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Chapter Eight:
Stay Out of the Darkness

POV: Sahara

In the seamstress's room, I looked into the mirror to see the dress that had been made for me.

It had no sleeves and was made of white silk, almost like a queen would have back in Egypt. But I felt like no queen; I felt like a monster.

"Sunshine?" my mother said in concern, "Sunshine, you haven't said a word. Are you alright?"

"What do you think?" I snapped.

I clapped a hand to my mouth, realizing what I had said. "Mom, I'm sorry, I-"

Mother brought me into her arms. "I know, Sunshine, I know. Khayer told us…" her voice sounded cold, "But I promise you, your father and I will try to find a way to reverse it."

I glared. "Well, your and Father's attempts haven't been much to boast about, have they?"

I clapped a hand to my mouth again. How can I be saying such things? Khayer, what the hell have you done to me?

Mother touched my cheek.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this, darling," she whispered, "But you've been through hard things before, haven't you? Whatever you do, there are two things you must not lose."

"What?" I asked.

"Hope and bravery," she told me firmly, "When you go down the aisle, be brave. Don't let your dark side come out without a real fight, and be hopeful that the light will welcome you back with loving arms."

I frowned as the seamstress handed me a bouquet of flowers and put a veil over my head.

"It's almost time, Sunshine," Mother whispered, "And remember; be brave and have hope."

POV: Atem

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a golden palace, with mysterious rafters and a golden throne on a raised area in the back.

It looked so much like my palace back in Egypt.

"Whoa," muttered Joey, his eyes wide, "This place is huge…"

"Who's palace is this?" asked my Hikari, who was now standing beside me.

"My father's," replied Horus, "This is really the center of the God World…most guests come here first. No one really knows why…some say it's so Osirus can circulate through guests and intruders, but then again, he's not exactly here, is he?"

"Where is he?" I inquired.

Horus frowned. "I'm not sure…time here is different…"

He turned around to look at the door, which was adorned with pillars, to see the sunset.

"He's at the wedding!" Horus realized in panic, "Khayer will marry Sahara by nightfall!"

"Then we've got to get to that wedding and stop it!" I said.

"Hate to burst your bubble, but it looks like we've got company," Kaiba snapped.

Everyone turned, to see a bunch of fiend Duel Monsters flying at them. They surrounded the group barely putting up a fight.

"Khayer," Horus scowled, "He must have been wary of me coming to the wedding…"

"What do we do?" Tea asked.

Almost as a reflex, Kaiba activated his Duel-disk, and I did the same.

"I summon Dark Magician!" I shouted.

"And I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon!" Kaiba yelled.

Joey activated his Duel-disk, and Tea activated a new Duel-disk on her arm.

"I summon Red Eyes Black Dragon!" cried Joey.

"And I summon Dark Magician Girl!" Tea screamed.

Our monsters fought against the fiends, clearing our path and helping us through.

"I should warn you," Horus tried to talk over the noise as we ran, "When mortals summon a Duel Monster, they become linked with their monsters! You better watch your monsters carefully."

It was then a fiend monster came out of nowhere and started an attack for the Dark Magician. I tried to figure out to save my Dark Magician; I found none. I froze as the attack came right for me and my Duel Monster…

A swarm of Kuriboh came in front of me and the Dark Magician, blocking the attack.

I stared at Yugi, who had activated a Duel-disk of his own and played Kuriboh and the Multiply magic card.

"You okay, Yami?" asked Yugi.

"I'm fine," I assured him, "Thanks."

The multiplying Kuriboh blocked all the other fiend monsters, and due to their special ability, when they came on contact, they self-destructed.

Yugi's hand flew to his heart and he panted when his Kuriboh self-destructed, but he still smiled weakly and said, "We won. Now onto that wedding!"

POV: Sahara

I heard the organ playing in the background, as the bridesmaids and the flower girl went down the aisle…then I knew it was my turn.

The doors opened, and I carefully stepped into the room. My head was down, looking at the red carpet rather than Khayer smirking down at me.

But then my mother's words came back to me…

'Be brave and have hope.'

I slowly raised my head to coldly glare at Khayer as I joined him on the dais.

Khayer smirked at me, and as the priest spoke the marriage ceremony, I saw him look down my body and lick his lips. My eyes narrowed dangerously.

POV: Third Person

The ceremony seemed to last forever.

Isis looked at Osirus from their private box up in the rafters, where all the higher-classed gods sat.

"Osirus…this can't happen…it can't…there must be some way-"

Osirus shook his head quietly to tell her to stop. "There's nothing we can do."

"But she can't marry him-"

"She can and she has to," Osirus interrupted sadly.

Isis looked back down at her daughter on the dais with Khayer, tears filling her eyes.

"My Sunshine…"

POV: Sahara

The priest then uttered in a bored tone, "If anyone has any objection to why these two should not be placed in harmonic unity, speak now or forever hold your peace."

'Someone…anyone…say something…' I pleaded, 'I don't care whether or not you have legal evidence, just stop this wedding…please…'

But no one spoke.

"Then by the power vested in me," the priest started to end the ceremony.

I felt tears fall down my face. Khayer's smirk broadened.

"I now pronounce these two husband and-"


The door was slammed open, and in came my brother Horus and…

I stared.

"Sahara!" Atem ran over to me.

I was speechless. I couldn't move.

But Khayer intervened.

"Pharaoh Atem?" he roared, and the whole room seemed to tremble in fear.

Atem glared at Khayer. "That's my name, Khayer. Don't wear it out."

My eyes widened. He…remembered…? But how can this be?

Atem took my hand. "Sahara…you don't have to marry him."

"I have no choice," I whispered.

"Yes, you do," he insisted, "The marriage contract is invalid."

Everyone in the room gasped.

"YOU FILTHY LIAR!" Khayer snarled, looking ready to kill Atem on the spot.

"It's the truth," Horus stepped forward, "With help from our own legal expert here," he nodded to Kaiba, "We found a fatal flaw in the marriage contract. I relies on Sahara being a goddess bound to the God World, which is what your father's contract refers to…but there's a contradiction in there I think you might want to hear."

"And what's that, Horus?" spat Khayer.

"'Grow up in the world of her parents,'" Horus replied with a smirk, "My parents were born first as mortals."

The whole crowd started whispering furiously. Khayer's eyes widened in fury.

"This…this can't be!"

"It is," said Horus, "This means there are two ways the contract could be interpreted…therefore, it could be claimed invalid."

I stared at Atem for a moment, before running into his arms, sobbing and laughing at the same time.

He kissed my cheeks, my forehead, my lips…my whole face. I snuggled deep into his arms, and straddled my hips with his.

Atem groaned, and then I realized what I had just done. I pulled out of his arms, stepping back, my eyes wide with horror.


I closed my eyes and shook my head wildly, trying to get myself to think straight, but all I could see was a bed and Atem and me together…

POV: Atem

Khayer laughed. "It looks like Sahara is feeling a little lustful…"

"What do you mean?" I demanded.

"Your precious Sahara is slowly becoming dark, Atem," Khayer replied with an evil smirk, "Her heart is becoming darker with each passing second. First it was anger…now it's lust."

My eyes widened in horror and fury. "You bastard!"

"It was Sahara who made the deal with me to keep you safe," Khayer mocked, "I was just making sure she had to run to me…she will have to, eventually…I'm the only one that shall satisfy her lust for darkness after she's completely consumed."

I was ready to tear him apart, but Yugi and Joey held me back.

It was then that goddess with a feathered dress flew down from the air.

"Ma'at," said Osirus, "What do you make of this?"

"Hmm," Ma'at thought a moment, "Well, the contract could be interpreted either way, to be frank…I can't really favor one over the other. But it may be best to have Khayer marry her…her darkness could hurt others if we tried to prevent it."

I finally pulled out of my friend's arms and growled, "Khayer…I'll make you a deal."

"And what's that?" Khayer asked.

I activated my Duel-disk. "Duel me, and whoever wins gets Sahara. But we're going to raise the stakes further than that. If I win, you'll release your hold on Sahara, and if you win…you get me and the Millennium Puzzle."

"Atem, NO!" Sahara screamed.

"Please don't, Yami!" Yugi pleaded.

Khayer smirked. "I accept your challenge, fool. Let's duel!"