I'll Worship You Forever

By the1koolkitty

Note from Kitty:

This is the sequel to "Love in Blind Eyes." Sadly, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, nor Yami's hot body, but I DO own Sahara, Taro and Khayer. I really hope you enjoy it...but even if you don't, I like to receive reviews. Oh, and before I start, I'd like to thank my "editor" and online friend Claire (a.k.a. SGCred) for looking through the prologue, for reviewing my stories loyally, and for writing Shy But Sweet Wanting with me and Yugi in it! Luv ya, girl! (winks)


POV: Sahara

I appeared again in the palace I had first visited with my brother when I found out about myself being a goddess.

Khayer smirked at my parents on their thrones as Horus appeared next to Father.

"Your daughter, as promised," he sneered, "Property to the God world for all eternity."

I glared at Khayer as I pulled my wrist out of his grip, and slapped him full across the face.

Khayer was shocked and furious as he felt the bruise on his cheek. Father and Mother were horrified. Horus was the only one who seemed to have a touch of pride in his eyes.

"That's what I think of you and your father's stupid plot," I spat, "I hope you're satisfied with causing both Atem and me pain, because that's the only bit of comfort that could protect you from me, Khayer...I'll make sure the rest of your immortality is a living hell."

And with that, I ran.

I didn't quite know where I was running to, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get away from Khayer...from my parent's reactions...from everything...

I stopped at the end of a hallway and sat down, my back against the wall.

I sighed. What I wouldn't give for me to just run back into Atem's arms again...

"Atem..." I whispered as a tear fell down my cheek.

I remembered his last few words to me.

"I'll worship you forever, beautiful, holy Sahara..." I found my lips mouth out his pledge of love to myself.

I closed my eyes, and made my own pledge.

"I shall find you again, my love...my Atem..."


POV: Atem

I saw her...

My love...my dear Sahara...

She looked at me, and her blue eyes widened in hope. "Atem..."

I ran over to her, and held her tight.

"Oh, Sahara..." I whispered, "You're safe...you're back..."

It was then that I suddenly felt myself whammed backward. I was chained to a metal wall, and behind Sahara was Khayer. He held onto her wrist tightly...possessively.

"Our fathers had an agreement," he whispered.

Sahara struggled against him. "Let me go!"

"Never," Khayer hissed, "Now come with me, cousin, your parents are waiting..."

"NO!" Sahara yelled, trying to pull away, "ATEM! ATEM!"

Khayer started to pull her out of the room. He waved his hand at me before shutting the door behind him. Instantly, I found myself surrounded by poisonous cobras.

"Go to Ammut, Pharaoh Atem!" Khayer yelled through the barred window on the door, "Then you'll no longer be in my way!"

"ATEM!" I heard Sahara scream, "ATEM! NO!"

Her screams continued as I heard Khayer pull her farther and farther away from the door.

"SAHARA!" I yelled, "SAHARA-"

My yells only stopped when fangs came in contact with my neck...


I awoke with a start.

"Sahara..." I whispered, rubbing my neck gingerly where one of the dreamed cobras had bitten me.

I envisioned my goddess love once more, only to feel my heart ache as it had so many times before.


It was strange...I'd known sadness, but never anything like this. I could almost feel the brokenness of both me and her...I could feel her own silent tears run down my cheeks.

"I'll worship you forever, beautiful, holy Sahara..."

I repeated my pledge to her softly. It was one of the last things I had ever told her...and I intend to live up to my promise.

I will find her again...Even if it takes ten lifetimes, I will find my dear Sahara...I'll show her how much I love her...and I'll make sure Khayer never lays a finger on her again...

I closed my eyes.

"I'll worship you forever, beautiful, holy Sahara..."