Chapter 1- The New Guy

"Ms. Francis! Please clean hallway 20 on the 5th floor! Miss Coco has broken another vase. Quickly Ms. Francis!" screamed Mr. Herriman on the loudspeaker.

"Yah yah yah! I'm going! Stupid bunny..." She stomped off to the 5th floor to clean up the mess. She took her broom from the closet and began to sweep it up.

"Stupid bunny! Makes me do everything around this joint! What does he do? He walks around scaring all heck out of all the imaginary friends! One day someone will come to the rescue..." She finished the sweeping only to hear another call from Mr. Herriman.

"MS. FRANCIS! Come down to the kitchen! We require you assistance to cook tonight's dinner."

"humph..." she grumbled. She walked over to the kitchen and began to cook.

"Whew! I'm beat! Time to hit the hay!" Frankie fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She dreamt about a savior that came to help her. He helped with her chores and her cooking. He was nice, good-looking, and sincere. He was the most wonderful guy she had ever met. And he wasn't gay either! She was just about to kiss his perfect lips when she heard a loud buzzing.

"AHHHHH!" She woke up suddenly and heard the buzzing. It was the doorbell. She sulked to the door and opened it up.

"Hello, welcome to Fost-" but she stopped. She was looking at the most good-looking guy she had ever seen. He was buff with brown hair and a killer smile. He gave her a toothy grin and began to talk in a low, sexy voice.

"Hi. I heard that you have job openings?"

"Ah, yah... sure, just come on in please and I'll give you the tour grand. I mean the gour trand. I mean-"

He put his fingers to her lips. "The grand tour?" he finished. Frankie simply nodded while her face was burning red. She turned around quickly and saw Bloo running down the hall.

"WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY?!" he screamed.

"It's Saturday, why?"

"OH NO! ITS ADOPT-A-THOUGHT SATURDAY! Oh no! Where's Mack? We need to stop the friends from being adopted! OOGA! OOGA!" He screamed and ran down the halls searching for Mack. Wilt came down and looked at Frankie.

"Good morning Frankie! Who's the new guy? Your boyfriend?"

Frankie blushed. "Of course not! He's just looking for employment!" Wilt winked with his working eye. "Whatever you say! Oh, I'm Wilt by the way! The crazy blue guy is Bloo. That reminds me, I need to lock him up before he gets to the other friends! Bye!"

Wilt ran off. Frankie sneezed. She heard a faint voice scream, "GAZOONHIET!" It was Wilts. She laughed and looked at the new guy.

"So, lets start with the first floor, shall we?"