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Hermione eyed herself in the mirror. She knew she was looking at a different Hermione than she had ever known. This was someone she was just starting to become acquainted with. How had Tonks talked her into this? And Ginny! Those two, she mused with a mix of amusement and resentment.

It had all started when Tonks insisted that she, and Ginny, should chop off all their hair upon completing their Auror Training. She even went so far as to show them what they would look like with their hair short. Ginny had jumped right in of course, never as conservative as Hermione. But somehow, she had gone along with the two. And now she found herself trying to see herself in this new person before her.

Secretly, she did like it. Her hair was bushy, yes, but the thickness gave her short hair body. Made her look wild, and as if she didn't care. It was a new start, and she liked it. Next came the getting used to bit. She had a new Hermione to meet. Sod it, she determined. She wasn't going to mourn over her loss, nor was she going to ache to see something that she couldn't. The beginning of the new Mi would start here, with her moving on and doing what she could. Indeed, she had other matters at hand.

She met Ginny in the gym, needing to work out some frustrations. They sat down to do some stretching. Making small chitchat mostly talking about what the rest of the Weasley family was up to.

"How's George?" Ginny asked as she moved into some yoga position that made Hermione's eyes hurt.

"Fred?" she asked her. She had been seeing one of the twins casually for a few weeks. "He decided to give Angelina another go, so he went to Romania."

"Sorry," Ginny winced, she wished she had known. "Guess Charlie talked some sense into her. Sorry, Mi."

"It's ok," Hermione laughed it off. "I told him to go for it if that's how he felt. We're just friends. Poor George gets to watch the enterprise for a while I take it."

"I always thought you and Ron," she gestured. "Would get together."

"Nah," She shook her head. "When he made it to Keeper, it got in his head that he could be something. Especially with that 'Weasley's our King' thing." Ginny nodded with a smile.

"That's where his path took him," Ron turned professional after school. It had always been his dream, so the Scarborough Scuttles drafted him. "Mine is elsewhere, if only I knew." She laughed.

Ginny laughed with her. "I always thought you had everything planned out."

"Well," Hermione nodded. "I had a plan for life, yah. But life had another for me."

"Has its way, hmm?" Ginny murmured standing up, holding out a hand to Hermione. A good run would sort out their thoughts, she told her.

A nice sweaty half hour later, Hermione washed her hair, enjoying the water. Ginny yelled for her to hurry up. Begrudgingly, she came out, giving it up to her restless friend. As she towel dried her hair, she remembered how little of her hair there actually was now. A crooked grin on her face, she scrunched up her hair and let it be untamed.

Heading over to the Ministry, they popped into their offices. Going through the regular routine of checking the new messages and wanted posters, all the Auror required bits. They settled down with a cuppa as they waited for the morning meeting to begin. Tonks wandering with a cup of something steaming blue, it matched her frosty blue eyes and her white platinum hair she wore at the moment. Ginny and Hermione watched with the usual amusement as Tonks shook her head adding in an undertone of blue to her hair.

She looked over at them, and a face to say, 'yes?' Hermione gave her a grin. "Cheeky."

"Always." And Tonks sat down across from them.

Eventually, the rest of the Aurors showed up and they had their scheduled meeting. After awhile, some left to go on their various duties. The rest left where the Order members. Tonks looked about and gave a casual good-bye.

"See you at Sup," she spoke to Ginny, which meant to every body, be at HQ tonight. She tossed over her shoulder, "1900 hours or close to it."

Hermione and Ginny stayed at the table while the rest of the order members left. Since they were still fairly young compared to some of them they got stuck with a little more paperwork and a little less fieldwork. Hermione flipped through the files in front of her tossing some over to her partner.

"Fair's fair." Ginny gave her a knowing, but not appreciative nod.

"Lets head to the shop to mull over these," Ginny almost begged her. Hermione grinned at her.

She knew why Ginny really wanted to go to the 7th floor café, though she was too amused to say so. She nodded as they hopped up and went to the elevator. It was horrible to read the tiny print on the files in the cramped cubicles, so they often would venture out, as long as they got their work done. This afternoon, they would have to sort out and handle some of the cases.

Sitting down with a mug of tea, Hermione waited while Ginny got her specialized concoction. Tonks had really started her on new and different ideas, now they seemed to contend who could find the oddest creation. Hermione would just roll her eyes and stick with plain tea. In truth, she didn't care what she drank, anything for a break.

"Granger," A man nodded to her, sitting down in Ginny's spot.

"Talon," she nodded to him with a restrained sigh. She looked over to see Ginny occupied with his partner. He followed her gaze over to the other two.

"Nice together, eh?"

"Matter of opinion, I suppose." She kept her words neutral. She didn't care for the bloke, Caftan. Ginny could do way better, and she knew it. Caftan was just a mere pastime.

"Stakeout tonight?" Chris looked over her files. She put her hand on one when he tried to pick it up.

"No, Talon."

"Then you're free for dinner, eh?" He grinned at her. He let her hand linger near his on the file, until she ripped the file away.

"Chris," she used his first name. He was a nice guy, but so not her type. Slightly pushy for her taste too.

"Talon." He nodded referring to his last name. That's what he would always be to her, Talon. She wouldn't see anyone at work she told him over and over. At least he knew it to be true; she hadn't dated anyone else in the ministry.

She gave a small trying smile. She wasn't going to say she was sorry, why should she? Luckily Ginny and her admirer came over, a forced smile on her face. Hermione knew that her partner's flash of big exaggerated eyes to her let her know that Ginny was not enjoying this, no matter how she acted. She regained a normal look and turned to the puppy.

"Look at all this paperwork Mi is making us do!" she shot her friend an apologetic look. Knowing that she was lying, Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Talon can take care of her." He grinned at his mate-Chris looked unamused with his assigned partner.

"Evan, bugger off." Hermione told him directly, not hiding her dislike for the man. He was such the jerk, he took it all in stride and thought she was being funny.

"Granger." He laughed.

Ginny grinned, more at her taking one for the team, and kissed on the cheek. "Piss off and let us get some work done." She flirted. "We'll catch up later."

That seemed to appease him as he and his reluctant partner headed off to the elevators. Ginny quickly grabbed a napkin off the table and rubbed it around on her mouth. Hermione rolled her eyes but cracked up anyways.

"As much as they dislike each other, so they say," she started.

"-They are well suited." Ginny finished for her with a laugh.

Their laughter settled as they went through their files and bit the bullet to do some work. Placing some files aside, Ginny declared them finished, while another pile was made of cases they needed to visit. Looking over at the ever studious Hermione, Ginny found her curiously staring at a manila folder. Peering over the top and staring at it upside down, Ginny looked up at Hermione to see a look that mirrored her own.

"What in the wizarding world is that?" Ginny asked in a puzzled tone as Hermione handed her the folder.

"Exactly." She answered in an odd voice. Ginny's eyes flew up from the words she was reading to look at her partner.


"It's unlike anything we've ever seen," was all she could say to explain it. "Read."

So Ginny read it and looked over to Hermione afterwards. "From Albus?" Mi nodded. "Why?" Mi shrugged.

"It's like reading a story," Hermione gestured helplessly. "I'm not quite sure what to make of it, you?"

"I guess we'll have visitors soon." Ginny tried.

"From 'Gondor' apparently."

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