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Chapter 1: I put a spell on you!

Harry breathed deeply before he entered Potions Class knowing it going to be another hectic day. He dreaded entering the classroom, but there was no help for it: if he wanted to be an Auror, he needed to have a Potions NEWT.

He sat in his usual seat located two rows from the back. It was just about the perfect place to sit since it was far enough from Snape and far FAR enough from Malfoy. It was quite imperative that he sit as far away from Malfoy as possible because if it was possible then Malfoy was being more of a dick than usual. Lately, he had been acting up by destroying Harry's homework and hitting him whenever he got the chance.

Overall the class was creating more stress than it was worth. Harry could feel the same migrane pop up in his eyes.

"I think I need to stop wearing these glasses." He thought to himself as he placed the heels of his palms over his closed eyes and pressed inward; trying to soothe the pain with a light pressure.

The invisible bell toned twice indidcating that class had started. Snape swooped into the room giving the Gryffindors his usual glare and took special care to glare at Harry longer than the others.

"Welcome to another day in Potions Class." He gave an elaborate arm swing and the directions for the potion they were to work on was instantly printed on the small chalkboard next to Snape's desk.

"Today, class, we will be revising our unit on Contour potions. Some people will need more brushing up than others." He glared at Neville and shook his head before mumbling,

"I still don't know how that idiot got into my NEWT class."

Hermione patted Neville on the arm trying to calm him down. It was shaping up to be a 'normal' day in Potions Harry thought. At least as normal as any day could be now that the Ministry had recognized the fact that the Wizarding world was at war.

Harry, more than any of the other students, felt the pressure of the war. The Harry-bashing had stopped almost overnight and now he had to contend with everyone sucking up to him by sending gifts and 'and' Merlin only knew what else... Dumbledore had finally set up a room for just Harry's mail and a house elf had been appointed to deal with it all.

"Mainly, they are trying to keep me sweet so that I won't mind sacrificing myself for them." He once said to Ron when the conversation was brought up between them.

The big question in his head: Was he willing to sacrifice himself for everyone and were they even worth it?

Harry often wondered if there couldn't possibly be another way then to throw himself in danger. He was sixteen fucking years old, did people really think he was just going to throw himself in danger for them. Especially, ever since he saw his godfather, quite possibly the only person in the whole world who actually loved him and his only tie to this world, was rudely stripped away from him.

Harry was positive that most people saw only the scar on his head and never bothered with who he really was. People actually had the audacity to laugh in his face about it!

If he hadn't been distracted, he would have probably pulled a fit right there in Potions Class about the unfairness of life. Instead, he settled for chopping his pig veins a little too harshly. He felt obligated to act like an adult and show the world around him that there was nothing to fear, but at the same time he wanted to rant and run away from the terror like the little boy inside him was telling him too.

That was something else that had been taken away from him. He had been stripped of his childhood and his dignity at the Dursley house. They treated him like a slave and sometimes worse.

Coming to Hogwarts had been like seeing a ray of sunshine. He had thought maybe he could have a normal teenage life, but he had been stripped of that dream too. At the end of last year he had become an instant adult.

These days there was nothing on his mind except the war and homework. He was sick of constantly looking behind his back, but he gritted his teeth and continued on. He knew the minute let up he would be done for.

Harry had a pretty pout on his face as he dwelt on the idea of what everyone's reaction would be if he just started screaming,

"Fuck all! Fuck this, fuck the whole circus- all the dumb bastards!" Realistically, he knew he could not scream his thoughts to any one, no one at all.

He looked down at the potion and realized he was missing something. With his quill still in his mouth he got up to get a missing ingredient. It did not matter, in this class no one speaks to each other, everyone was either distracted with their potion or the Boy friend/ girlfriend deal.

He felt a twinge of jealousy but quickly squashed it down when he told himself that there was no need for a relationship. He just returned to his cauldron and resumed brewing. Ron and Hermione were having one of their boy/girl friend days: talking quietly between themselves and completely forgetting about Harry.

He told himself that he did not care. The way he figured it was to let them have this peaceful time together before the war and real life intruded on them.

Harry felt a light wisp of air around his neck; it made his hair in the back of his neck stand in attention. He stood up a little straighter and looked around. Everyone, including the Slytherins, were smart enough not to do any magic during Potions Class.

When nothing else happened, Harry shrugged his shoulders and went back to tending his potion. After adding the whale blubber into his cauldron he felt the cold air wisp around his neck once more. Only this time he could have sworn that he felt fingers tracing his collarbone. His stomach jumped as he scratched his neck.

"There it is again." He thought as he felt warm breath ghost against his ear. And then he felt himself lifting.

Starting to choke, His body was shaking from lack of breath. The fingers where so tightly wrapped around his neck he couldn't pry them off. His glasses fell off as he struggled, trying to figure out if this was a spell or if it was a real person.

He heard people screaming as they noticed him struggling and prayed that Snape would do something to help him. He was in serious trouble until he heard a loud grunt and suddenly a black figure hit the back wall behind him.

"Apparently Snape isn't going to help after all." He thought as blood was rushing to his head.

He finally located the invisible arms and followed them out to the rest of the body. He kicked his legs out, unbalancing the person and forcing them to let go of him. He crumpled into a heap breathing heavily as he looked around and saw a yellow barrier around everyone.

His classmates and some teachers were banging on the barrier trying to help him. He noticed Professor McGonagall banging and throwing out all the curses she could remember at the offending barrier and wondered idly what she was even doing in the Potions Classroom. He was lucky his eyes where actually 20/20 vision, and not the bad vision that people believed he had. But, that was another story all its own.

While he was still trying to recover, he felt his body being jerked to the left and an invisible foot came crashing towards his face. He crashed into the back wall, or at least what he thought was the back wall. Looking around again, Harry groaned at the pain in his head and wondered why the wall was groaning also. His eyes widened considerably upon seeing one Draco Malfoy on his back behind Harry. He had caught him- DRACO FUCKING MALFOY- had managed to catch him in mid air.

"Damn, Potter, you are heavy!" He said as he set him back on his feet.

Harry couldn't mutter a word. The invisible person had once again threw him against the wall before he could make any retort to Draco. As his head cracked against the wall he was brought back to reality and he started to struggle.

This time when he kicked out he only wasted his effort on thin air. His attacker had learned his lesson the first time. Then he saw Malfoy rounding on the invisible person with his wand out and ready to dual.

"REVEALIVO PERSANO," Draco barked out.

Someone slowly came into his vision. A young man with bright blue hair was revealed. Harry kicked his face and started to punch wildly at the blue haired man. Just when Harry thought he had the upper hand the blue haired man started to fight back. It quickly turned into a full out fistfight with both opponents trying to beat the crap out of each other. Harry eventually managed one last jab and saw blue hair fall to the floor.

"K.O." Harry said smiling. He looked up, figuring he would see the barrier go down and saw Draco being flung towards him instead. Not smart enough to move out of the way, Harry was swept back by Draco's body and they skidded across the desks hitting cauldrons, potion ingredients and finally landing in a bone-cracking heap.

They were both drenched in potions with Malfoy sprawled on top of Potter. Snape came to his senses around that time and saw the other attacker. It had been sheer luck that a little sunlight disrupted the man's spell and the glamour had flickered for just a split second. He aimed an efficient 'CRUCIATUS' at the person running towards the two rivals and as the man fell to the ground his spell wavered and the shield fell.

He stood up and spelled his cloak clean of dirt and bloodstains that managed to get on the black material. He swiped his greasy hair back and walked toward the group that was surrounding Malfoy and Potter ready to put things in order when he heard a familiar child voice yelling.

"Get away or...Or I'll bite you."

Snape's eyes flew open and he shoved people out of the way to get to the injured boys. He was practically speechless as he beheld a tiny little four-year-old Draco Malfoy with his arms stretched out, trying to protect someone.

Young Draco had only just managed to get his cloak wrapped around his otherwise nude form. The cloak was ridiculously large and also shielded most of the even tinier three-year-old Harry Potter. Harry was sobbing, his arms wrapped around Draco's waist and clinging as tightly as possible in an attempt to get away from all the big people.

"Oh, shit !" He heard someone gasp behind him then noticed that Professor McGomagall had fainted.

"Get away from him.. I swear if you hurt him, I'll kill you all." The stubborn Draco said as Harry clung tighter to him.

Draco did not know who the little boy was who clung to him so fiercely. All he cared about was the fact that someone needed him and he would not fail. There was also the issue of the other boy's beautiful big green eyes but... he figured he would protect him in this unfamiliar place.

If he didn't know where he was and if this boy didn't know where he was either, obviously they were both in trouble. Draco, having been raised on fairytales about damsels in distress and knights saving them, reckoned he knew exactly what to do. It was his job to protect the pretty little boy behind him.

"Oh, Shit is correct." Snape reiterated for those not caught up on the unfolding drama in front of them. There were definitely two little boys in his class and he just knew he was screwed!