Chapter 5- His secret

Things between Frankie and Eric and herself had been going well. However, She wasn't sure he was aware of that fact that they were going out. Whenever he referred to Frankie, he called her a "friend." This hurt Frankie a little bit. She decided to ask him out just to make sure it was official.

"Uh, Eric?"


"Well, we are going out, right?"


"NO?!" screamed Frankie. "But...but... the movies! And the kiss! And the... you know, everything! Flirting, talking to each other, staring at each other... you know!" She was obviously heartbroken and Eric didn't know how to fix it.

"Frankie, I can't go out with you."

Frankie's mouth opened wide. Was he cheating on her? Was he already married? Was he keeping something from her that she didn't know about? She grabbed his shoulders and began to shake him.

"WHY?! Do you know something I don't know about? Tell me!" she started to sob on his shirt.

"Please, Frankie! Don't be so sad! I'm quite surprised that you don't know. I mean, you should know."

"Know what?" Frankie was desperate.

"Don't you know why I came to Fosters?"

"No, so just TELL ME!"

Eric took a big breath and told her something that changed her forever.

"Frankie, I'm an imaginary friend."

Frankie was shocked. She thought about it reasonably, and it was very true. She had imagined this very guy in her dream. She was surprised she didn't notice before. The one guy who she thought she could love forever... he wasn't real... he was...imaginary.

"Please... leave...NOW!" She screamed. He ran out of the building. He felt horrible. She had no idea that he was imaginary. Eric had been made to love her, but her never truly understood his feelings...until the kiss.

Okay... it was kinda a sad ending... but how else was I supposed to end it! I mean, he's not gonna turn into a real boy or anything like Pinochio! Jeez...