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Chapter 1: First Impressions

All was quiet in the town of Tomedea. It was a beautiful Monday morning when suddenly all around the block a single cry could be heard.

"I'M LATE!!!!" erupted from inside the small house in the middle of the block.

Many people laughed as they heard the scream because they knew it had come from a beautiful young girl with long brown hair and enchanting emerald eyes. Many continued on their way to work waving to one another on the block still smiling at the morning call.

Inside the House

"Oh my god! I'm late! And on my first day too." The emerald eyed beauty quickly grabbed the clothes her best friend had laid out for her and changed at top speed for her first day at work. "Dad, why didn't you wake me??? You know today was my first day."

"I tried sweetie but you know the only person that can really get you out of bed is your brother," said Fujitaka Kinomoto, Sakura's father.

"I know dad, thanks for trying every morning," Sakura shouted behind her. "I can still make it, thanks dad for breakfast." Sakura said as she grabbed a piece of toast and ate it meanwhile struggling to put on her shoes without tripping and falling on her face.

"Here have a drink before you go."

"You're the best dad, have a good day at work," she shouted as she ran towards the bus stop.

"Gambatte, sweetie," whispered Fujitaka, watching as his daughter raced down the street to catch the oncoming bus.

At the Li Corporation

"Hold the elevator please," an elegantly dressed gentleman with messy brown hair shouted.

Sakura held the elevator door open for the man. Sakura caught a glance at the male's cold amber eyes and felt herself shiver. She couldn't help but look away and instinctively pressed the floor she was going to and then, still avoiding eye contact, asked the gentleman, "What floor sir?"

"Same," came a cold reply.

As the elevator came to a stop the amber-eyed male stepped out of the elevator, soon followed by Sakura. A sharply dressed violet-eyed girl came walking up towards them.

"Good morning Li-san," said Tomoyo, grabbing Sakura's hand as he walked away. "Morning Sakura, just in time too, you have 5 minutes to catch your breathe and meet with Li-san."

"Thanks Tomoyo, I owe you big time for getting me this job," Sakura smiled sweetly. "But didn't you just call that guy Li-san?"

"Yeah, you're his secretary," replied Tomoyo.

"What! You got me a job as his secretary?"

"It was either that or be a cleaning lady," stated Tomoyo, trying to resolve the situation calmly. She knew how difficult Li-san could be, but this was the only job she could find for her friend.

"OK, OK. I was being harsh. I'm ready, lead me to his office."

"Yeah, let's go. He like's people to be on time."

Sakura gulped as she followed Tomoyo toward the amber-eyed man's office, smiling at the people that looked at them as they passed. Several people started whispering behind their back.

"Hey how long you think she'll last?" whispered one guy.

"I don't know but either way I want her number and a date, she's hot." And the whispers continued, each man nodding in agreement at the sheer beauty of Li-san's newest secretary.

"Hey Sakura," called out Eriol from the door of the office next to Li's.

"Hey Eriol," Sakura replied recognizing his voice immediately, "how you like having your girlfriend as your secretary?"

"It's wonderful, I get to flirt with her daily and this way no guy can hit on my beautiful princess," came Eriol's reply.

"Eriol," replied a blushing Tomoyo. "Sakura I can't go in there with you but Syaoran's room is just across from here."


"Li, Syaoran is his first name but NEVER use that unless he says you can"

"Thanks for the head's up, meet you two later for lunch, right?"

"Of course, we've already booked a table at 12:15 for us," called out Eriol, still standing in his office doorway.

"K, see you guys later," Sakura called out to them before knocking on Li's door.

"Come in," came an icy reply from inside the room.

Sakura took one final deep breath and opened the door to the office. It was much lovelier then she had expected. He was seated on the far side of the room at his desk, apparently very busy with some important paperwork. She didn't know whether to approach him or not and he gave no sign either in what she should do, so Sakura decided to walk up towards Syaoran's desk. "Good morning Li-san. My name is Sakura Kinomoto, I'm your new secretary." She said brightly, giving him a sweet smile.

Syaoran looked up from the file he was reading, as if just noticing that there was another person in his office besides him, and looked at Sakura. Sakura felt like shivering when she looked into his eyes for the second time today but prevented herself from disclosing her feelings of intimidation and panic. Fear was not the first impression she wanted to leave with her new boss. "Kinomoto, I'm going to say this once and once only. I do not tolerate lateness and incompetence, understand?" He emphasized that last word and Sakura knew immediately that Li-san was serious and was not to be taken lightly.

"Yes sir," replied a nervous Sakura.

Syaoran gave his new secretary a quick nod and handed her several files. "I want you to have these typed up and copied by lunch time today. I need six copies of each. They are to be used in this afternoons meeting. If you can't handle it, you can leave now."

"No sir, it will be ready by lunch time today." I'll have to get started right away if I want to get those done before lunch, she thought to herself.

Syaoran nodded and dismissed her. "One more thing, bring me a cup of coffee, sugar and milk. My cup is over here." He indicated to the empty cup that was occupying his desk, along with many files and folders pertaining to Li's various important clients.

"Right away sir." Sakura quickly left his office, cup in hand. As soon as she was out the door and out of earshot, she let out a sigh of relief. She quickly dropped the files off on her desk as she passed it and crossed over to Tomoyo's desk. "Hey Tomoyo, where's the coffee room? Li-san wants some coffee."

"Oh, follow me, I need a cup of tea too."

"Thanks, you're the best girl. Oh and thanks for the outfit too. It fits beautifully as usual."

"Of course it does, who made it??"

The two chatted away as they mixed their drink for their respective bosses.

"I'll catch you later Tomoyo, I have a lot to do before lunch since Li-san has me typing up five files for the meeting this afternoon. Oh, before I forget, where is the copy room??"

"Oh, just across from here," a smiling Tomoyo said, pointing to a small room near the coffee room they were just in.

"Thanks!" Giving Tomoyo one of her trademark smiles.

"You can win beauty pageants with that smile or be a model and you choose to be a secretary. I'll never understand you girl."

"You know that I don't like to be in the spot light."

She waved goodbye to her friend as she made her way to Li's office, along with his coffee. After knocking on his door and waiting for his reply, she quickly dropped off his coffee and left the room. She then started up the word processor and began the tedious work of typing up the 5 files for this afternoon's meeting.

Three Hours Later (About 11:15)

Sakura picked up the printed work and gathered up the different files. "Finally," she sighed as she headed towards the copy room. As she walked into the room she saw the copier was being used so she stood off to the side waiting for the man to finish.

As the man was finishing off Sakura decided to make herself a cup of coffee. She placed down the files she had just finished typing and mixed up a quick cup of coffee for herself, when she heard the copier stop from the other room. She hurriedly grabbed the files and her coffee and walked towards the other room. As she was entering the room she didn't see that the man still there and heading out of the room as she was rushing in. She tried to stop, but it was too late and she crashed into him, spilling her coffee all over his suit.

"Why you clumsy bitch!!! Look what you did to my brand new suit!!!" Shouted the man, looking down at his ruined suit.

"I'm so sorry, I thought you had left, I-I'm so very sorry." She quickly grabbed a few tissues and reached out in an effort to clean his suit.

"You think a simple sorry is ok your clumsy..." He paused.

Sakura looked up and saw that the man was now staring at her. She handed him a few more tissues, still concerned about ruining this poor man's suit and apologized once more. "I'm very sorry." God, this is not how she wanted to start her first day on work. Smart move Sakura, burn your co-workers, that's always a good way to break the ice, she scolded herself mentally.

"It's ok, it is only coffee. Nothing a bit of dry cleaning can't fix. By the way, I'm sorry for yelling but it's just been a rough morning. My name is Jin Su Wong and you would be?"

"My name is Sakura Kinomoto, I'm Li's newest secretary." Sakura gave him a small smile.

"Which Li is that?" asked Jin Su.

"There is more than one Li-san here??" Sakura asked, surprised to know that there were more Li's besides the one she worked for.

"Yes, I take that you've only been here for a few hours and most of it spent at your desk."

Sakura blushed at this comment and nodded as Jin Su had guessed correctly. "Yes, Li-san had me type up some files for this afternoons meeting. Oh my, I almost forgot to copy them."

"Well then, how about I keep you company?"

"There isn't any need, I'm certain you're extremely busy. Also I don't want to be a bother to you."

"No bother, I'm always willing to keep a beautiful lady company."

"Thank you, would you mind telling me who the other Li's are. I would like to know a bit more regarding this company," asked Sakura, starting to photocopy the five files, being sure to make six copies each as Syaoran had instructed.

"Well there are two other Li's in this company, not including Syaoran. There is Lian Li, Syaoran's father. He is president of the Li Corporation but since the main company base is in Hong Kong he isn't here right now and is dealing with the company located over in Hong Kong. His son Syaoran Li runs this company until he takes over the entire Li Clan. The last Li member is also here and his name is Mika and he's the cousin of your boss." Stated Jin Su as he kept staring at Sakura's voluptuous ass and luscious legs. She was definitely breathtaking and he could already tell that he would do everything in his power to ensure that she would be his. A small grin crept across his face at that thought.

No sooner had he finished speaking, Sakura had finished the last of her copying. "Thanks for all your help Wong-san, was it? I got to go and file these right away before lunch, I'm meeting some friends of mine. Thank you once again and sorry about the coffee." Sakura said to Jin Su, before leaving him in the copy room and finding her way back to her desk.

Once at her desk, Sakura quickly checked over and made certain there weren't any mistakes and filed them away into different color folders. She then stacked them together and picked them up, heading to Syaorans office. She knocked cautiously on Syaoran's door.

"Come in," came the usual cold reply.

"Sir, I'm finished with the files and I've made six copies as you instructed. They're all here. Would you like to look them over now sir?"

"Bring them over here," came the chilling voice that never ceased to send shivers up Sakuras spine.

Sakura walked over to Syaoran's desk and placed down one of each file that she had typed up that morning. Syaoran quickly glanced them over and nodded his approval. "Well done, you finished before I thought you would. Go see if the conference room is set up and make certain the projector works and the laptops are ready for taking notes. You'll be joining us in the meeting, with you being my secretary. I expect you there on time and to have everything set up and ready. You'll be required to take notes for the meeting and tomorrow, if you can survive till then, me and you will be making choices on the proposals that the others believe need to be done."

"Yes sir, if that is all I'll see you after lunch sir."

"That'll be all." With that, he returned his attention to his file and once again, Sakura became invisible to him.

Sakura left Syaoran's room and headed towards the large conference room carrying the files like he had ordered. She started checking up on the machines making certain everything was in order and laid out the five files in front of each seat. She checked one last time and made certain everything was set as she locked up the conference room and headed back to her desk. As she neared her desk, she saw Jin Su behind it, in her seat. "Can I help you Wong-san?" asked a curious Sakura.

"Oh, I just wanted to invite you to lunch."

"I'm sorry I can't, I'm meeting my friends for lunch today as I mentioned earlier to you. Maybe another time."

"Oh well, maybe another time then." He grinned as he walked away, back to his office she supposed. Another time indeed, Jin Su thought to himself as he casually walked away from Sakura, leaving her lost among her thoughts.

Sakura didn't know what to think about that Jin Su character, but she made a mental note to be cautious around him. Brushing that thought away, she grabbed her handbag. 'Halfway through the first day at work so far so good. Hopefully you can get through the rest of the day with the same ease...hopefully,' she repeated to herself before heading towards Tomoyo's desk.

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