed his gun at him. A chill went through Mark as the weapon was pointed at him.

"Get over here kid." The man said calmly.

Mark did as he was told and walked over to Kyle. The man kept his gun trained at Mark the whole time. Guns made Mark uncomfortable, even if the man didn't intend to shot he could slip and kill Mark by mistake. The man wore a pair of urban-camo pants and a white vest that showed the tattoos that covered the mans arms. Dragons, naked women and eagles. He kept the gun trained at Kyle and Mark but turned around to see what his friend was doing.

The black man seemed to be done with shuffling food, which was more like chips and crackers, into the duffel bag.

"You done?" The white man asked. The black man nodded as an answer.

"Thanks for the supplies guys." He looked at Kyle and Mark. "I can tell you that the shit has hit the fan here to. There are uglies running around downtown. And to break the bubble for you, they aren't human. No way. We ran across one on our way here, and it wasn't human. I emptied five bullets into it and it kept coming. But when I got it in the head it dropped dead. So take this advice, shot them in the head and they seem to go down."

"Gotta blaze Jimmy!" The black man shouted.

The two robbers ran out the Bee-booping electric door and out into the parking place. The day only got weirder. Mark and Kyle stood there and waited for Alec and Stan to get out and join them in silence. The four friends only stood there, no one said anything. They could feel it, the world was changing. It was as if there was a certain smell they hadn't encountered before, or maybe it was the air that was different in some way. But nothing was going to be like it had been half an hour ago when the world was simple and danger wasn't more than being caught skipping school.

Then the bang of a gun crushed the almost poetical moment. Then there was a brief silence. Then the electrical door went Bee-boop. The two robbers ran into the seven eleven again. Both men looked at Alec and Stan. Then the white man, who seemed to be the talkative one, turned to the whole group. He looked scared.

"They're outside. Four of them." He said.