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The ever-familiar halls still sent chills along Sara's arms. She'd worked in and around them for nearly 5 years now, but she still got excited by what the new day, or night rather, could bring. She could think of nowhere else that she wanted to be on her birthday. She was surrounded by friends here, and the life she loved to live.

Catherine rounded a corner, nearly colliding with the birthday girl. 'Sara! Have you seen Griss?'

'No, not yet, why?' She replied, walking side-by-side with her colleague.

'He was supposed to sign my holiday form, but, as usual, he's let his paperwork pile up on his desk, with this at the bottom' she thrust the form into the air. Exasperation filled her voice. Sara suppressed a smirk. Grissom was never a lover of the paperwork that his job brought him. It always got him into trouble, well, it would do, if he didn't have that irrepressible charm that totally dumbfounded his boss. Just one of the things that Sara admired about him.

'He'll probably be tormenting Greggo over some new very expensive Java he's brought in'

'Good point!' Catherine took off around another corner, heading for the break room. Sara didn't envy the ensuing conversation.

Making her way to the locker rooms, she couldn't help but think back on the times she'd spent in the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Some of the best of her life, she argued. Seeing as her two-week stint from San Francisco had turned into a 5-year life change, she was pretty happy!

'Warrick, has Grissom handed out the assignments yet?' She asked the handsome guy approaching her.

'Nope, you're in luck'

'You heading over there now?'

'Nah, gotta grab something from the car'

'See you over there' She smiled.

Their relationship had changed so much over the years. They had put the past to sleep and built up a strong friendship that she cherished. Of course, it was the relationship that she had with Gil Grissom that Sara cherished the most. She'd known him a lot longer than the other Vegas CSI's, and loved him for just as long. She had tried to make her feelings known on a number of occasions, but yet to no avail. Grissom had once let it be known that he loved her, but she wasn't supposed to have heard the confession, but at least she knew how he felt. He wasn't dismissing her feelings as a crush or anything anymore. But he still wasn't pinning her up against the wall and kissing her so passionately that she feared her legs would buckle underneath her, like she wanted him to.

Once she'd put her belongings into her locker, Sara headed over to the break room to join her fellow crim's. Although it was just down the hall, she could hear no talking. Not even from Greg! Now, that was weird. She could usually hear Greg and Grissom having a heated discussion about the latest coffee bean from Columbia; Catherine on her cell phone talking to her daughter, Lyndsey; and the guys talking about sports, what else! But nothing. Am I late?! She questioned herself when she saw that the blinds were drawn and the door closed.

She reached for the handle.