"CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan"/ "CLAMP School Detectives" Fanfiction, also includes "20 Mensou ni Onegai" and "Dunklyon"!

By Syaoran-Lover

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SHORT fanfiction (no more than 12 chapters), follows the MANGA storyline. NOT AU! Hopefully not OOC either… ¬¬'''''


This is a lame fic I wrote for my own entertainment and thought I'd share it with others; it's just a Nokoru-sama-centered fic to torture my fav CCD/CGT character!

In further chapters, this fic WILL have heavy topics (none EROTIC or anything like that), so please only read if this suits your mental age. If it doesn't, and you still read it, I won't be held responsible, since I already rated it PG-13 as a warning and posted this observation.

NOT YAOI! This doesn't really hold a central pair, just a few couples here and there. If you want YAOI CCD/CGT, there's my CCD/CGT ONESHOT: "Happy Birthday, Suoh!". A sequel to it is on the way, entitled: "Happy Birthday, Kaichou!".

I'm basing this on the manga, as I haven't watched the anime series yet, so this basically goes after the end of the three volumes, but before the end of "20 Mensou ni Onegai". In the manga, Nokoru-sama is Suoh's "the person that I'll (Suoh) meet someday", but for an obvious reason, I'm shortening that phrase to one, as other authors write. Please forgive my lack of originality. '''


KOUHAI – younger student, in terms of studying years

SENPAI – older student, in terms of studying years

KAICHOU – president of a group, in this case, the president of the student council(s)

HAI – yes

KAIJIN NIJYUU MENSOU – The Thief Twenty-Faces

-SAN – a suffix indicating respect

-KUN­ – a suffix indicating USUALLY proximity to a boy

-SAMA – a suffix indicating someone of higher rank or someone you give GREAT respect to

That done, let's get on with the story.



He had always known it, but even though he refused to accept it, there was no denying the truth that had become painfully clearer to him these last few days, during the CLAMP Campus' Sports Festival.

Nokoru knew he should not be pushed like that, after all, no one was perfect, including him. He was brilliant, he knew it for a fact; he was handsome, or cute, as some girls put it; but one thing he wasn't was athletic. Sure, he might have a somewhat athletic body, or at least he wasn't fat or chubby, though he did eat sweets like there would be no tomorrow, but he was not the athletic type.

And as he had sat at the benches two days ago, watching his two best friends play a soccer game, expectantly winning, of course, the truth had dawned hard on him. Nokoru had the strong desire to just throw everything up in the air and run to play with them, no matter the consequences, but he knew that as an Imonoyama, he had to face this with his head up, or the family would be seriously disappointed.

Besides, the family did need his help to manage part of the companies, or stress was bound to befall a good part of the members. Nokoru had his responsibilities and he knew it. What he didn't know was for how long he'd have to stand that feeling, that helplessness of never being able to do simple things like taking a run along with Akira and Suoh without revealing the one thing he refused to let anyone know, not even his best friend and blue-haired kouhai.

He just couldn't... because he didn't want to have to accept that fact himself.

And now, as he rested his chin on the palms of his hands, elbows on the desk, the fourth sigh in less than 20 minutes escaped his lips. He had dismissed his younger companions so they could participate in the following game, their final, but Nokoru had stayed behind, saying there were still some papers on his desk that he had to take care of before going to, quoting his words, "watch them win" as soon as he finished those. They had been obviously suspicious, of course, but the time was closing in on them and both had to go soon, Nokoru didn't, and thus Suoh and Akira left.

Truth be told, however, the blond boy was so distracted, he could not concentrate on the task at hand, and so the piles of paper had remained the same ever since his friends left an hour or so ago. The other two would get too suspicious, he knew, if he took any longer than the match required, so, with a determined expression, Nokoru swallowed all his worries and immediately began going through the papers, swiftly and rapidly reading each one as he directed all his efforts into drowning his personal thoughts with the documents he had to go over.

It took him a surprisingly shorter time than he expected to end the stacks of papers, so, putting on his happy mask and definitely deciding to put all those feelings behind him, Nokoru calmly headed towards the CLAMP Campus Stadium, where the Sports Festival games were being held, in his own pace, of course... if he rushed too much, there would be consequences.

The blond boy had finally arrived in the Stadium, and a smile made way to his face as he heard the girls cheering wildly for his friends from the gates. Thankfully he had not attracted any of his fans' attention yet.

Coming closer to the spot where his friends were playing, he saw on Suoh's face, from the almost deserted entrance, that the blue-haired boy had acknowledged his presence, at which Nokoru smirked inwardly: his "bodyguard" sure was efficient.

The Takamura heir's efficiency, however, was not enough to prevent the following events, which happened in a flash: he had barely noticed Suoh's glance, when suddenly there was an arm around his waist a hand over his mouth. Nokoru felt the air knocked out of him and the ground escaping his feet as he was lifted to a greater height than he was used to.

From the corner of his eyes, Suoh saw a suspicious man approaching his kaichou and instantly knew they were up against trouble.

"Ijyuuin!" He shouted, calling the other student who had sworn with him to protect the Imonoyama heir.

The black-haired boy immediately stopped running when he heard the urgency in his senpai's voice. Directing his gaze at Suoh, the latter made a movement with his eyes and Akira followed the Takamura boy's indication with his black irises, immediately gasping as he saw his kaichou struggling in the arms of a tall stranger wearing sunglasses and dark clothing.

"Kaichou!" He shouted, not losing time in following Suoh, who had already sprang into a mad dash.

The other players and the spectators, realizing that the main stars of the game were suddenly running out of the field, the game also stopping, turned their attention, at the spot where the two seemed to be heading, and were all quite surprised to see the very well-known Elementary School Student Council President struggling helplessly against an unknown man.

Who was it that had been so bold and stupid so as to try to kidnap the Imonoyama heir in broad daylight and in such a crowded place?

Before they could think of an answer, however, Suoh was practically an inch's distance away from the man, and in a second the taller male was on the floor, Suoh standing on the guy's back with Nokoru in his protective arms, almost like newlyweds…

Moments later, a dozen or so more men, with the same appearance as the first, came and circled the three boys. Setting the blonde back on the ground, the ninja shouted to his kouhai.

"Ijyuuin! Get kaichou and run, I'll hold them back!"

"Hai, Takamura-senpai!" The younger replied, grabbing the hand of the oldest of them and tugging on it. To their surprise, however, Nokoru did not make any movement.

"No," came his faint reply, "I'm not running anywhere."

Astonished, the other two just looked at him, worry written all over their faces. Knowing the danger he would be in if he stayed, Akira chose to go against his kaichou's orders for the first time since he could recall: pulling the blonde's arm, the younger boy brought the other into a run with him anyway, despite the protests, while Suoh, recovered from the previous shock, proceeded knocking out the attackers, never letting any of them pass him by to reach the Elementary School Student Council President and Treasurer.

And this was when something unexpected happened.

Akira and Nokoru had barely reached the Elementary School building, less than a kilometer away from the Stadium, when the blonde fell to the ground on his knees, unable to take another step, arms in front of his body to support his own weight. Concerned, the black-haired boy bent down to his own knees and eyed the other in the eyes.

"Kaichou, what's wrong?" He questioned with a smooth voice.

The older boy, however, was unable to answer even if he wanted to, for his breathing was rushed and coming in short periods, his cream-colored face was a dark shade of red, sweat breaking out all over, his body trembling... and he could no longer feel any part of his lower body, thus being unable to run or walk anymore. All in all, he looked horrible… and felt even worse.

"Kaichou! What is wrong with you, Kaichou!" Akira half screamed, thoroughly worried, concern written all over his features.

Meanwhile, it didn't take long for Suoh to reach them, defeating all the opponents in a flash. The scene that greeted him, however, although far from his fear of finding his friends in an even worse situation than before, was none the less an unpleasant one. For starters, his kaichou didn't seem very well, and Akira seemed very distressed about something, as the black-haired boy was practically bouncing with despair around the oldest of the three, not knowing what to do.

As he came closer, the blue-haired boy noticed the older boy's condition and inwardly fought back the instinct to cry out. Whatever was happening was not good.

"Ijyuuin, we have to take him to the Hospital!" Suoh shouted, at which Akira nodded.

Before they could remove him from his spot on the ground, however, Nokoru, as distressed as he was in his staggered breathing, managed to hold up a hand in an obvious gesture of protest and in something barely above a whisper, a faint "No" was heard, but it was enough to stop both in their actions, plainly confused.

In a few seconds, Nokoru had his breathing pattern pretty much restored and his color was a little less reddish, but he still looked a mess.

"I'll be fine," he explained. "Just a temporary shock, that's it."

The Imonoyama heir's beautiful blue eyes, however, contrary to his lips, said otherwise, as the blonde looked down at the ground under his knees.

A moment of uncomfortable silence registered around them, neither of the younger two knowing what to say or do, nor what was wrong.

Within a few more minutes, Nokoru abruptly got up, startling his two partners, a wide smile plastered on his face.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" He laughed. "Come on, Suoh, Akira, you two better get back to the game or your team might lose!"

But as he made to walk back towards the stadium, he was vaguely aware of his body falling forward... and by the time Suoh caught him before the blonde fell on the ground, Nokoru had already lost his consciousness.

"Kaichou!" Both conscious boys screamed.

They had been really scared, awfully afraid something could have happened to their precious kaichou. In their despair, completely forgetting what Nokoru had said, both boys quickly brought the unconscious one to the CLAMP Campus Hospital, where the blonde was promptly taken to observation.

Meanwhile, Suoh and Akira were waiting at the reception, cracking their heads as they tried to figure out what could be wrong with Nokoru. The blonde had seemed very bad, but he had also made it clear that he did not want to go to the Hospital, but the younger boys knew not what to do in order to help him either than bringing their senpai there... and truth be told, even though they had gone against Nokoru's will, making them feel very miserable for it, they felt they had done the right thing.

But, if so, if it was really the right thing to do, why was it that they still felt so bad about it? Could it be that it was Nokoru who was wrong... for the first time in his brilliant life?

Somehow, they felt all these answers were, at the same time, true... and wrong.

It was really confusing... and both were starting to feel their minds screaming in agony for not being able to come to a clear conclusion, so they dropped the subject.

However, not having anything to think about while they waited only succeeded in making the time flow much... much slower, in agonizing seconds.

Finally, although only half an hour had gone by, a nurse told them they could go in and check on their friend, but she asked them not to wake the boy up, for he needed sleep to recover from a heart attack.

The two found this very strange, after all, their kaichou was young and healthy, wasn't he?

Deciding that they could find out about that later, Akira and Suoh chose to put the subject in the back of their minds for that moment and went in, searching for the room the nurse had told them Nokoru was in.

When they finally found it, both were relieved to find that the scene wasn't at all what they feared to find. The Imonoyama heir was not surrounded by wires or machines, indicating he wasn't that bad. In fact, the only machines attached to him were the one that they knew was used to help patients breathe and the heart monitor.

Letting out a breath of relief none knew they were holding, the two boys gave each other a significant look between them, signaling they should go, for there was nothing they could do there if they remained.

Kaichou needed to sleep, and that's what he was going to do.

So, thanking the good nurse on their way out, and making sure that they'd be warned if anything happened, the Elementary School Student Council Secretary and Treasurer exited the Hospital and decided to call it a day, knowing none would be able to concentrate on their respective tasks without getting some good sleep themselves first.

And each proceeded to their houses, hoping their President would recover soon.


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